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In response to my question:
"In TTT, Kellhus says the Mangaecca squat, chanting about Aurang's real body to relay him to the Synthese.  But, the Consult's Brain Trust seems to be restricted to just Mek, Shauriatus, Aurang and Aurax (and then the Mutilated).  Were there any other Minds among the Consult for the past 2 millenia or has it just been those four?  If so, given their .. dilapidated status how did Consult programs like breeding the Inversi actually function?  How did they manage it with so little sane manpower?  "

Bakker replied

Your second question leads me to believe that pretty much everyone has missed a certain boat, in which case, I can only say, RAFO!

In response to Likaro's question:

"3. It seems kind of foolish that the Consult would bring Dunyain back as prisoners. Was it simple arrogance that made them feel safe in doing so, or are you actually kind of saying that the Consult brain trust isn't that great and has degraded?"

Bakker replied
3) Hmmm. I'm beginning to suspect that something rather significant has gone unrecognized. Either way, humility is not among the many virtues enjoyed by the Consult.

So... what are we missing? Clearly there's something about the Consult (and, specifically, the Minds behind it) that's everyone has missed.  My own thoughts are that the Erratics aren't Erratic inside the Ark, similar to Mekeritig given the intensity of trauma they experienced inside it.   Or the rest of the Mangaecca.... are just off-screen and alive somewhere? 

Given their Nonmen blood, royal stature and the fact that Nonmen did engage in royal marriages prior to the Womb Plague, an Anasurimbor bride would seem ideal for Nil'Giccas, his sons or Gin'yursis.

Was the attempt ever made?  If not, was it because marriage with a human (even one with Nonman blood) was seen as too demeaning and the Anasurimbor wouldn't consent to concubinage or other reasons?

Author Q&A / Was Celmomas' First Ordeal orchestrated by the Consult?
« on: August 04, 2016, 11:38:29 pm »
The Nonmen who warned Seswatha had to have been made aware that the No-God's summoning was imminent somehow, right?  Perhaps that information was leaked by someone like Mekeritig in order to supply Golgotterath with the captives that appear necessary for the No-God?

Author Q&A / Flying chariots and ocean-worthy ships
« on: July 30, 2016, 01:18:18 am »
Why hasn't Kellhus equipped the Ordeal with flying chariots like those of the Nonmen?  Especially on the plains, they would offer protection and mobility to the Schoolmen beyond that of just the billows.

And we're told that Kellhus lost numerous expeditions trying to reach Injor-Niyas.  The Three-Seas are still using galleys, but Kellhus should've been able to design a junk, caravel or carrack fairly easily - the hard part in their design is that of the masts and the manner of sail rigging, which would Kellhus would be able to easily see.  Edit: Someone pointed out to me that Cironji Carracks are mentioned frequently in the series.  Are these less ocean-worthy than historical carracks?

Author Q&A / [TGO Spoilers] The term Wife-Daughter
« on: July 17, 2016, 06:00:35 am »
The term is used in TGO, but also in the previous books, if I recall.

My own impression is that it's just a kenning for wife's daughter (step-daughter).   But others think the term has other implications.   Perhaps the author would be so kind as to illuminate?

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