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Here ya go! Enjoy! Will, of course, have more.

The Almanac: PON Edition / ARC: TDTCB, Chapter 11
« on: June 18, 2018, 12:49:57 am »
Reason, Ajencis writes, is the capacity to overcome unprecedented obstacles in the gratification of desire. What distinguishes man from beasts is man’s capacity to overcome infinite obstacles through reason. But Ajencis has confused the accidental for the essential. Prior to the capacity to overcome infinite obstacles is the capacity to confront them. What defines man is not that he reasons, but that he prays


This one finally has a longer POV for Proyas as he stumbles around a boat like the Shockmaster. He meets up with Xinemus(love the interaction between these two) and Conphas(loads of fun). It's this chapter that made me realize that Proyas reminds me a little of a Caitlyn Stark: smart, but foolish.

The Almanac: PON Edition / ARC: TDTCB, Chapter 10
« on: June 10, 2018, 11:24:01 pm »
It's Sunday and my favorite chapters are approaching as they involve my baby and imo, some of the best character interactions in the entire series. Will say more after I get done with Chapter 9. We got time though, so it's all good.

How should one describe the terrible majesty of the Holy War? Even then, still unblooded, it was both frightening and wondrous to behold, a great beast whose limbs were composed of entire nations—Galeoth, Thunyerus, Ce Tydonn, Conriya, High Ainon, and the Nansurium—and with the Scarlet Spires as the dragon’s maw, no less. Not since the days of the Ceneian Empire or the Ancient North has the world witnessed such an assembly. Even diseased by politics, it was a thing of awe.


General Misc. / The Olympics 2018
« on: February 08, 2018, 02:09:49 am »
No thread for the Olympics? There is now. :)

Just saw some mixed team curling. Trying to find livestreaming of the Alpine training runs.

General Earwa / [Spoilers TGO/TUC] Dragged off to hell...
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:27:54 am »
IIRC only two characters were shown to be "Dragged off to Hell": Proyas and Saubon. I often wondered what the significance of that was. The Judging Eye was never used on either of them and I'm pretty sure they were the only two with the POVs of being "Dragged".

To me, I play the At Best/At worst game.

At best: CIPHRANG BABY! Ascendant in some way. Reborn/Reincarnated in some way.

At worst: You'll never see either one of them again. They might be mentioned every once in awhile (Like Xinemus or Serwe), but they are dead and done. :(

General Earwa / Ranking the Second Apocalypse Series (Spoiler Free)
« on: December 31, 2017, 05:28:14 pm »
Someone on Reddit decided to rank the series and I decided to do the same.

I liked the first trilogy better than the second group overall, but the second group had some of the best and most WOW moments ever.

1. The Great Ordeal. Some characters basically “faded away” from me while others became more compelling. Some of the most well written and best scenes are in this one. Truly EXPLOSIVE in some parts.

2. The Darkness that Comes before–Picked up BIG time once there was some conflict. Contains some very intense scenes between certain people and some of that sticks with me even now.

3. The Thousand Fold Thought–I wish that the scenes didn’t constantly cut, but things got real FAST and the ending is AMAZING.

4. White Luck Warrior–Things pick up in certain parts and contains one of the best and tragic magic fights EVER. Those two characters stole the show.

5. Warrior Prophet–Had some fantastic battle scenes and character interactions, but sometimes it dragged a bit. Still emotionally charged in some parts and contains some of my favorite interactions.

6. The Judging Eye–It introduces some of the coolest characters EVER and the SLOG is amazing. Honestly, they have the best scenes. But, despite the best Moria homage, it doesn’t quite hold up to the others.

7. The Unholy Consult–This book proves that only Bakker can make certain things beautiful. Loved the poetry. However, this is the first book I RAGE QUIT on. If you love a certain follower of the Aspect Emperor and he is “THE ONE”, then I highly recommend you read very carefully. Other characters are also given the shaft or they become so irrelevant that they might as well have stayed home.

Still not that bad a book though, I was pleased with the ending(probably for the wrong reasons, but still…), and I have no regrets getting into the series overall. Highly recommended.


The Unholy Consult. 10% Complete.

1. Moenghus finally gets a POV. I wonder if he’ll ever meet Cnaiur. I wonder what that will be like. The things he went through. Yikes. As for Sorweel and Serwa, that’s not a surprise. Looks like they’re heading either for Dagliash or “The Field Appalling.” Good luck either way.

2. LOL! Figures. “The Empire has served it’s purpose.” There was a theory that the Empire was being used for an additional army when the first Great Ordeal finally falls, but I think that went out the window. Kellhus knew that it would fall no matter WHO was in charge, but to have Esmenet holding the bag? No wonder she’s pissed. I doubt anyone would miss it though. I guess the capital will be moving to Sumna. Lol. I guess Esmenet still loves Kelmomas, but that’s very understandable as she is like most mothers and they tend to love their children.

“Love no one but your children. On that front, a mother has no choice.” Cersei wasn’t off that on that.

Hopefully, keeping Kel alive won’t bite Esme in the ass. Pretty sure she’ll be seeing Achamian again, but I think that ship has long sailed and sunk. :(

3. Oh dear…I just did something I shouldn’t have done. I went over to the Second Apocalypse forums and found an interesting theory: Proyas is being set up  to BECOME THE NEXT NO-GOD. Oh man…just reading it as a theory is SHOCKING. If this is the case, then all I can think of is this: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! And I would love every second of it because it’s so DAMNED fitting. A religious zealot turning into well, the opposite of it. Instead of eliminating life itself, it would eliminate FAITH! By doing that, the Gods would die. That is, if they need faith to be sustained. A balance between emotions and logic is also a possibility. But, it’s only a theory and it’s not uncommon for theories to get shot down.

If Proyas does in fact die, but becomes the No God, then I would LOVE that for the delicious irony, at the very least.

I actually found that theory while looking for comments about Kayutas/Proyas. Show of hands, who was surprised at that sausage fest? I do think Proyas is doing the best he can given the circumstances. Yes, he is becoming insane with his addiction of THE MEAT, but he is still aware of how horrifying it all really is and yet he figures that he might as well succumb to it. He’s addicted to the seeing fire too. Can’t blame him for that. 

The Great Ordeal has become the Great Bedlam and now even worse since they’ve run out of their precious meat. ALL IN FRONT OF GOLGOTTERATH. The Consult doesn’t have to do much at all. They can just watch as every one eats each other and suffers from withdrawals and hunger. Oh, but I’m sure Kellhus will return right at that moment.

Someone give Proyas a hug. He’s been crying so much. :(

4. Poor Akka. Still blames himself for Inrau’s death. Mimara is right though. Anyway, they are at Dagliash and I don’t doubt that they will be shocked at what they see.

The Unholy Consult. I got two words for this: JESUS CHRIST. 14% complete.

1. Like I said, Proyas isn’t afraid of sticking his foot up someone’s ass if he has to. Yea, he certainly did what “must be done” and steered as best he could(I think the Steersman if a fitting nickname for him). Oi. But, he is clearly someone who is insane and an insane Proyas is a truly terrifying person. I’d like to think that he’s trying to keep his sanity but ACT insane for the Horde, but it looks like that hasn’t worked out unless he’s a damned good actor. He is smart, that’s for sure, so it’s possible.

You can’t deal with crazy people the same way you deal with normal people.

I got irritated with the flaying alive shit and felt slightly sorry for the people being falsely accused of leading the rebellion. I bet most of the guilty ones skated. But, it didn’t matter because as Proyas said, “someone had to die.” And I UNDERSTAND that it was in “accordance with the Law” (Esmenet does the same thing. Even Kellhus said that ‘we must act according to the ages’), but I think beheadings or hangings would have been just as sufficient. Those corpses can still be eaten.

I also tend to get irritated with the “authority requires fear” thing, BUT I understand why it can be necessary, especially when you’re dealing with a bunch of assholes. Sometimes you have to deal with certain people in the only language they understand and Proyas speaks that language quite well when need be. Not that he’s the only one, but he’s still my favorite of them, despite nomming someone alive and cumming while doing so. It has to do with the fact that he STILL wants respect instead of just fear. That even though his heart was torn out of his asshole, there is still blood beating there, that there is still some shred of humanity.

Good god…so crazy and yet so beautifully poetic.

I think the mutiny was a set up of some sort. It’s clear that Proyas knew it would happen because the Horde is like child Daria screaming “Punishment time! It’s punishment time!” A lot of people wanted some SKIN! What do you think happened with the corpses who were flayed alive? NOM.

And through all this, Proyas is STILL thinking of Achamian and what a revelation. The blasphemy had nothing to do with sorcery and everything to do with the “kind” of love Proyas possibly felt about Achamian. That can happen sometimes. It would explain how Proyas often felt so awful about what happened to Achamian. What NOW though?

Insanity is Holy, being scranc is human. Can’t eat Sranc? Eat HUMANS as horses taste like shit. Eat radioactive HUMANS! Yea, you won’t get contaminated. Surrrrre.

Proyas is going to die. I don’t think there’s any getting around this. Achamian will lose his first student. :( The only question now is how? Eaten alive? Flayed? Radiation sickness? Killed by someone? Being careless. :(

The Unholy Consult 20% Complete.

1. I spent way too much time harping on one of Proyas’s flashbacks. Honestly, I can see why his father loved him from afar as Proyas the Judge can be VERY difficult to deal with. However, I do understand Proyas’s outrage at the execution of the sons from a rival house. I think most people would be pretty outraged. The problem is that Proyas came to the WRONG conclusion, imo. The problem is that there were too many unknowns. How old were those sons? Were they old enough to even understand what is going on? What were they like? Patterns of behavior? ALL of this can matter a great deal. It helps to have information to determine what the best course of action is.

“What has come before” has shown that there have been instances where mercy didn’t result in anything terrible, even if the person treated with mercy didn’t deserve it. There have been times when mercy has bitten people in the ass. Same with being ruthless. Sometimes, it DOES yield the best results, but it can also make things worse.

Claiming that sparing the sons would have led to revolt/vengeance is an UNKNOWN. People do tend to fear the unknown so it looks like Proyas’s father was playing it safe, which is VERY understandable. The problem is, you don’t need the sons for revolt. I don’t think that happened in Conriya though and even if it did, it might have been unrelated. We simply don’t know what the rival family was like in general.

Proyas IS, however, right that piety does tend to oversimplify. He FINALLY admitted that. It’s all over the place in the Bible. “You’re either good or evil”, “black and white”, etc. The problem is, you don’t need religion to think that way. You also don’t need to be “simple” or “enslaved” to be “certain” of what is “holy” or “virtuous”. I contend that many “Lords of Men” consider themselves 100% right and never consider “holiness” and “virtue” a riddle of any sort. They can be just as certain in their righteousness as anyone else. Proyas himself proved that. This guy was a highly educated PRINCE and yet he was more zealous and certain of his righteousness than all of the uneducated/poor/enslaved/“simple” COMBINED. Hell, he probably put other zealots to shame, I bet!

I think that when he mentioned the simple and/or enslaved, he was including himself in that group because he did admit to being a willing slave and when he was in Templar mode, black/white absolute thinking was all he engaged in. Achamian and Xinemus seemed to have been the only exceptions to this. Anytime he had doubts, it was all about Achamian. Then again, he was greatly affected by the sacking of Carythusal.

His tragic flaw, imo, is that he spent WAY to long thinking that you need THIS ONE RELIGION to be a good person. All else is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. He is finally broken of it. The way it happened was no doubt PAINFUL and very upsetting, but the point is that the zealotry that made him so blind looks to be gone. And replaced with insanity. LOLOL!!

He was UNHINGED when Serwa and Sorweel found him. Jesus…can you imagine? Even Serwa was horrified. Didn’t take much for Sorweel to figure it all out through: SRANC MEAT!

Anyway, I think that when the father said that “Power is damnation”, I think it’s because he honestly feels like he deserves to be damned. :( The problem with Earwa and the Gods of that world is that it’s all too easy to be damned. Too many rules. And people can be damned for being BORN with sorcery. Ridiculous!

2. Achamian was right to be worried in the flashback. Religious fanatics are generally AWFUL rulers even if they do mean well. I think Proyas would have been great for the True Believers, but a nightmare for those he found suspicious and, of course, the non-believers. He wasn’t around most of the time as King, but I doubt the regent and/or his Queen would have acted any differently.

God damn I talk a lot about Proyas….and he is such a mess now that the MEAT is wearing off…

3. Sorweel/Zsoronga? Oookay. I appreciate that Zeum is more accepting of homosexuality, but I felt kind of odd about them being together in that way. Still, it was very touching and I was wondering how Zsoronga was doing. I knew he was somewhere. I just didn’t know where. I wonder how long he will last? :(

4. Cnaiur! Shine on, you crazy diamond! I knew Moenghus didn’t die and I KNEW they would meet! Nothing says reunion like getting the shit beat out of you. They’ll most likely end up working together.

5. The reason why people in Golgotterath are not attacking is because quite frankly, they don’t have to. Yea, I’m sure that the Consult is quaking in their boots over some loudmouth rider. OHHH! The circumfix! Yea, I bet they’re just scared. Riiiiiight.

The Unholy Consult. 25% Complete.

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FUCKING FURIOUS I AM RIGHT NOW. I AM SERIOUSLY TEMPTED TO STOP READING. NOW I KNOW HOW @missbeckywrites feels! I AM PISSED BEYOND ALL REASON. I tried to peek ahead, but it’s not much of a comfort. I can’t find what I’m looking for.


The Unholy Consult. Tapping out. I’m done. One of the few books that has broken me. Probably the only one I STOPPED reading out of anger. In the other cases, it’s because I was bored/uninterested. I do encourage others to keep going and read the other books, but I decided to peek ahead and went right in to spoiler territory and decided “NOPE.” So, here are my final comments. I don’t think anyone will be able to convince me to continue, but good luck trying. @missbeckywrites “wins” this one as she was able to finish, but I am certain that I am done.

I agree with this: “If you read the other books, skip this, imagine your own ending, and save your money.” I also agree that “There are way too many other books in the world. Why waste your time reading one you don’t love?”


1. There is really no fixing this world. I keep asking that even if you do succeed, what then? What kind of world would it be? Even the Consult wins and quite frankly, I’m glad they do, what happens then? Outside sealed, no damned, but what about those who are already damned? And what happens to the 144,000 people? Will they build a world worth a shit? How are they going to do that with a Consult victory? Because, the Consult do win and they were taken over by the Dunyain. Seems that Kelmomas was the No God after all or at least the catalyst. I did wonder about that because Nay-cayuti was taken by Consult and I wondered if someone like him was necessary for the No God to awaken. Or, if he was someone perfect to BECOME the No God.

Well, turns out that you need an Anasurimbor to become/activate the No God. I rolled my eyes so damned much, they turned into slot machines. But, I will admit that it DID answer my question about Nay-Cayuti and what he was doing with the Consult.

As for the world being saved, the problem is that the issue of eternal damnation for MANY people would still be there. Unless the new world makes it difficult to be damned for eternity. Or damnation is more like prison: spend some time there and then you are released.

It just seems that either way is just AWFUL. I thought that there might be a “third option” of some sort as I know it’s been theorized, but I guess not. The bottom line is that even is the No God is stopped, if the Gods/Demons are not somehow eliminated, then you just have more of the same thing.

2. Cnaiur is pretty much nothing to me now. At least in the first trilogy, he had some redeeming qualities/humanity, but now it looks like he’s a complete monster. Much as I am fascinated by insanity, he is just too much now. Still, him facing the No-God was pretty damned awesome, but he no longer matters to me. The Ordeal being wiped out? Good! Fuck them too. Fuck them all!

3. So, Kellhus is defeated in the cheapest way possible. Kelmomas shows up because Esmenet enables him to escape and this distracts Kellhus in the Golden Room. Because of this, a skin spy uses a Chorae to turn him into pillar of salt. Wonderful. Some say that he is indeed dead and others think that he’s around in spirit or something. Kellhus was also apparently possessed/working with Ajokli. Welp, that would certainly explain a lot. But, have a FUCK YOU anyway and good riddance. I hope Proyas roasts your ass on a spit in hell.

4. While it’s nice to see that Achamian, Mimara and Esmenet manage to survive, I think it’s too little, too late. Achamian has been my favorite character for quite sometime and Mimara is best girl, but they seemed to have faded away as time went on. Proyas ended up emerging as my favorite. Achamian and Proyas tend to be tied. Here’s the thing though, I do recall claiming that I would stop reading if Achamian died. That might have been true in the first trilogy and up to White Luck Warrior, but once the Great Ordeal happened, both him and Mimara just kind of faded a bit. In the Unholy Consult, people have claimed that Akka, Esmenet and Mimara might as well have stayed home.

As for Proyas, if I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now: I spent a lot of time worrying about his fate and I recall thinking that if he dies, then I will stop reading. Guess what happened? However, I also said that if Mimara and Achamian remained, then I would continue. But, I proved that in this case, I AM FULL OF SHIT.

5. So Esmenet is “saved”? She gets to go to heaven while all too many people are damned? That bugged me. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been sad if she died/is damned, but she did things that were similar to both Kellhus and Proyas, but for pettier reasons and yet SHE is saved? Bakker admitted that the gods save who they will which tells me that it’s either like a random lottery or being “saved” is based on who the gods like no matter who does what. Others claim that it’s because she may be an avatar of the fortune Goddess. Some say that’s only because she gave birth to Mimara. Whatever the case, I…well…I stopped caring all that much about her for quite some time.

6. Serwa fought quite well. Proved to be awesome in fighting the dragon, but it’s uncertain if she survives or not. I don’t care either way. Kayutas can go rot and I hope he ended up with a terrible a fate as Proyas. He did the same things Proyas did. He knew that it was planned, he was involved and yet, he seems to skate and end up as Exalt-General. Fuck that.

7. I was ready to accept that Proyas would most likely die. I somehow knew it, but I honestly expected it to happen at the very end and NOT LIKE THAT. He was broken emotionally and raped by Kellhus, set up to make some depraved decisions, and then he is scapegoated as a “betrayer”. He is eventually strangled to death by Moenghus because the alternative was to be burnt alive in the Umbilicous. Such BULLSHIT. Unnecessary, unbelievable bullshit! He was WAY too good a character to simply throw away like that. I know all about “bla bla realism, life’s not fair, grimdark, shit happens, subversions, inversions, aversions horeshit”, but the problem is that such things aren’t always a good idea. Different doesn’t mean better. Gritty realism doesn’t always make for GOOD TV, let alone literature.

And honestly, that doesn’t make what happened with Proyas and Zsoronga okay. It doesn’t. I’m a little more forgiving with Zsoronga as he was far more of a minor character, but I felt a little for him too. :( He too is wasted.

So, what do I think should have happened with Proyas? Well, let me make it clear that any kind of ideal ending would be out of the question. I know that this is not Sailor Moon, Dragon Quest, Naruto or Disney. Quite frankly, even idealistic shows have their moments of misfortune and people getting shafted. It’s everywhere.

However, I would have preferred and actually DID expect Achamian to save him and they FINALLY manage to reconcile and work together with Mimara and Esmenet to do, well, the best they can given the circumstances. Some of the best interactions have been between Achamian and Proyas and it’s a shame to see it so averted.

If he HAD to die, then I think a more fitting end would have been him dying while killing Kellhus. Or, dying the same way Xinemus did because given that Proyas ATE someone with radiation sickness, there’s no doubt he would have been afflicted. Either way, I would have preferred that he died at the very end in Achamian’s arms if he had to die at all and that the death would be a much better death. I have a lot of scenarios, but I think I have the gist of it.

Now, let me give you a confession, I frequently pictured Kellhus betraying Proyas, but it happened a whole lot sooner. It leads to Proyas being utterly devastated and he ends up with Achamian. Like I said, one of the reasons why I tried to peak ahead was to find out of Akka manages to save Proyas on time. I also honestly believed that Proyas was being set up for Achamian. But, I guess he was set up only to be tossed aside and left broken, ruined, and powerless. :(

I know what Bakker is getting at here. That sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Sometimes, you’re damned no matter what you do (especially on this world), and that sometimes morals/being good are meaningless and don’t always do you any good. But, that doesn’t mean I have to like what happened to Proyas and I FUCKING DON’T.

Worse yet, Bakker admits that “will always be thankful” that Proyas died the way he did. Really? Really? Well, I’m not and I’m not alone on that, so I am tapping out. I am culled. I am done. I’m glad to see that @missbeckywrites managed to finish it, but I don’t see the point anymore, especially after deciding to comb through the spoilers. He will never see or have the dragon that Achamian claimed was “within” him and I well…tbh, don’t care about anyone else anymore.

I guess Proyas is worth the world. Burn everything for him. I know it’s petty, wrong headed, but hey, Esmenet can be like that too and she is saved, so fuck it. I’m out.


(What remains is addition commentary reactions from all over TSA. Because a lot of it is me still being  a bit miffed at TUC, I'll just keep them here).

Be prepared for some random anything. Like I said, I tapped out of the Unholy Consult, but not of the series in general.

1. I wonder what happens to someone inserted into the No God. I’m assuming that they become vegetative as they are basically a human battery for the sarcophagus. Maybe it’s like the Matrix? I doubt it. I think Kelmomas as we know him(the one who was so fun at first, but got boring) is dead. Good riddance, kiddo. The No God is so much more interesting anyway.

2. I wonder what the living twin’s name will be? Whatever he is, he will clearly be the result of TWO “few” people(one a magic user and the other the keeper of the Judging Eye), the crackie of Cleric and Cujara'Cinmoi, Esmenet and whoever Mimara’s actual father is(I don’t actually believe it’s Achamian). It’s easy to assume that it’ll be a new character. But, there’s a chance that it might not be.

Some say that it might be Kellhus and that was shot down by Bakker himself. Then again, who knows with him? But, a “baby Kellhus” would be a bit infuriating. He’s “dead, but not done”, but I doubt that it means that he will be around in body in The No God. Unless, there’s another Kellhus somewhere. He might be an “Ascendant” like in Malazan, but this isn’t Malazan. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he was and ended up among the 100 or a Demon/Angelic Lord of some sort. But, the Kellhus we know and have grown to hate iZ DED. No baby Kellhus.

Anyway, I have imagined the twins being named “Proyas and Inrau.” Awww…you know, after Achamian’s two students, but thanks to the NO GOD and the Judging Eye, one babby was born dead. I do suspect that the living baby may be a rebirth of SOMEONE as I do think that reincarnation/rebirth do exist. Who? Honestly, it could be anyone.

Koringhus as zero makes one, right? But, that might not have anything to do with the chance to be reincarnated. Inrau? Awww…wouldn’t that be precious? He’s such a sweetheart and Achamian did think of him a few times throughout the Aspect Emperor. Seswatha? No. I think Achamian might be Seswatha reincarnated and Anjencis too.

Like: Seswatha–Anjencis–god only knows who else–Achamian.

Kosotor? LOLOL! No. You know that guy’s an awesome ciphrang. Same with Cnaiur, if he’s really dead and I think he finally is. Nil'Giccas reborn as a human? I wonder what’d he’d be like? Not likely, but interesting. Sorweel? No, if he’s in Heaven, then it’s highly unlikely that he’s going anywhere. Serwe? Why not a woman? She’s a Jesus figure anyway. Maybe?

So, what if…the baby is PROYAS reborn? Because I am almost positive that Proyas dies(sad trombone) before that baby was born. Maybe someone plucked him out of damnation just in time and shoved him into the baby. Oh man…please let this be true. It would be the only arguement that could convince me to resume the Unholy Consult. That, and if Damnation proved to be a giant Gwar concert. ;)

I think it’d be great and hilarious(in a good way) because he goes from being a Conriyan King born of Royalty as a Nersei to someone who is now the SON of Achamian rather than an old surrogate son/former student. He would also be the son of the one who bears the Judging Eye(you know JUDGE PROYAS would love to have that), the grandson of the woman who bore Mimara along with the one who would become the No God, and stepgrandson of none other than Anasurimbor Kellhus.

And then, he gets to bear witness to EVERY THING again AS A BABY. So, whatever happens during the course of the new trilogy, he’s basically a Malowebi, except that he will be growing and would possibly have sorcery. But, he will spend much of his time generally being powerless, I’m sure. :( Like, if things do happen to his family thanks to the failure of the Ordeal, he wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Proyas the sorcerer. I’ve talked about this before, but I always thought it would be ironic if he WAS among the few? Now? He can’t use “BLEAAGH BLASPHEMY” to get out of it. Not with Achamian as his actual father. Not with how every thing has changed. Not with the No God and the scranc horde swirling around. Only thing is, I can’t see Proyas really being compatible with the Gnosis. The Gnosis is supposed to be for less emotional people. People like Achamian at the most emotional. So, what magic would fit him? Anagogic? Nah. Daimos? LOL NO. Quya? That’s for Nonmen. But, Cisharum. You know, the snek people. YES! Magic that is based on PASSION, something Proyas always had a ton of. Dragons are related to snakes. :) I think it would be PERFECT for him.

Course, it’s wishful thinking and just my opinion. Like, all of it is. It’s hard to predict Bakker, but that’s what makes him fun. TBH, I doubt it will be anyone other than a new character with either a new name or named after someone. Saubon, Kosotor and Proyas will most likely become different sorts of Ciphrang. In fact, while I was listening to Dark Angel by VNV Nation, I thought of Proyas. Then again, Dark Angel fits of slew of people, but Proyas is the latest.

It’s been a little over a month and I am STILL pissed at what happened to Proyas. >:( Well, I have Malazan as brain bleach. I’m going to need a lot of it.

3. I have failed to mention poor Sorweel. It’s made clear that Zsoronga and Serwa were his “last straws”. I do think Zsoronga’s death was bullshit as he had no way of knowing what his father had done, but at least his served a clear purpose: it got Sorweel off his ass to become the White Luck Warrior. Too bad he was killed by Kelmomas! BOO!! HISS! But, that chorae? Was that the one that killed Kellhus or cost Serwa her arm? At least Sorweel was saved by Yatwer, but he still got shafted BIG TIME.

I’d also like to point out that if SORWEEL was able to figure out that Proyas got scapegoated, then I’m pretty sure that people like Achamian, Esmenet and Mimara can figure it out too. No way they’ll believe that Proyas was ever a Consult anything. Given what happened, he might as well have joined the Consult. >:(

4. I still miss Conphas. I think things would have been a lot more interesting if he was still alive and working with Fanayal. Imagine Conphas with Nannaferi! AND Malowabi. What a hoot that would be. At least it would be an excuse to keep Saubon with the Empire. Hell, that would have been interesting. Conphas’s death in TTT was just plain cheap and out of nowhere. You don’t see enough animosity between Conphas and Saubon to really see the beheading as satisfying. Oh well. After thinking about it, I find that Saubon was wasted too. At least he died like a bad ass and he died instantly. Very cinematic. Lucky him. You know he’s totally a Ciphrang of Gilgaol.

5. I listened to a review of the Unholy Consult: and I agree with a lot of that, especially when he’s talking about how certain characters are killed off and replaced by people we know nothing of and quite frankly don’t care about. He describes a “named character” doing something heroic and he says that it could have just as easily been done by someone readers were generally already attached to. Honestly, I think this reviewer liked Sorweel AND Proyas and when they both died, he stopped caring, like I did. He skipped over the battle scenes and I stopped entirely.

6. Cnauir started getting old when he’s reduced to someone who is nothing but an insane person who does insane things because he is insane. Yes, he’s the most VIOLENT OF MEN. We get it, but at least he had redeeming qualities in the PON. Here? Nah. Go away. I do find it sad that he goes from “No harm must come to Proyas” changes to “BURN HIM! RAWR!” Then again, a lot can happen in 20 years, including the Scylvendi suffering greatly at the hands of the New Empire. I wonder what happened to the Scylvendi scion. Tinnurit? Was he a son a Cnaiur? Would explain quite a bit if he was.

7. I’m not all that bothered that the next book will center around Crabicus as he basically ran away from the Scylvendi camp. He probably witnessed quite a bit and will be exploring the known world as a Dunyain who is not fully trained. Only problem is that now, the world is in an ever bigger mess than it is.

8. I wonder if Damnation includes a “first level of hell”. Basically, Limbo. It’s for unbeliever types and others who aren’t wicked/hateable enough to “burn”, but are not sufficient enough for heaven. It’s a beautiful area with meadows, a nice castle, and peace. No torment, only sorrow, but there is still peace. A lot of damned people would belong here.

9. Achamian really should have just punched Kellhus in the dick. I will always wonder why Kellhus couldn’t hand Proyas over to Achamian! Proyas was already punished, morale was already raised. NO ONE would have to know and really, it’s unlikely that anyone would do anything anyway with the Consult on one end and the Aspect Emperor on the other. Don’t forget Scylvendi coming along too. If Kellhus REALLY wanted Proyas to bear witness, then he would have done whatever it took to keep him alive. Leaving Proyas hanging is NOT one of those things. Poor Akka. He lost his first student and his first surrogate son. *weeps*. He knelt for Proyas. Maybe that’s why Kellhus refused to hand him over. Maybe it’s Ajokli, but I think using him as excuse only goes so far. Could be that Kellhus feared retaliation? From PROYAS? Well, I do agree that if you push the right buttons, Proyas can give Cnaiur a run for his money as the “most violent of men”. Gee, maybe you should have thought of that before scapegoating him in front of every one and dumping him.

Maybe you should have been more careful when you PLANNED IT ALL!!!!11 That goes for your son too. That is what is most infuriating.

10. I actually wasn’t THAT bothered with the “gay cannibalism”. I still didn’t like the punishment for mutiny and thought that was bullshit, but overall, I thought it was beautifully done. If it had been written by anyone else, I think I would have been repulsed, but I wasn’t here. I do, however, agree that there was too much of it. Sometimes it is better to leave some things to the imagination. Poor Proyas was trying to be like Triamis though and I don’t blame him for that. Triamis never encountered the consequences of eating Sranc. Not as far I know.

Yikes. I think this will do for now. Of course I have more, but I think is more than enough.

So, over on the Second Apacalypse, a topic came up that asked about expectations in “The No God”. Here is my answer. Among some other random ramblings.

1. Honestly, I’ve learned not to expect anything, like ever. Only hope. Or predictions. Or attempt to predict. R Scott Bakker is one of THOSE authors–hard to predict. But, I tend to prefer that despite some RAGE ISSUES cough *Proyas* cough.

2. I think Miramis, the wife of Proyas, is going to be more prominent. I don’t know what she’s like, but if she’s anything like Uncle Saubon, then I think that she will be a problem. However, she will be a problem that NO ONE will see coming. Esmenet considers her an ally, but who knows now? There is no way in hell Miramis will believe that Proyas was a Consult traitor and whatever happens, I think she will put up a big fight that will prove crippling for those fighting the No-God. She might even end up on the side of the Consult. Proyas wouldn’t have wanted it that way, but he’s dead, so it might not matter to her. She would also be unlike powerless Naree in that Esmenet will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to kill her if any treachery is involved. Even if Miramis is defeated, it will be a phyricc victory. Maybe a Mimara vs. Miramis swordfight? OHHH!! I’d like to see that.

Like I said though, I don’t know what she’s like. Maybe she only acted like she loved Proyas for whatever reason and is relieved that he’s gone. Maybe she’ll be broken and resigned with no choice but to go with whatever others want. She could just as easily be an ally to Esmenet/Akka/Mimara as an enemy.

As for the children, Thalia could be a parallel to Ieva, wife of Nay-Cayuti. Thalia ends up forced to marry Kayutas, who would now be the Aspect Emperor unless Esmenet tells him to get bent. Either way, they marry and don’t like each other very much. I think the difference is that Thalia will fail in the objective to bringing another No-God to the Consult. Nay-Cayuti wasn’t Dunyain, Kayutas is, so he will be able to detect any animosity pretty easily.

Xinemus? I have no idea. At best, he’s among the heroes doing heroic things and lives happily ever after as Crown Prince or King. At worst, he pays the price for Proyas even though he might not have many memories of his father. Same goes for Thalia. Maybe Akka can help here.

There’s just too many unknowns with Proyas’s family. It’s possible that nothing will happen to them, but will also never be all that prominent in the story. Yea, right.

3. Someone mentioned that Mimara’s baby could be a TWIN soul, similar to Kelmomas. If this is the case, then I’m hoping it’s Proyas and Inrau. That would be so cuuute. They were both students of Achamian and yet so very different people. And not Anasurimbors, unless they end up with Mimara’s surname instead of Achamian’s.

4. It’s been made clear that Crabicus will be the focal point in the next book. What I expect here is for him to be an observer of some sort. I do expect him to reunite with Mimara and Akka(I’m sure Esmenet will be glad to hear that), but I also expect him to witness what’s left of the Scalvendi and the Ordeal. Since he isn’t fully trained, I expect him to be much different from the other Dunyain. He may be a balance between the Logos and Emotion. Bet he’s one of the Few.

5. I think the Consult will now be more active in getting others to join. The Inchoroi probably were not effective in getting anything other than Scranc and Bashrag. Dunyain Consult will do a much better job. Why would they do this? To turn humanity against each other and/or secure the amount of people they need to seal the world. As for how it works, I’ve found that apparently, those who die with the No God around do not go to Damnation and it starves the Ciphrang/Damnation while sealing the world from Hell. Took me awhile to figure out. LOL! That’s why the message board is so nice to visit. Some people can catch things/think of things that others, like me, don’t.

I do, however, think it’s possible that maybe the new Consult will realize that you don’t need to kill anyone to be released from Damnation. You just need the No-God’s presence and that the deaths in the past were caused by the Inchoroi thinking you need to kill others. They are, after all a murder/rape “race of lovers”. The Dunyain have no such need/desire, so it’s obvious that their methods will be a bit different so they will think in ways that “shock troops” never would. Think humanity(in general) will care about that? Nah. They see NO-GOD(or eventually will) and right now, NO-GOD is killing a bunch of people and preventing new births. 

6. I am not, however, optimistic that things will end well for humanity in general on that world. I think a lot of people, especially those of the lower castes, will take advantage of this and either join the Consult thinking they’ll have better lives there or revolt to an unprecedented level while not giving a shit about the No-God. It’s been said that Westeros that the Consult will win not because they’re so “awesome”, but because the “good guys” keep screwing up somehow or just plain bad luck. Whatever the case, I think the No-God will cause a lot of social upheaval which could easily mean that they end up like the North even if the Consult is defeated entirely. I just think the Dunyain Consult will prey on the most desperate/vulnerable and they’ll know where to strike no matter the caste. Doesn’t Ajokli do this too? I don’t think Yatwer is like this as I don’t think she preys on the vulnerable. She is simply sympathetic to them. Well, supposedly.

The Consult simply want people who are easy to manipulate into what they want. We all know what the Dunyain have planned for the world. ABSOLUTE. LOGOS. And unlike Korhingus, they haven’t figured out that the Logos is basically bullshit.

7. I can see a lot of people being unable or unwilling to resist the temptation of the “Tekne” or “Logos”. Well, the latter, yea since the Logos is basically Shijima(Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne), but the first one? Sure, it’s an unknown, but I just think at least some people will think that it can’t be much worse than the shit lives they already have.

8. You know when Eskeles was talking about shards vs slivers, but they’re supposedly part of one “jar.” If a jar shatters, isn’t it true that breaking in shards is easier to repair than breaking in slivers? Isn’t it true that slivers are harder to find? What happens if the slivers go missing? A shard would be easier to find. Either way though, a good artist can make breaks/flaws into something decorative. LOL! I don’t think his lesson was based on repairing a jar though. I’m just trying to say that the “slivers” will be more successful in escaping their fates since the “mighty/blessed” are too busy looking elsewhere. If enough slivers do that, then the “jar” will be broken beyond repair and no one will notice until too late. Hell, this might be how the world ends. 

9. No doubt that we will learn more about Eanna and areas to the south of that desert and west of the Great Ocean. I wonder if the Non Men are in those areas too. Could there be other Consult members there too? I think it’s possible. Zeum will obviously be more prominent. Has to be. Am still interested in the sorcery of that country and Likaro will be a riot, I’m sure. Malowabi will still be around, but he’s stuck with french fry seasoning. Speaking of salt, there’s a good possibility that Kellhus is in one of the severed heads and Kosotor’s soul is still in his own severed head. Or, he’s like Gin'Yursis.

10. Speaking of Kosotor, I wonder if he was the one who accosted Esmenet at TTT. Or was that just a random asshole? But, yea, Kosotor will be an unpleasant Ciphrang, but I guess it’s better than being in Hell as a tormented soul. Also, if Gin'Yursis was a wraith/Ciphrang, then what about other Non-Men? Cujara'Cinmoi? Nin'JanJin? Witch king? Nil'Giccas(I still miss Cleric)? Titigra? Well, he’s not a Non-Men, but he was VERY powerful. So why not?

11. Oh now this is interesting:

Deaths of minor characters. A lot of them died in EASTERN Earwa during the Unification Wars or after. And how DID Cnaiur’s first wife die? She was the one he at least half-way loved. I doubt Cnaiur killed her. Maybe the skin-spies? The rest of the deaths, according to the OP, might have died because they knew about the Daimos and Kellhus using it. Yea, I agree that such a thing is a great find and lots of food for thought.

12. I keep forgetting about Serwa. I think she’s still alive. I think she’ll be a balanced Dunyain too. Sure, she lost an arm and injured, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she survived.

13. Daimos is NOOMANCY? Like NO MANCY! NOPE MAGIC. Gee, I wonder why. This isn’t like Shin Megami Tensei where devil summoning is a-okay!

14. Part of the reason why I think Miramis will be a problem is because I think she is one of those people who are a bit myopic(can’t prove this though). That in her mind, the world is not worth anything without Proyas in it(THAT IS CERTAINLY NOT ME PROJECTING IN ANY WAY! NOOO). Some people do think that way. I personally understand it, but I DO NOT condone it. I think Esmenet will try to condemn it, but will be fiercely rebuked for reasons that should be obvious. Honestly, I think Esmenet would understand it as I’m pretty sure she has some empathy(Same with Achamian), but I can’t see her just allowing the world to be destroyed. It’s likely Achmian or Mimara wouldn’t either. Despite thinking “let nations burn” due to Kelmomas going missing, she still did everything she could to help against Fanayal. But, it could be argued that it’s only because she found Kelmomas.

Again, Miramis is basically someone I know very little about and the children even less so.

15. One last thing, I actually expect some POVs somewhere in hell. I bet Saubon is having a blast.

The Great Ordeal / My Tumblr Reactions to TGO
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:44:41 am »

1. Esmenet found Kelmomas early. YAY! She’ll learn the hard way that Mathinet was right. :(

2. KELLHUS! What are you doing to my baby!? Proyas…:( It’s true that Proyas is fierce and “full throttle” in everything he does. That hasn’t changed much over the years, but, what Kellhus is doing to him is the equivalent of molding a statue and then throwing it over a bridge. Is Proyas cutting himself? Or was he injured during a battle? Either way, Kellhus is breaking Darth Proyas and I know that it’s not just because he could. If “God” is in fact an “it”, then what would the No-God be? Are the other gods “its” too? I guess they could be if they are nothing more than concepts created by people.

Anyway, Kellhus is creating doubt for a reason, that’s for sure. I hope it isn’t because Kellhus is setting him (and the Great Ordeal) up for failure. Oh wait…#Teamconsult? Is Kellhus #Teamconsult? I talked about something like that in another post, but that was based on some ideal ending I had.

Damnit, I wish I could figure out why. I feel like a derpina. :( Poor Proyas…and I think it’ll only get worse.

3. Oh, Sorweel, Sorwa and Moehngus? Eh, so what? They’re consenting adults. As for Sorweel, I know he’s just pissy that he didn’t get to join in. lolol. But, I’m starting to just care less about them and more about the ORDEAL and, of course, Achamian and Mimara.

The Great Ordeal 19% Complete. This one is short as I want to get this out, but I will say more later.

I lost all respect for Theliopa for wanting a generally harmless girl DEAD. Even if Naree DID betray, it was out of desperation and not malice. She would NEVER be a threat. It’s NOT strength to kill a powerless, non threatening person. It’s COWARDICE. It’s not “ferocious”. It’s bullying a disadvantaged person and it’s nothing to be admired. Naree was ALREADY punished and she was already punishing herself. It’s not like she took pleasure at what happened.

Esmenet even admitted that she would have done the same thing. While I can never fully hate Esmenet, I lost all respect for her too. Unless, she told her to leave and it make it look like she killed her. She’s smart enough to pull that off.

I don’t believe Kellhus would have even thought of someone like Naree, much less kill her.

It would have been strength to stand up to Thelli and REFUSE while finding better alternatives. But, Esmenet is easily manipulated by people like Thelli. Shame. Doesn’t help that I think she has deep insecurities that can be played on.

I just think that people like Naree are not even worth killing. It’s not like she’s going to do anything like that again. Naree should have just fled, I guess. She had the money. LOL.

The only way I would change my mind is if you can prove to me that malice and forethought was involved. If Naree even WAS a threat in any way.  Otherwise, KILLING Naree showed weakness. Showed that Esmenet was easily manipulated into doing anything her children wanted her to do. It shows cowardice because it makes someone like Naree out to be a greater threat than they are. I’m just not impressed with killing a desperate, POWERLESS(can’t stress this enough) person who can’t fight back or have anyone to do it for her.

Achamian would be horrified. So would Proyas and he DEFINES ferocious. Pretty sure both of them would had told Theliopa to get bent.

Exiling Naree or at worst, imprisoning her would have been more appropriate, but there’s no Tyrion Lannister there to say so. :(

1. I am STILL pissed about a VERY minor character like Naree. I guess it’s because she isn’t just a faceless “red shirt” type like in the First Holy War. Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed about that too, but I was even angrier about the death of one girl. Oh! The Humanity! The thing is, HALF THE CITY betrayed Esmenet for a variety of reasons and it looks like many of them either already have been forgiven or will be.

How to get away with betrayal: Be important. Don’t be someone like Naree. Then, you will skate.

I know I’m being odd about this, but I tend to look at it in a “it depends” sort of mode. Eliminating poverty, even if it means giving money to a “irresponsible freeloader”, would eliminate a lot of betrayals for gold though.

Now on to other things.

2. Saubon can go screw. He can also go to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Yet another person who has “something to prove.” Did you seriously consider Proyas a coward and weak? REALLY!?!? REALLY!?!? Why? Because Proyas isn’t interested in killing people WHO HAVE ALREADY SURRENDERED! And Kellhus was on board with that? Oh FUCK THAT. Yet another reason why Fanayal is the least of the Empire’s worries. Why should anyone negotiate or surrender if they’re going to get sacked anyway? Where is Conphas when you need him? I WISH he was still around to work with Fanayal. THAT would have made things so much better and interesting. But, NOOO, he just HAD to be killed off. BAH. And the condescending attitude towards Proyas! BLEAGH.

3. Serwa cannot see Sorweel. Oh dear. And it looks like the Emwama=hobbits/halflings. If that’s the case, then that’s an interesting deconstruction since halflings usually are NOT victimized in that way. Not from what I’ve seen. I mean, sure, some get into trouble, but I’ve never seen large groups of them end up enslaved. I’m not really disgusted. I just feel sorry for them. Looks like Moenghus is in the same situation as Cnaiur once was. Oh dear.

4. Looks like Theliopa is suspecting Kelmomas. Uh oh. I still love her clothes. I always want to see what she’s wearing next.

5. Give Esmenet credit where it is due. She did everything she could to help when things went South. In this case, she is doing the right thing, including wanting Fanayal dead because fuck him. No one cares. See, “it depends”. This is a much different situation and Fanayal has been a problem person for YEARS. TBH, I’m pretty sure that Momemn will win this one, but it will be at a heavy cost. Sort of a Pyrrhic victory. In the aftermath, I doubt Esmenet will be able to go after domestic problem people, much less the Fanim. ESPECIALLY is Scranc, the Consult and the No God (and the Skylvendi who worship him) manage to get down there.

And now, some trance:

The Great Ordeal 28% complete.

1. So…Kellhus/Proyas…OTP? Dear god…he went there. Holy shit…he went there. I, er, didn’t see that coming. I thought it was a goof. And Kellhus admitting that he’s tearing down Proyas in order to build him into what exactly? Someone who is going crazy? Or, someone who is no longer so damned zealous? Someone like Achamian? Proyas was drugged(with Chanv, which is cool, but it was done without consent and that shit is said to be a bit addictive), ate Scranc meat(which is obviously making people crazy), and then fucked in the ass. I don’t think he even got lubed, let alone get a reach around.

It would certainly explain his behavior afterward. I honestly found the scene with the rude Sauboun knights infuriating on every level. I know it’s because of my own modern sensibilities and my VERY socialist leanings, but it all seemed OFF to me. I was thinking “wow, Proyas is going a bit nuts.” I know those guys were doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing and yes, they WERE assholes, but that was SAUBON’S ISSUE. HIS problem. You’re there to see Saubon, not demand that some assholes not even in your direct command kneel and then REMAIN outraged when they finally do as Saubon says. Then again, he might be outraged because he knows it’s fake and only done to appease Saubon and not out of any respect for him, the Law, or Kellhus. You know Saubon fostered that attitude toward Proyas. Well, I think you know. :p

I know that Proyas is a real stickler about the Law and isn’t afraid of enforcing it, but I honestly think his behavior at that point obvious isn’t like him. Don’t get me wrong, he has NEVER tolerated horseshit from very many people(hell, I remember what he was like with KELLHUS in the Warrior Prophet), but this is different. Gee, I wonder why.

2. For all his faults, Saubon has it right by choosing knights for MERIT rather than bloodline. Honestly, I don’t think he will do shit to those guys. I don’t think he cares enough to bother. He’s just telling Proyas what he wants to hear. Otherwise, he would have done something AGES ago as such insolence to another EXALT-GENERAL didn’t happen overnight. Unless…scranc meat. Something I just realized: Saubon is INSOLENT in his own right(Proyas is very aware of this), so of course, he’s going pick similar people around him. It’s one of the reasons why he doesn’t get along with people outside of his own group.

Anyway, he figured out the Sranc meat. Saubon isn’t stupid and he proved that. As for the anti-gay stuff…well, a lot of that in such worlds/times is based on ignorance. It simply never occured to those people that someone like say, Cnaiur, could take dicks up his ass, ears, nose, mouth and dickhole and STILL be the “Most violent of men.” Beyond that, I don’t blame Saubon for being SHOCKED and appalled at what happened. I certainly was. Saubon is actually showing some of his old humanity here, and that’s a good thing.

However, I can’t see them getting closer together the way Proyas wants/hopes. They’re just too different.

3. Interesting and also a bit sad that Proyas still thinks of Achamian, but I don’t think Achamian has ever thought of him since the Thousand Fold Thought. Something tells me that Kellhus is setting up Proyas to meet Achamian again. Prophet, my ass, Kellhus WANTS Achamian to KNEEL because he is one of the few people Kellhus has little power over.

I can’t think of anything else right now. Honestly, only three people matter to me now: Proyas, Achamian and Mimara. Every one else can just vaporize.

Ah…now we are on to the best two characters ever with Proyas trailing behind (for now). Mimara and Achamian at Ishual. I have two words: JESUS CHRIST. Dunyain evil? In other news, water is wet and there is a hurricane heading to Tampa and probably heading to the Panhandle because that’s all I need.

Ehem…anyway, the shit about women are “lesser souls” and other such bullshit turned my eyes into slot machines. Let’s be real, how many women actually DO those things? I’d say…about 10% do all those things and are sincere. Even in the most patriarchal societies, I will guarantee you that some women did NONE of those things, provided NONE of those things, and only gave when they had something to gain/something in return (true altruism is VERY rare). AND THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT. I doubt it’s much different in Earwa. “Righteous demands”. Please. Cnaiur’s idea of “righteous” is MUCH different from say, Proyas’s. Lower their gaze? Are men gorillas? Yeesh.

Then again, judgement is based on what you know and what you can guess with the information you have. Sometimes, judgement can be very biased. So, even the Judging Eye might not be all that accurate.

However, I believe Mimara when she says that the Dunyain are EVIL in general. Those poor “Whale Mothers”. Obviously, they were women being kidnapped, mutilated, and then distorted into well…very big women. I guess they’re similar to Axlotol tanks of the Tleilax only the tanks were vegetative. Not here. These women were conscious and aware. WOW. Fate worse than death and body horror. To be evil though, you need ill will. I’m guessing most of the Dunyain do have that, but it’s very well controlled.

BOY is creepy. Survivor(Koheinghus, son of Kellhus) is well…OH MY GOD. WHAATT!!? And then it’s back to Momemn, a place I no longer give much of a shit about whoopie. Boy is probably Ko’s son. Awww…so Kellhus has a grandson. Like he gives a shit.

If it’s true that Kellhus is also evil, then…poor Proyas. He is so FUCKED. Kellhus dick would be the least of his worries. Might be why Kellhus is unraveling Proyas’s faith and he didn’t give him a reacharound. :(

The Great Ordeal. 47% Complete. Honestly, it feels like I’m flying through this one. Dayum.

1. Nonmen steal the show again and the Lastborn seems particularly interesting. Looks like the King is crazy. I’d say about half of them are completely gone. “Intact?” Whoa…Nonmen who are SANE? Oh, man. It sounds like a Catch-22 situation. I guess the King wants to stay moisturized considering how much oil he’s pouring on himself. Can you imagine these nutters being allies to the Great Ordeal? AHAHHAHHA! Disaster in the making.

2. So, the Dunyain were DONE in(get it? get it? lololol) by Nonmen Consult mages. Yea, I’m totally crying here. The feels. NOT. Still, the Survivor’s perspective is quite interesting and the situation with the Whale Mothers is clarified. The Dunyain women actually are DEAD (similar to Axlotol tanks). BUT, there’s no changing the fact that the Dunyain have been preparing to, well, “possess” the world for quite sometime. Like much of Earwa isn’t already enslaved. Still, I can’t help but think that the Dunyain in general would be much worse.

3. OH GREAT! Achamian is talking about “intercepting the Great Ordeal.” Oh! THAT’S going to be fun! I really don’t blame Mimara for wanting those guys dead. However, I do wonder how accurate the Judging Eye is though. Like I’ve said before, it could be based on biases or the fact that the person holding the Eye could be fooled somehow. If it’s like the Dragon Tear of BOF2, then, HELL! SHE’S RIGHT! If not, then that would complicate matters.

4. Achamian now sounds like the dancer in “Staying Alive.” “Every one uses everyone, don’t they?” Sorry, Akka. I’m on Mimara’s side here. As for using the Eye on Kellhus…well, you forget, Kellhus can manipulate pretty much anyone. It’s possible that the Judging Eye might not be the exception. Still, I want Akka to see Proyas again. I want some more fireworks.

5. Serwa? Meh. Real? Whatever. Anyway, Sorweel is getting interesting though. Looks like he’s the “White Luck Warrior” who is anointed.

The Great Ordeal 57% complete.

1. Lastborn is becoming among my favorites. And WOW! His backstory is sad, SAD, SAD. He was more than just a “Siqu” for Nil'Giccas, but a lover, it seems. Oh man. :( He claims that Kellhus is a savior, but of what, exactly? I wonder if a lot of people even WANT to be saved considering the kind of lives they must have on this Crapsack world. Course, if Earwa is anything like Earth, then maybe things will get better. Eventually…

I honestly don’t know what to think at this point. I’m really not #teamconsult though unless I’m in a foul mood. I know that their evil is beyond even Kellhus and the Dunyain, but lesser evil is still evil.

2. Saubon! Why do you have to be so Goddamned nasty!? Maybe that’s why Kellhus sent you to Dagliash! It’s because YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE! I swear, that song “I’m an asshole” has Saubon written all over it. He SPAT at PROYAS! AT PROYAS! Even Cnaiur wouldn’t have done that. But, poor Proyas lost all will to fight. :( But, what chance would he have? Kellhus does not want him at that fortress. There is a reason for this. There is a reason why he wants Saubon there.

3. Proyas! No weepers in the SLOG! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think crying is a weakness, but to do it in public is generally not a good idea unless you’re from a society/situation where it’s acceptable. This applies to ALL stations, not just Royalty. In a situation like that, you never EVER let Saubon see you even SWEAT, much less cry.

Proyas has very irritating faults. I admit that there have been times that I would have LOVED to boil him in oil, but what makes him so endearing is the fact that despite the zealotry, he really IS a good, humane person. He WANTS to be a a good person. That is totally true and it’s written out in the flying raft. He wanted to be righteous(an irritating word). It’s just that, imo, you can’t really be righteous by being a fanatic. But, that’s the thing about Proyas. HE IS INTENSE. That, to me, is painfully obvious. It’s why his desire to find the right path for him ended up being MY WAY OR NO WAY and found someone(Kellhus) to enforce that.

He FINALLY admits that. After Kellhus basically shattered him. The good things that come out of this though is that Proyas is no longer so zealous and that maybe he can FINALLY learn that people like Achamian CAN be good people. That it’s possible to be strong without using religion as a crutch. Proyas IS strong. He, and a lot of people, can do just fine without organized religion. Saubon can just kiss my ass with his “weak” shit. So can Kellhus at this point. He did NOT have to RAPE Proyas for ANY REASON. Maybe the “head on the pole behind him” is his sanity.

Let’s not forget the MEAT though. Yea, it’s making people a bit nutters. I’m not sure if it affected Kellhus in the same way, but even if it has, unraveling Proyas was being done long before THE MEAT. And really, what were they supposed to do? Eat each other?

I really fear for Proyas. Honestly, I envision him going out like Slave Knight Gael in Dark Souls III(awesome fight though). If he dies, then only Achamian and Mimara will keep me “in”, so to speak. Lastborn too if he lasts long enough.

Beyond that, don’t be damned, Proyas please. Please be among the “saved”, like Mimara. Unless, of course, you’re taking over Hell just to lord it over Saubon and Conphas.

Oh yea, that’s a hell for Saubon. Trap him in a room with CONPHAS. Hell is, according to existentialist philosophy, other people.

I just have so much to say about Proyas, but I feel like I’ll just be redundant. PROYAS MUST NOT COME TO HARM! So says Cnaiur and so do I!

The Great Ordeal 68% Complete.

1. Sorry, but I’m a bit over Esmenet. Yes, we GET IT. She keeps thinking and saying the same things over and over again. Yes, the writing is beautiful, but COME ON. There is a siege going on and THIS IS IT? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s BORING. If only it was Fanayal AND Conphas. That would have made things more interesting, but NOOOOO. It’s snoozefest over there.

2. Over Kelmomas too. Watching a guy shit. Eat apples. Becoming a pawn of Ajokli. ZZZZZZZZ. BOOO! BOOO! Be more funny!

3. NOOO! Lastborn! NOOO! Damnit! I had hoped that he didn’t actually die, but this death was made pretty clear! Fuck! He was such a compelling character too! BOOOO!! Sorweel looks down for the count too. When the father was described as “TALL”, they weren’t lying. Dayum. And he sets the world on FIRE! HE IS PISSED! He is going to kill EVERY ONE! Yea, he wasn’t happy when he found out that the king sold out to the Consult. Oh dear oh dear…

4. That whole mountain is like an insane Asylum gone amok. Hell, ALL of the mountains are. Jesus…Still, the whole thing was fascinating as fuck. That boat should be an amusement park ride. ;) What a read…and honestly, that Holy area reminded me of the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls. They like silence very much. Sounds like a peaceful area though. Poor Sorweel…living the experience of another Nonman, one who had a male lover too and then seeing that male lover as nothing but a wreck. So sad…and that lover would have killed him because that’s what insane Nonmen do. Yea, karma took a HUGE shit on the Nonmen.

5. Eariler on, Kellhus admits that Proyas always had most of his attention. Not even Esmenet had that honor. Would certainly explain a lot. Seems like quite a few people have wanted/want Proyas. I can understand why. Still, what happened to him is unfortunate. :(

6. I found out that a redditor had this theory that the “Head on the pole behind him” is actually Kellhus’s emotions. Seems that the Gods NOM on the souls of the emotional. Since Kellhus is Dunyain, he is “half-dead” and so cannot be nommed. If the Gods of Earwa are anything like the God Hand of Berserk, then this means that their power stems from emotions (well, certain emotions), so by eliminating emotion in general, the Gods basically starve. Faith is a food of the gods too, of course, but that’s nothing new. Then again, Gods nomming on anything is hardly new.

Just a theory though. Looks like I’m not the only one with the Shijima theory as a Dunyain/Kellhus goal. Honestly, it SOUNDS great, but there would be no room for the passionate in such a world. Meh…still too many unknowns or something I’m missing.

The Great Ordeal 76% Complete. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD….

1. Welp. Told ya, Saubon. Go to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200$ And above all, DON’T TRUST KELLHUS. Hey, you said it yourself about your “Might makes Right” attitude and how it’s “built on lies”. Honestly, he has more in common with Conphas than he will ever care to admit. The difference is that Saubon appreciates those mightier than himself(even if he wants to ‘conquer greatness’), but Conphas never did. It’s why Saubon can get away with being a “non believer” and Conphas was thrown out. I guess there’s also the fact that Saubon was good at going through the motions and killing lots of people without thinking he’s an actual God. I will always have some kind of respect for him. Need someone to kill 'em all and salt the Earth? He is THE ONE. That, and that fact that he goes by merit rather than bloodline. I will always like that.

For Saubon fans, if there’s any consolation, he won’t be lonely. He’ll FINALLY belong(something I think he ALWAYS wanted, only he just HAD to be the most important) and he’ll see that witch he liked so much. LOL. WHEW.

That whole sequence was a bit hard to follow, but WOW. What a payoff. What I don’t understand is why Saubon and his knights were up that tower when Kellhus TOLD them to RUN. Am I missing something? Maybe he COULDN’T get out? Trapped? All I know that they were fighting that tower while witches were falling and then FWOOOOOSH–NUKE in a “coffer”. DAYUM.

I love how the sranc and the humans hesitated. Would have been hilarious if they ALL ran. LOLOL! NUKE–the great unifier.

Couldn’t actually take the fort? Just nuke it! The Kellhus way! The “Shortest Path” indeed. Man, Saubon was SO set up. At least that’s how I see it. :/

2. Oh Proyas. His “full throttle” quality will never change. I actually had dreams of him driving a truck and gunning it every chance he got. Kayutas is next to him, actually impressed. Instead, he is driving a PONY(poor Pony). Kayutas is next to him, suddenly finding him interesting. Proyas has always been interesting, but I do agree that he has become even more interesting now that he is disillusioned and traumatized by being assraped.

So, Proyas’s love for Kayutas mirrors Achamian’s love for him. Awww…only difference is that Kayutas is one who likely does not hate at all. Kellhus, jr.

I’m sure Proyas’s wife and kids are happy that he ended up spending more time with Kayutas than with them. Sure, they’d be equally happy to find that Kayutas saved his bacon. Proyas, it’s okay to ease off the gas pedal every once in awhile. Even as you’re high on “MEAT CRACK.”

3. Yea, not every one can be saved. That’s reality. Some people don’t want to be saved. That’s reality too. A good thing? Suuuure, if you’re among the “saved.”

The Great Ordeal 83% Complete.


“Welcome to Dagliash, the worst place in the world.” Christ…

TBH, I was starting to get a little annoyed with weepy Proyas, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really don’t blame him. NO ONE has seen anything like this. EVER. And it’s not like the modern era of planet Earth where radiation sickness can actually be treated(well, as long as it’s not in the “end of life stage”). They knew nothing of this:

All Kellhus knew was that they were “polluted”(yea, that’s putting it mildly) and they had to be kept away from those who were contaminated as radiation can spread. He also knew that the people who weren’t contaminated needed to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. Well, no shit.

Honestly, the whole thing bothered me more than it should. I KNEW that “culling” had to be done as many of them were dying anyway or will within a couple of weeks. I think the problem was that NO ONE had the power to do anything but keep some semblance of order, clean up the area as best they can, and try to do something for the dying while the main Host leaves. You KNOW this tore Proyas up. He can’t even offer comfort, something he did while his soldiers suffered in the Carathay desert, much less do anything else, except take what is left of the Host and head for a place even worse: GOLGOTTERATH.

It’s just the fact that these “Scalded” in the “Slough” are dying terrible deaths and they KNOW it. This stuck with me ALL DAMNED DAY. Even brain bleach(Opie and Anthony, Terraria, some “cloud psychic” nut) only did so much. I even felt a bit weepy myself after awhile. We will never see “The Scalded” again. Not alive. Not even Hoga Horim or whatever his name is. He took charge, which is fine. Most people were fine with him and their fates, even better. “It was simply the way.” Yup. Makes sense. These people knew that they wouldn’t even be able to help themselves, much less anyone else. It’s just sad.

Talk about doing whatever it takes, Consult.

And now we have the Walking Dead following the main host. Damn…that guy’s not giving up. Proyas will soon be facing a Zombie Apocalypse. I’m sure that’ll end well. Riiiight.

So, it all falls to Proyas now. This’ll be the first time since before Kellhus’ Circumfixtion that’s he been the main leader. I think he’ll do just fine as he has no problem with sticking his foot up the asses of shitheads if he has to, but unlike Saubon, it’s tempered with compassion. Or about as much compassion as a broken, ruined, Scranc eating crazy person can have. You think Saubon would shed a single tear for what happened? I doubt it. He wouldn’t be happy, but he sure as hell wouldn’t be weeping.

As for the Desert Lions, I think it’s safe to say that they died with Saubon. I think that’s for the best as they clearly preferred him over Proyas. Would have been interesting for at least one of them to adjust to a different kind of leader, but from what I’ve read, they were nasty to every one EXCEPT for Saubon.

2. So, Survivor does not survive. He kills himself because he realizes that he is broken and that the Logos is bullshit. Hey, anything taken to extremes is generally pretty bad. Sometimes, it’s okay to take the “scenic route”. Still, he is forgiven, whatever that means. He had an interesting perspective, had the right idea about the crackie, and it ended too soon. But, now, Achamian, Mimara and the boy can see Dalgiash. OHHH! Don’t go there! That place is bad news!!

Hopefully, Achamian will see Proyas again. That’s going to be fun, I’m sure.

The Great Ordeal: Complete. Now on to the Unholy Consult(I am dreading this…)

1. CNAIUR! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! He wasn’t actually dead! YES YES YES! He’s as crazy as ever! And poor Mimara NAILED him! I don’t know about being heroic without Moenghus, but I know that he wouldn’t have been so damned that he might as well use Guts’ Berserker Armor at all times.

Yea, Cnaiur, sometimes I agree with you: LET EVERYTHING BURN. I WISH the Consult actually did his bidding instead of trying to pull wool over his eyes. That would have been so fitting seeing as the Scalvendi worship the No God.

If I read it right, looks like Cnaiur wanted to be present to watch Ishual burn. He wanted the Dunyain boy DEAD. He STILL wants Kellhus dead and he is going after Achamian and Mimara to make sure that happens. “Let them go…” Yea, sure he did. I love how Mimara was able to stand up to Cnaiur as best she could. Honestly, I think she saved Akka’s bacon. Then again, I think Cnauir knows that it’s in his interest to keep both of them alive, especially with the “Eye” that he would love to pluck out, I’m sure.

Scylvendi shadowing the Ordeal? Did I read that right? Gee, I wonder why… I’m sure they’ll “help”. Suuure.

2. I know what Achamian is up to. He knows that there are exceptions to EVERYTHING and he’s accepting the possibility that Kellhus might BE the exception. He just wants to be certain. But, even if Kellhus WAS the exception, I wish he would keep in mind what KIND of world is being saved. What would happen AFTER? Surely, he has to think of this. But, I don’t blame Mimara for being a bit irritated.

3. OH! Momenm not boring this time around! HOORAY! Three people killed by Kellhus in one fell swoop. Meppa is not dead though. There’s obviously a reason why he’s kept around. Honestly, it all feels kind of cheap though. I was quite interested in the Zeum sorcery. Didn’t get to see much of that at all. For shame. Poor Sorcerer too because he’s know stuck in that demon head, if I read that right. Poor Zsoronga, but I think that chorae Sorweel gave him will help. I haven’t forgotten that. It looks like the actual king will be the first target though. Will have to see.

4. Nanaferri, I hardly knew you or really cared at this point. Full blown wackaloon and yes, I’m pretty sure Yatwer foresaw it just like it’s obvious that SHE caused those quakes. Nanaferri knew that they were all going to die, but not how. As for the White Luck Warrior, well, that was unfortunate. Esmenet is now a complete mess now that Thelli is dead and she FINALLY realized the truth about Kelmomas. Kellhus isn’t pleased with her either. I actually got very nervous when she went into the audience hall because I thought she would be killed there. Didn’t happen, but I have a feeling that Esmenet will not end well. Who am I kidding? NO ONE will end well. :(

5. Now for the Unholy Consult and I am dreading it. But, this is a series that I would like to finish even though I know that it will no doubt be heartbreaking. The Death Gate Cycle was the last “epic” series I finished and that was MANY years ago. I guess things really do happen for a reason. I started this when my hard drive failed and didn’t have a desktop for close to two weeks.

The White-Luck Warrior / My Tumblr Reactions to White Luck Warrior
« on: December 01, 2017, 01:14:54 am »

White Luck Warrior. 9% Complete.

1. I always love Proyas’s POV chapters. He’s always been a captivating character for me even when he’s at his worst. I swear, he has the strongest conscience in the world. He’s been in combat for how long now? You’d think he’d be used to sacking cities, but he’s vomiting and crying after presiding over the sacking of an Aioni city like he’s done it for the first time. It might be because he became a father/husband/king after the Holy War, but I just think it’s because he’s no Scalvendi or Conphas. Can you imagine what Cnaiur would think? *Spits*.

I wasn’t too surprised that he became a husband and a father. It’s pretty much expected of those in his position. However, there have been monarchs who DID NOT marry for whatever reason and he should have been one of them given what he’s been doing for the past twenty years, especially when the KIDS need to be reminded that he is their father. Yikes. One of them was named Xinemus though. :D

I still felt a bit “awww…eh…meh” about it because I felt like it was unnecessary to include it. Even in Proyas’s case, they’re just abstractions. He admits that himself. So for him, sacrificing them for “the big picture” would not be that difficult to do since there isn’t a strong bond with them. HOWEVER, even if he DID have a solid bond with his family, he STILL thinks like a world leader. Not just a King of Conriya, or a father, husband, lover or friend. He knows that if the Consult is allowed to run amok, then EVERY ONE would die. Not just enemies, people you don’t care about, or the assholes, but the people you do love. IOW, it won’t matter who’s skeleton is your wife, friend, loved one.

Of course, that’s all thanks to Kellhus. There is a REASON why he keeps Proyas so close and it isn’t just because Proyas thinks in the big picture. I think it’s also because Proyas is aware that Kellhus sees the world as a “benjuku plate” and that won’t change even if Golgotterath is utterly annihilated.

One thing though, Proyas is wrong about dismissing man as “weak” just because they value those closest to them more than anything else. Man, in general, is short-sighted and small-minded, but not necessarily weak. Powerless, sure, as many people are like that, but weak? Not really. It’s easy to make that accusation though. “Weak” is one of those words that is thrown around to the point of meaninglessness.

Than again, Proyas is very hard on himself and so tends to be hard on others too. It’s totally true that he is a “rare, and ardent soul”. IMO, great leaders are pretty damned rare, but that could be my cynicism talking.

I just adore Proyas; faults, volcano tempers, and all.

2. Poor Sloggies. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. The NO SOBBING rule is clearly in effect. Sobbers DIE! LOLOL! Than again, the “sobber” in question was likely dying anyway. Captain doesn’t screw around, like always, but he’s starting to look and act like a hot mess.

Maybe he’s going a bit nuts too? As for “Soot”, what happened to him was unfortunate, but he was like just there…maybe that was the whole point. Don’t know what you have ‘till it’s gone. And it figures that he would “damned”.
:(  It’s one thing for someone like him to be “damned”, but for people who were born of the FEW to be damned is BULLSHIT. Hell, being damned for eternity is BULLSHIT. Maybe it is. I don’t think anyone has come back from the “Outside” to say anything about it.

Maybe the Consult is trying to “save themselves from damnation” for nothing. Maybe they should…well…I dunno, not rape and kill a bunch of people? Just an idea. At least with magic users, they’re not really to blame for what they have.

3. Oh back to Proyas. I have a confession to make. I knew that Mimara was still alive even before the Aspect Emperor and knew that she was an adult. I actually “ship” Proyas and Mimara. My ideal ending was to have Proyas, Mimara and some others take on mean old Kellhus and defeat him and the Consult. Then he would marry Mimara and they would simply rebuild what is left of the world. And then a rainbow, gold bunny with ruby eyes flew out of my ass.

4. Cleric is being awesome, as usual. I love his sermons. I love it every time he does anything. He could be taking a dump, and I would love it.

White Luck Warrior 25% Complete.

1. “I shit when I shit!” Damned right you do, Inrilatas! Move over, Kelmomas, there’s a new Crazy Diamond in town and he is AWESOME! YES! Set him free, so that he might wreak havoc and KILL! Watch the Empire Burn! And the world. And kill Mathinet. Don’t die though. Not yet. This guy is too awesome to kill off. I love insanity in fiction. Joker, for example, is my favorite Batman villain. However, villains like Harvey Two-Face tend to be more unnerving. Anyway, can’t wait to see what he does once he escapes. Thanks for that, Kelmomas.

2. Yea, it’s pretty obvious that Kelmomas’s love for his mother is the same love one has for say, a toy. As for people being viewed as animals and/or children, I tend to roll my eyes. Animals don’t get treated as badly as the humans on this world or any world really. Also, animals don’t have ego/superego, so they’re not as affected by being looked down on.

3. I think Esmenet does despise those who kneel all too quickly and I don’t blame her for that. Bootlicks suck. I think she HATES the system and how things are and I think a lot of her decisions are based on the “letter of the law” and not something she personally agrees with. What can she do though?
She’s not Daenerys; she doesn’t have three dragons and even Dany’s well intentioned acts led to a lot of problems. I tend to smile at peasant/slave revolts because they’re usually well-intentioned or based on something like “WE"RE STARVING”. Not to say that Upper Class/Noble revolts don’t have that, but it’s not the same thing. Counter-Revolt, and Reactionary Rebellions don’t count. I also don’t generally count overthrows of Monarchs either, unless there’s a permanent system change. Anyway, with popular rebellions, even if they tend to fail due to playing against a VERY stacked deck, they tend to have lasting effects, some of which are permanent.

And that’s just it with the Kellian Empire. The measures they’re taking to quell the rebellions/riots are only prolonging the inevitable: Apocalypse.

As for why Esmenet hates using people, it’s most likely because she likes doing things herself and she knows how to feels to be “used”. Hell, she still is being used. :/  And yes, she is very much aware that she only has the authority she has because of Kellhus. She hates that too, no doubt.

4. So Soma was a skin-spy. Was a bit of a shock, but then I thought of how he was throughout the story and realized that it was all there. I suspect that he was a skin-spy long before he was involved in “The Slog”. Even Cleric didn’t see that or maybe he just didn’t care. He is upset now that he has been caught.

5. Sorweel is doing good! Hooray!

6. No way Mathinet is behind these riots. Certain people *cough Kel* just want him out of the way because Esement likes him and is also seen as a threat. TBH, I don’t care about Mathinet either way. He’s not cool enough.

1. I can certainly understand why Mimara is so angry at her mother. Sold into slavery? Check. Many innocent people dying because of what happened? Check. Mimara is right to be a bit miffed. Because honestly? The people who paid the price probably didn’t even KNOW Mimara, much less have anything to do with her in the brothel. Or, they didn’t actually DO anything to her. The guilty parties? I guarantee that they all got away. Which means that a lot of people died for nothing. No wonder the Empire is a such a mess. A lot of their policies are actually self-defeating.

Achamian NAILED pretty much everything in his responses/saying. The only exception would be about love/hate. It’s possible to hate someone without ever having loved them. But, Achamian is usually right and a few disagreements don’t change that. He’s still the tits.

2. Mimara is pregnant. It’s obviously Achamian’s, but if what he says is true, then it will problably be a still birth. :(

3. Awww…Cleric likes Mimara. Isn’t that precious? Cleric/Mimara, FTW! NOT. Much as I adore Cleric, he is insane and even if he wasn’t, he is Immortal, so he’d end up with the same issues as Vampires and many other immortals: GRIEF due to constant loss. It’s why many vampires end up solitary or with other Vampires. Well, such things are CURSES for a reason.

4. Here we go again with supplies running out. I guess Bakker follows Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong. Poor Slaves. :( But, it’s not just them. MANY people, including Princes, were left behind to go home or die. Probably the latter. FIGURES.

 My sympathy is with those who were FORCED to be there. The rest? TUFF. Kayutas does have a point though. He’s not doing what he’s doing out of malice, but out of practicality. I also don’t think he’s a Conphas. Not really. He’s not as fun.

5. The witches are just awesome! I bet people are sorry for their dumb prejudices now! Proof that people were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG about female magic users. As for Serwa, well, there’s no questioning her ability, but are we supposed to give much of a shit about her? Right now, I don’t, but it looks like Sorweel is stuck with her.

6. Proyas…here, have one of these:

There is a reason why Kellhus is asking you those questions. Oh, and it’s true that Achamian is not gentle, but to say that he is unwise is not a good plan. Unless, Proyas is just telling Kellhus what he wants to hear. I do, however, think it’s ridiculous to look down on a man who has been cheated on. What is a woman called when she is cheated on? Women in that situation are generally NOT viewed in the same manner. Oh, and Achamian was guilty of cheating too. Was he a cuckold then? Was Esmenet? Is a woman EVER a cuckold? Would Esmenet have been considered one if SHE chose to renounce Kellhus?

7. I really can’t stress this enough: Kellhus does not see people as children, they’re seen as chattel to be used and thrown away. He wants EVERY ONE who isn’t Dunyain to be in THAT position. This is has nothing to do with left-wing, right-wing, hot-wing ideology either. I’ve always believed (and still do) that the Dunyain in general want a world of nothing but LOGOS.

Basically, this: Shijima( The reason which Hikawa created. Shijima is all about having a world of silence. Where people all are gods, but serve very specific roles. Emotions and human feelings are gone in order to maintain complete tranquility. Everyone performs their function accordingly in the world of Shijima and works together to keep the world going smoothly. So overall, the world is guaranteed to be safe in this reason, but the power of emotions is gone. A driving force for people to live ceases to exist. Overall, that”s what’s in store for you if you select Shijima as your reason.

You like? Then, I guess you can route for Kellhus/Dunyain. If I am wrong, then I think that Kellhus has no intention of saving very many people at all. NO ONE, except Cnaiur(dead for realz, I guess…what a waste) and Achamian realize this, but the latter is mincing his words.

8. LOL! The Captain does not fuck around. Not even for a moment. Such dedication to THE SLOG. Such devotion to Kellhus. A true believer. Too bad he will probably be killed. Would be a shame as he commands respect. I still have little sympathy for the Stone Hags.

White Luck Warrior 50% Done!

1. NO! Inrilatas! My favorite crazy diamond! NOOO! I will miss you, crazy awesome! God damn, he was sooo good at fucking with EVERY ONE. I loved that and now he is gone. I am very disappointed. I could care less about Mathinet. His head could explode right in front of me and I wouldn’t care. I don’t think Kelmomas intended for Inrilatas to die at that moment though(later though, for obvious reasons). He simply didn’t understand what Inril was trying to do. Who can? Inrilatas is a nutter. Would have loved it if Proyas confronted Inrilatas. I’d have popcorn.

2. I think one problem with Esmenet is that she tends to take things personally. I know that there are dumb-asses out there who oppose her because she’s a woman/caste menial/former whore, but I’ve said it before and will say it again, she was chosen to be Kellhus’s “dragon” for a reason and it has little to do with where she came from except that being in “service type” jobs often can give you a pretty decent perspective on human behavior. That goes for nursing too. Not that it’ll be perfect(nothing is), but I’m reminded of the waitress in the movie Thelma and Louise, “I’ve been a waitress for twenty years and if that doesn’t make you can expert on human nature, nothing will.” Esmenet is not only tough and smart, she’s fairly shrewd too.

The only thing is that she sometimes does fall into something WE ARE ALL guilty of: oversimplifying. Plenty of Caste Nobles support her just fine and she’s likely very popular among the common people in the Nansur region(well, for now). The Caste Nobles who hate when lower classes manage to “rise above their station”(and I’m sure this has happened along with escaped slaves) and don’t need her as Empress to think the way they do.

Also, the slaves/menials don’t need her rise to be reminded of their indignities. They generally could care less who is in charge as long as they have healthy, happy, stable lives, AND THEY ARE LEFT IN PEACE. Since they rarely are, they have to care, but the common people who oppose the Empire would have done so no matter who ruled.

What I’m trying to say is that most people who oppose the Kellian Empire and NOT opposing her personally, but the Empire itself. She’s been in power for twenty years, I don’t think they’re really asking “How can a whore be Empress?” anymore. Most people outside of the First Holy War probably don’t even know WHERE she came from and most likely didn’t even know WHO she was until Kellhus became the Aspect-Emperor.

She shouldn’t have to show anyone anything after being a ruling Empress for twenty years. As for Fanayal, I don’t blame her for feeling the way she does about him. He’s been a thorn for YEARS, but he isn’t fighting her legitimacy. He’s been the enemy since the First Holy War and he’s not about to stop now.

3. Mimara has a point about Esmenet, but just because Esmenet wasn’t a slave, doesn’t mean she had that much power in whatever choices she made. Achamian was right to go after her for that. Yes, “there are chains and then there are CHAINS.” As for the Exceptions, if there any group of people who should be flayed alive, it’s the people who made COUNTERFEIT Exceptions. That’s lower than dirt. At least now, Mimara knows that her mother did try to save her all those years ago.

4. Anyone have any fanart of Cleric giving his sermons in the sky? I would love a visual of that. Sermons in the sky…a nice title.

White Luck Warrior 71 % Complete.

1. Looks like Achamian is going to end up delivered to Kellhus. At first, I thought that the Captain had no such intention as he was intent on THE SLOG OF SLOGS, but I’m not seeing that now. Then again, Kosoter is a Zandunyain and crazy like Cleric, so who knows with either one of them? But, since Achamian finally refused the Crackie (oh, Qirri), they’ve held him captive. Maybe they figured out he was lying? Or maybe, Kosoter wants it ALL.

Think of the rewards he would get for delivering Akka to Kellhus and think of what he might still be able to get once they reach the library. BTW, I peeked a bit and found that Cleric is Nil'Giccas, last King of the Nonmen. The same one apparently willing to work with Kellhus. Wonderful.

2. Poor Mimara. I have to give her credit for trying, despite being pregnant. She is miles ahead of Esmenet as best girl. I wonder what the Qirri will do to fetuses?

3. I noticed how the Emissary of King Cleric kept looking at Proyas. I think that is very telling. These insane Nonmen have agreed to help in exchange for Mohenghus, Serwa, and Sorweel. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

4. Speaking of Proyas, psst…the password is “WILLING”. It’s one thing to be a WILLING slave, it’s another to be forced into it. Then again, Kellhus is pretty much admitting that he “made” Proyas willing by playing on what he already/wanted to believe in.

I’d also like to point out that it’s easy to run your mouth about the “exaltation of submission” when you’re basically someone with power, privileged, prosperous, having access to the best just for being alive in the right place and right family. I seriously doubt that the vast majority of CHATTEL SLAVES/Caste menials feel exalted in any way. People who are forced to submit certainly don’t. So women have the same privileges as men? I find no evidence of that.

Then again, certain attitudes don’t change easily, but it seems to me that the only women who have such privlidges are those like Esmenet and the witches. And really, does it mean anything at all if you are OWNED by the “Blessed Empress/Emperor”?


5. I found what happened with the Nilnameshi prostitute INFURIATING. I guess I’m not much for being owned, but I guess I wouldn’t be a survivor like that girl nor did I grow up in a slave state. Naree? I think. People like her are the ones who write/speak the histories. Still, I can understand why Esmenet did what she did as she was in a super desperate situation and didn’t like having to do that. Doesn’t help that Esmenet STILL felt defeated.

That assassin? White Luck Warrior. This is going to be fun. Oh, and I peeked again and found that Imhailas dies and Naree ends up with a nice, fat settlement.

6. The dream Achamian had? I don’t think that actually happened to that Prince. It seemed a little too unreal. Maybe his subconscious is saying that the Crackie is fucking every one up.

7. Kellhus, yea, bla bla bla. There’s nothing he says that most of us don’t already know, except I don’t agree that things would suddenly collapse if a few people decided to tell others to “take this job and shove it.” Take the US, for example, a lot of people don’t have faith in anything, but this country hasn’t collapsed yet. Then again, the US is a tad more modern.

Still, I doubt a slave exodus (for example) should make that much of a difference to the system. Then again, maybe it depends on HOW many people are willing/able to do that. As for Esmenet, looks like she WAS aware that the people didn’t care who was in charge as long as they had healthy, stable lives.

The problem is that, they’re not really left in peace. People in the New Empire are all too easily punished. It just seems WORSE to me. Like, there are some improvements, but at the same time, things have gotten worse. I know that sometimes things will get worse before things will get better, but given what Kellhus/Dunyain actually think about the “world born”…well, let’s just say that I don’t think they care about making the world a better place.

I’d like to think that Esmenet actually DOES, but simply doesn’t have the support to make that happen.
I understand the WAR, but I could have sworn I asked about what would happen AFTER the war. I guess I just expect too much. *shrugs*

White Luck Warrior. 82% Complete!

1. I don’t think I mentioned Obetogawa. I was shocked that he made it that far and only did it so he can die by his Prince’s hand. That guy is STRONG. The more I thought about it, the more tear-jerking it became. Poor Zsoronga. :( I don’t see him ending well either, which would be a shame.

2. Serwa is the sort of character that grows on you. At first, she’s not likeable, but once you get to know her better, that changes. Same with Mohengus jr. I love the interactions between her, Mohengus, and Sorweel. Interesting how she can fast travel. Too bad Achamian couldn’t or wouldn’t do the same.

3. Kosoter is mean to Mimara. (So is every one else now, except for Akka and Incariol). :( Combine that with harming Achamian and he is now on THE LIST. I have to give him credit though. This guy gets things done and isn’t really afraid of nothing. I think even damnation to him is like, “er, I’d rather not.”

4. So, I’m reading things about different sides of the battle. I don’t know what to make of this. One one hand, I think “WHO GIVES A FUCK!? YOU CAN GET SO MUCH MORE DEPTH BY FOCUSING ON A FEW MAJOR CHARACTERS!!” But, at the same time, this war affects MANY people, and not just Proyas or Kayutas. But, I think he could have at least focused on Saubon and his group too. Seems that Saubon just vanished into irrelevancy. Then again, he’s been irrelevant since he was made a king, tbh.

5. I never talked about Prosporian, did I? That guy was so awesome. Love how he ACTS subserviant. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with that sort of thing though. On one hand, it’s smart, but on the other, it’s a tactic not-so good people(Like Uriah Heap) use. Well, I guess it’s a neutral thing. But, I admit that it’s damned smart/shrewd.

6. Crackie–not even once. Pfft…who am I kidding? You know most people would use it if they had some.

White Luck Warrior: Complete. (Keeping the Great Ordeal beginning seperate).

1. Cleric/Akka STOLE THE SHOW! They stole every thing. They win the prize. Best duo, best duel, best eveything. You will be missed terribly, Nil'Giccas. Such a tragedy. Awesome way to go out though. “I AM THE TRUTH!” And AFTER running off a dragon! Mimara did good too. Kosoter died a badass, cinematic death. Dino of 8mm would have loved that.

2. Esmenet is such a mess. Not that I blame her. It’s obvious that she is a mother first, Empress second. She’s been beaten, dragged through the streets, lost her lover, the girl couldn’t do anything to help, etc. It’s understandable that she’d be a bit small minded given the situation, but one of the problems of being in power is that you have to think beyond your “monkey sphere” and that’s a very difficult thing to do even in the best of times. To call her weak is unfair. Unwilling? Yes. And it’s tearing her apart. She’s no Jon Snow, but I think even Jon Snow would fall apart given the circumstances.

3. The problem with the Empire isn’t so much cruelty, it’s the EXCESSIVE cruelty. Yes, it can be effective, but in a lot of cases, it can just as easily lead to more problems later. It’s one of the reasons why there’ve been so many problems in the Empire.

4. Mathinet is right. What happens AFTER the Ordeal? The Empire was a tool. How nice and very surprising. NOT. Oh, Mathinet was killed. Whoopie. Poor Esmenet, her crown moment of awesome was ruined by an invasion. Bummer. That, and the White Luck Warrior. She has no idea who he really is. Oh dear…

5. Kelmomas being bad, as usual. And he knows that things are going to go to hell in a handbasket and he is loving it! Maybe Inrilatas is possessing him. I hope so. >:)

6. Ishual destroyed. I actually knew this long before I even started this series, except that I thought it was a different city. I do wonder what caused it. Consult? Dunyain did it themselves? Will find out soon enough. But…FIGURES.

7. Saubon finally has some prominence again, but why is he even Exalt General? He hasn’t done shit. Does he even serve a purpose anymore other than being a bitchy baby? Maybe he should eat some Sranc.

8. They can eat Scranc now! I’m sure everything will be fine and they’ll totally emerge most triumphant now that they are not starving. I’m sure they won’t go crazy or anything such thing. Nah. Every thing will be alright. Surely. Just like I’m sure that I will shit a platinum rabbit and sell it for 10 million dollars.

Atrocity Tales / My Tumblr Reactions to The False Sun
« on: November 29, 2017, 08:19:16 pm »

Just because I tapped out of the Unholy Consult, doesn’t mean I tapped out of the SA series entirely. I will always recommend it. Don’t let a weeper like me stop you from soldiering on. Anyway,

1. Check this quote out: “For I have seen the virtuous in Hell and the wicked in Heaven. And I swear to you, brother, the scream you hear in the one and the sigh you hear in the other sound the same.”


I thought immediately of this song:

Heaven’s a LIE! I bet it’s a lie! Just like the cake is a lie. Just like Mankor Cameron’s Paradise in ES: Oblivion and the final level for Blue in Saga Frontier: HEAVEN’S a LIE! Can you imagine? Mimara and Esmenet and a few other people are “saved” and “holy”, but I think they will scream in horror when they find someone like CONPHAS there. What kind of heaven would it be when you see wicked people there? AWKWARD. And it’s also possible that “damnation” might not be as bad as it’s made out to be. What if “damnation” turned out to be AWESOME, but it’s only terrible because people think it is so that’s what they see? It wouldn’t be too bad if it really was full of “virtuous” people. The Ciphrang would still NOM, but no one would notice.

The Non Men appearently wanted to circumvent the WHOLE THING for good reason. They wanted neither heaven or hell.

2. Shaeönanra is interesting as hell. It’s no shock and he and his school ended up being rather wicked. They figure that they’re damned anyway, so why bother being good? Virtue is meaningless and it gets you nowhere. That, and the fact that they’re trying to find ways to escape damnation.

3. Day Lantern? Can I have one? That thing sounds AWESOME! Titigra is AWESOME! MAN! More of him, please! I saw fanart of it and IT IS AWESOME! The fanart is pretty amazing in this fandom.

4. So, Aurang and Shae are lovers? Well, why not? If they have a great and loving relationship, then more power to them! However, most fandom slashers will not go near this one, I’m sure.

5. If Titigra ended up Damned, then I will guarantee you that he is having a blast! Come on! The guy has a BABY skull braided in his beared! How can this guy be anything other than awesome!? And OF COURSE he doesn’t believe anything Shae said. Why should he? Shae had no proof other than some alien.

6. Archeme is a nice throw back to Archemedies, the one who supposedly invented a giant mirror that uses the sun to BURN THINGS. He’s known for a lot more, but I don’t remember. Mathmatics maybe? I know it wasn’t just Euclid.

7. I don’t blame Shae for being cheap against Titigra. That guy was POWERFUL just standing around. The ending. Yikes! The loving couple make love…awww…well, can’t say I blame them. They earned it.

The Judging Eye / My Tumblr Reactions to TJE
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4% Complete.

1. KING Proyas. Honestly, as soon as I saw his name, I smiled. :) I guess his father either died or retired. Always happy to see my second favorite character despite his hard on the for Aspect-Emperor.

2. Kelmomas! Shine on, you crazy diamond! You are the most adorable sociopath! Looks like his love for his mother is sincere though. A redeeming quality. Awwww…Honestly, the bug thing is something that MOST children have done. What makes him a bit wicked is his “second voice”. As for people being like bugs? Nah. Most people are more like dogs. Pack animals, but not too large. Social, but between social butterflies and cats.

3. And I’m #TeamConsult. Sorry, favorite characters. Looks like the new Empire is basically the same shit, only with better window dressing. Fuck the kneelers, fuck the “Holy Emperor/Empress” and fuck every one now that I think of it. I can understand interdependence, but even that has twisted to become what I see as FASCISM. That can go to hell. So many awesome people…lost to the Aspect-Emperor. :( Even if the world is safe from the MEAN NO-GOD, I can’t see much of anything changing for the better.

4. At least sorcery is conveniently no longer blasphemy. At least there seems to be less of a class division. I guess there is some improvement. But, shit with some glitter is still shit.

Maybe I’m just not being fair. Oh well.

5. Mimara is still alive! Can’t wait to meet her! I sense that she may be with Achamian though and NOT one of the kneelers. Not anymore. Wherever she is, yea, I can see Kelmomas regretting not killing her. Maybe she’ll end up killing him instead.

23% Complete. I stayed up all night reading this. Jesus…not the first time I’ve done that for ANY reason. It’s just that I’m not supposed to do that due to health reasons.

1. Sorry Esmenet. You are not best girl anymore. Mimara is best girl now. And I feel so many things for Esmenet. I can only say that whatever the New Empire is, she is NOT innately a tyrant. Conphas would NOT be soul searching the way she is. She’s coming up with rationalizations, justifications, excuses, doubts, etc. This is something people like Cersei Lannister would never do. Not really. At least not for humane reasons. Esmenet is telling herself that the people are kept safe with “discipline”, but the sad thing is that no one is really safe. SHE’S not safe and neither are her children. Oftentimes, tyrants rule with fear because they themselves are paranoid and afraid.

I mean, I buy the argument of “harsh but necessary”. I can see the need to run a “tight ship”, “firm hand”, etc. Hell, I can see a strict autocracy sometimes, but tyranny is a bit different as it has different signs. I generally find it inexcusable as it’s possible to be autocratic/authoritative without descending into actual tyranny. It’s just hard to do, unfortunately. The key is, what happens after the war. Will the tight control relax? Will it remain the way it is? Will things change for the better for the MANY instead of just the few? For EVERY ONE? Honestly, I doubt it. War is an excuse. The government in 1984 used the same excuse.

Kelmomas called it too. It’s KELLHUS they fear more than Esmenet. Don’t get me wrong, Esmenet can and does command respect on her own and I’m sure she’s loved/feared/respected in her own right, but it’s just not the same. She knows it too.

And unfortunately, she’s dead wrong about people “suffering in silence” when they are starving. No matter what lies you tell, hungry people don’t suffer in silence. Just ask the Irish. How silent were they during the Potato Famine? There is a reason why there is an undercurrent of doubt, people most likely wanting to leave(I wonder what happens to the starving people trying to leave?), and the constant threat of rebellion. And here’s the thing, many sovereigns had no fear of rebellion for any reason. In fact, I bet some LOVED the challenge. But, those kinds of people are not ruled by fear. That is, if they’re afraid of anything.

She was reading WAY too much in that stupid poem. She let it get to her. So it’s either insecurity or she fears/knows/suspects that it’s true. Easy for Mathinet to play on. Easy for him to use that as a means of saying “talk can spead” and then do what tyrants do: eliminate the artists and the intellectuals. The former because they generally make poor servants/slaves as they tend to be provocative and have temperaments that don’t really agree much with the servitude a “Kellian Empire” would demand, the latter because they question everything and are therefore threatening.

Anyway, #TeamConsult. Fuck the New Empire. Sure, it has some positive changes, but, like I said, what happens when the war ends? What will happen to that witch’s school? Will it be here to stay or will it be forced to disband when they have outlived their usefulness?

2. Akka! Why are you so mean to Mimara? :( Mimara is best girl now. Hopefully, he was just testing her and it looks like she has passed. Her “Judging Eye” reminds me of the Dragon Eye in Breath of Fire 2. Too bad it’s currently only showing her things that the world already justifies. Like say, slavery. Or women just HAVE to submissive to men simply for being women. Then, there are her own biases. If she’s straight(or has internalized misogyny), then of COURSE men would shine more brightly than women. That being said, at least she has a good idea of who is naughty and who is nice. I like her. So far, so good.

3. Whether or not hope is a slaver’s enemy simply depends on the hope. Hope that “if I do as I’m told/am good/work hard enough, then I’ll be free” is hardly an enemy. Hope of escape, winning, being rescued, well, yea. That’s an enemy.

4. Proyas. So broken. His hair/beard is SILVER? What is he? 120? ;) But, it’s obvious that he is wrecked. I guess years of constant war will do that to you. Yea, it’s true that some people are afraid of losing their power/privlidge, but it’s not the only thing they’re afraid of. There is a REASON why Sorweel’s father refused to yield. He knew that willingly surrendering and being forced to surrender would simply lead to the same thing: Slavery. The only difference is the color of the chain. TBH, I’m relieved that there are no actual democracies, republics, and socialist states(actual socialist states and not reformist/deformed whatevers who call themselves socialist) on Earwa. I think for those countries to fall to Kellhus would be the most devastating of falls.  At least countries of the North are accustomed to feudal/absolute monarchies/slave states. 

5. Sorweel! Hello, Sorweel! How do you do? I like you. I liked your father. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like in your situation. And honestly, looks like Kellhus has a use for you. Honestly, it’s the only reason why you were spared.

33% Complete.

1. Called Samamras’s death! Knew it as soon as Kelmomas was left alone with his brother. I thought he’d be pushed off, which is typical, but the way Kel set it up was pretty smart. It guaranteed a quick death, so it’s clear that while he wanted Samar dead, he didn’t want him to suffer. The alarming thing is that I know that I’m supposed to be outraged and yet, I just thought it was funny. I really didn’t care that much. I guess it’s because there just isn’t enough of Samarmras to care all that deeply about. I was more upset with INRAU’S death and if Kel killed someone like say, Akka, then I would have been howling for his blood.

It might also be because of what the second voice asked. I think THAT’S the spirit of his brother.

Looks Kelmomas has MOMMY all to himself. But, poor Esmenet though. She is wrecked. I like the super logical daughter though. People like her are often very interesting. She’s like the android in the first Star Trek movie.

The funeral scene was very touching and it shows how humane Esmenet really is. :(

2. CLERIC! Oh YES! This is going to be awesome! I love the Nonmen. Every time they show up, things get SUPER interesting! They are such lovely and insane people and I understand how and why it happened. Still, want more of these guys!

3. Yatwer is an interesting cult. I can see why she’s so popular with many caste-menials/slaves. My problem is that while she and her followers acknowledge how the system is, they don’t seem interested in really changing it. They STILL consider magic “blasphemy” even though it would help them, and especially women, in general. I guess old habits die hard. They just seem reactionary to me. Like, sure, they want change, but it’s more about turning back the clock than anything else.

I can see why Yatwer is feared. Her symbol says it all. Not only is she a Goddess of birth/life, she is one of death. Most people fear death. I like the Mother Supreme. Honestly, I like this cult. One of the few religious sects I can sympathize with.

4. Am I the only one who found the smex between Akka and Mimara a bit unnecessary? Speaking of Akka, he would miss the people he left behind because he didn’t seem them as mere chattel. He saw them as people who helped him out. He saw them as people who were kind to him. The Library Dream. Waaa…what a huge loss. Damn dragons. I bet Mimara will be joining the very interesting group of scalpers eventually. Whatever the case, I’m sure she’ll be okay for awhile.

5. I bet Proyas would have loved having “The Judging Eye”. Just wanted to throw that out there.

48% Complete.

1. Come on! Enough of the fucking rape/attempted rape. I know these guys are crazy, but it’s just getting annoying now. Poor Mimara, but at least she handles herself quite well(eh, she’s used to it. :/) AND she is finally learning SORCERY! WHEEE!!!1 Hopefully, she won’t end up dead or betray Achamian. Let’s see, Proyas was the first and ended up VERY hostile(and needlessly MEAAAAAN) because magic is blasphemy. Bah. Second, was Inrau and he ended up dead. BOOO! Third, was Kellhus and yea, we all know how that went.

And Achamian is being awesome again! YAY!

2. Interesting how Esmenet sold Mimara into slavery and is then OUTRAGED at her being in a brothel. Would she have been so outraged if Mimara end a domestic slave? And such extreme reactions might be why there is a lot of rumbling towards the New Empire. And Mimara wasn’t happy about it either. Yea, who WAS being avenged?

3. Poor Sorweel. So trapped. A powerless King and clearly haunted. To witness cruelty and are powerless to stop it. At least a follower of Yatwer is with you. An interesting slave. Love how Proyas boldly walks into the tent trying to make friends despite the language barrier. I don’t know what the hell he was expecting. I mean, the kid’s father is dead, he witnessed an acquiantace being treated cruelly, and he knows that he’s basically fucked.

4. I really do like the campfire camaraderie scenes. Yea, I know how Achamian feels when you find yourself alone after being with others. Except I only felt it playing Dark Souls. Still, he has his own “niche” now. I just hope they don’t get any ideas about Mimara.

5. Black Halls? Yea, I’m sure that’ll end well. I think all but, like, five will end up dying.

58% Complete. Breezing through this!

1. The Kellhus port was just straight up cheap. CHEAP. Esmenet and Mathinet needed to be saved from some bitter, power mongering old woman? Really? Yea, she’s difficult, but not beyond Esmenet AND Mathinet. Come on. And the shit about pride? I see right through that. Kellhus’s idea of pride is someone not willing to be a slave. Someone not willing or able to kiss his ass.

2. Poor Esmenet. She is clearly miserable and probably was since she became Empress. It’s one thing to be a reluctant leader(these sorts do tend to be excellent leaders, like Jon Snow), but it’s another to be TOO reluctant(it’s just as bad as being too eager)and extremely unhappy. It might explain some of the needless cruelty. Acting for the ages? Really, Kellhus? It’s one thing to be like a jury member who must act in accordance of the law, but this is different. Shouldn’t the New Empire also usher in a New Age? I know there’s a war and one before the Second Holy War, but as I asked before, what happens after it?

She is clearly being set up to end up holding the bag when things eventually “go South”.

3. Ah, Yatwer. How can your cultists be so right and so wrong? White Luck warrior is CNAIUR. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Would be odd for him to fight for the most vulnerable of society, but then again, it’s been awhile.

4. Sorweel is such a mess. Poor guy. Looks like some people are willing to befriend him though. No, not Kellhus’s kids, but the Zeumi prince. I guess Sorweel has that going for him which is nice. Anyway, the fact that he is forced to kneel. The fact that ANYONE is. At least the Prince Imperial Kayutas is honest about it. “We are all slaves to my father.” Freedom is Slavery? LOLOLOLOL. I wonder if Bakker was influenced by “1984”. I wonder if Sorweel has a foot fetish? ;)

5. Hi, Serwa.

77% Complete.

1. I know that Kelmomas is supposed to be hateable and scary, but I just think he’s hilarious! TWEET TWEET TWEETTWEETTWEET! And yea, poor Esmenet will be blamed. Come on, Kelmo, you’re supposed to love your mommy. Why put her through more trouble than she’s already in? But, I guess he just loves chaos because it’s a ladder and it’s fun.

2. Prince Zsonga has it figured out, for sure, but “children” is a nice way of putting it. Cnaiur is right. It’s SLAVES. I think the difference is that with the Scalvendi, slavery only applies to combat losers, but for Kellhus, it applies to every one. That’s a form of “equality” that is not a good thing, especially since Kellhus and the Dunyain consider themselves “more equal than others.” I do worry for that Prince though because he is clearly not 100% into Kellhus and I think that will be found out eventually.

3. I get really cranky when I hear things like “we are not equal” because to me, it’s used to justify cruelty/slavery/abuse towards those whose only crime is not being as “rich/talented/right color/” as others. It is almost always an excuse made by the privileged. The thing is, I KNOW people aren’t the same, but that doesn’t make say, slavery, okay. “We are all fragments of God”. Oh, shut up, Madate Sorceror.

4. Cleric has stolen the show. Then again, every time the Nonmen show up, they steal the show. The scenes involving Achamian and the “Slog” are my favorites. I LOVE the banter. I love the comic relief.

5. Maybe Sorweel is the White Luck Warrior? That would be interesting, especially given his situation.

I can’t think of anything else right now. I just want to get through this and White Luck Warrior. I want to know what is going on with the last two books.

The Judging Eye. Complete.

1. I don’t believe Cnaiur is dead. I think that was miswritten or something like that.

2. Just reading the last part of the book was a SLOG. Jesus Christ. That place made the mines of Moria look like Disneyland. Those poor Emwama people. And THAT many years living a fate worse than death. Maybe the betrayal was for something more than just petty reasons. Maybe they were scared that they would end up like the Emwama. Now that I’ve read who the Emwama were, I can see why they were massacred. Those people were broken beyond repair. Better off dead. At least Karma took a big shit on the Nonmen.

3. Achamian still has his sense of humor! YAY! So did the Skin Eaters.

“You can have a scranc scratch your ass!”

“Yea, but then my ass would stink!”

I felt so many things through that journey. I can’t write them all down, but they are OUT and that is good. I love that Mimara is going everything she can, including being an action girl. Nice to see that Cleric survived the Wraith King. I know he’ll be trouble later and it will be glorious.

4. Looks like Kellhus can’t read Sorweel. White Luck? Anyway, I love the ignorance about genetics and what women REALLY are when bearing children. Eh, how are they supposed to know?  I’m surprised that the Zeum prince wasn’t called out for anything. I guess it’s because he’s not perceived as a problem. Not yet anyway.

5. Yea, it’s painfully obvious that Kelmomas wants Esmenet all to himself, but he is causing her so much grief, but hey, she turns to him, right? Unmoved mover? Yea, right. You wish, kiddo. I think he’s trying to get Esmenet to abdicate and if that doesn’t work, then try to create scandal by setting up an affair with Mathinet.

6. It kind of bothers me to see Proyas and Saubon become little more than backgrounds. I guess they both had their moments in the sun, but still…would have been nice to see more of them.

Anyway, on to White Luck Warrior.


The Thousand Fold Thought. 16% Complete.

1. Oh Esmenet. You might be best girl, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be best ruler or even all that much different from anyone else, hereditary or not. I guess laws/punishments still don’t apply equally to every one under the “new Prophet.” This is why it’s important to be careful about regime changes, even if(or especially if) the new regime is full of those who came from the “lower/disadvantaged classes”. History has shown that while some were WORLDS better than the previous herditaries, others were not better, and some were WORSE. I think Bakker is trying to send that message. Just because SHE was a caste-menial, doesn’t mean that she wants any kind of real change or revolution. It doesn’t mean that she’ll do anything to make things better for the lower classes. It doesn’t even mean she’s on their side in general.

There’s a good possibility that as a person currently in power, she’s one of the pigs in Animal Farm. They didn’t want a revolution, they just wanted to be Farmer John.

I say this because the punishment for those who were guilty of taking bribes/grafitti was BEING FLAYED ALIVE and then “posted”. The people guilty of it weren’t given any kind of questioning, afaik nor were they dismissed as “irrelevant”.

I mean, really, how much damage can some stupid obscene messages cause? Is Kellhus/Esmenet’s reign North Korea now? I know that blasphemy, heresy, and sacrilege were punishable, but not with being flayed alive. The worst punishment was being burnt to a stake and that was for heresy. Were these people heretics? If they were Noble, would they have been punished so severely? If so, then fuck, I’ll shut up then, but I suspect not.

I was actually quite upset about it even though I tried to rationalize it. The thing is, even Proyas wouldn’t have been this severe. He would have no doubt had them whipped, but not flayed alive. The only consolation was that she didn’t take any sadistic pleasure in it and admitted that she was horrified. She’s also honest about being drunk with the new power she has. If she was simply going by the letter of the current law, then I can understand that. If the Thywhatever menials were Nansur in disguise, then I can understand that too.

But, from what I’ve read, these were illiterate men paid to write some stuff by the Nansur. If there’s anyone who should be punished, it’s the Nansur who bribed them. But, they get away scott free, afaik.
Sorry, Esmenet, as it stands now, you’re no Danaerys and you’re sure as shit not a Jon Snow. Then again, no way in hell would she claim to be and I think she would have hated Dany. :/

You’re still best girl though and I think it’s easy for me to say the things I say when I live in a far more modern, liberal area and not in a world like Earwa. The thing is, there were punishments available that would have been just as effective. Like, a walk of shame, putting them in stocks and throwing cabbage at them, caning, prison colony, exile, and if they had to be put to death, than hanging/beheading. Save the flaying for the Boltons.

2. Kellhus TOTALLY had Conphas pegged! Holy shit! The thing is, EVERY ONE was right. It’s sad that Conphas and Cnauir are the only two who can see right through him. Oh Conphas, how can you be so right and so wrong? However, I think Cnaiur is wrong when he claims that Conphas is the only one with the “force of character” to keep the loyalty of his men. Proyas is the other one, but he is clearly on Kellhus’s side.

3. Speaking of Proyas, it’s no shock that he was the first to kneel to Kellhus. No shock that he was among the penitent to get whipped. No shock that Esmenet does not think much of him. I think he was repentant of both Kellhus and Achamian, but if I had to choose, it would be more the latter. He was so damned nasty of Achamian and if he really DID betray Achamian, then hell yea, he should be penitent. Just that, I don’t think he really did. He just blames himself for the Scarlet Spires getting to Achamian and not being able to do much of anything since he needs them.

4. Back to Conphas. Hell yea, he’s “defective”, but Kellhus thinks that way of all “world born”. Also, unless his reaction was an act, then it’s clear that Kellhus got to him. To be fair though, it doesn’t take much to anger a sociopath/malignant narcissist. And no, Conphas was never “of the Tusk”. Any dumb-ass could have figured that out. And there WERE treaties made between the Fanim and the Nansur. Why else did Hinnereth surrender only to the Nansur? And yea, color me shocked that Kellhus(through Proyas) has ordered the death of Conphas. He will always be a threat of some sort.

I don’t understand why Kellhus would “brook” no competition though. I don’t think he’s THAT insecure. Then again, if HE IS like Conphas, then he “wants it all/every thing.” Gee, isn’t greed a sin too?

5. Achamian is STILL the bees knees. The Scarlet Spires are so screwed! LOL!


The Thousand Fold Thought 31% complete. I feel like I’m flying through this one.

1. So Kellhus and Esmenet have become the Boltons now? I guess the flayed man will be part of their banners. Kellhus could have easily gotten that information from those new people just by talking to them. I understand not trusting those too eager to serve, but I found that torturing them and then flaying them alive completely unnecessary.

He could have kept them as prisoners of war and then have them fight/forage in the front lines for a certain period of time. If they are caught trying to escape, then hang them, but if they survive for a certain period of time, then they can officially join. I guess they didn’t have time for that. Such bullshit. And Achamian just does his damnedest to ignore him. I don’t blame him for that. Despite being viziar and a powerful Mandate Schoolan, he is pretty much powerless in this.

2. Conphas, how can you be so smart and yet so dumb? Smart man, foolish choices. Sociopathy is no excuse. Oh, and Kellhus could have gotten to him by appealing to his self-interest, but unfortunately, he is considered a rival. Anyway, YOU DO NOT ANTAGONIZE someone like Cnaiur. Good god that was DUMB.

3. Looks like the Consult is trying to reel in Cnaiur. Can’t say I blame them for that. Yet Moenghus is considered a greater threat? Really? Well, I guess he is more experienced than Kellhus.

4. Xerius face when he, well, tries to bed his own mother:
You will be missed, Xerius. You might have been an awful Emperor, but you were great comic relief. So, Conphas is now Emperor. I can’t blame then Consult for setting that up. Despite Conphas being a clear sociopath, he would make a much better Emperor. The real Istriya would have wanted it that way.

5. Xinemus. :( Someone give him a seeing snek. At least Proyas is taking care of him.

6. LOL! Proyas! Come on! Did you really think that many people from the Nansur would turn on Conphas? Proyas erupted though, that’s for sure, but he had to have been shrewd enough to know that the Nansur were VERY loyal to Conphas. I mean, that’s kindergarten knowledge.

7.  Poor Achamian. Maybe he’ll find someone else. Someone even more suited to him. :( Esmenet is lost to him, I’m afraid. Man, that ship sunk. Talk about Jossed. So, she is to be the Mistress of Spies? Oh, interesting. And the “hammer” for Kellhus too, it seems. Well, she’s certainly competent enough no matter what sort of “dragon/right hand” she ends up as.

8. Oh dear. Kellhus had Akka hypnotized and gee, I wonder what that Cant of Calling will be used for. Gnosis sounds tough as hell to learn, but I can understand that. Kellhus learning it so quickly isn’t much of a shock. Oh, and I suspect that just as he brooks no rival, he also wouldn’t brook any kind of strays/deviance even if they’re not even close to being a threat.

At least in Earth, the religious generally accept (or are supposed to) the fact that some people are “lost” and will ALWAYS be that way. The “word” will never get to them even if they outright lie and claim to be “converted” when they’re not. So, you dust off your footwear and move on to more “fertile” soil. Well, in theory, at least.

I don’t think Kellhus or his followers would “move on” from people like that. No one will be “special” or ANYTHING enough to be the exception to Kellhus’s rule(to make it clear, I’m all for laws/punishments applying equally to every one, but that’s not what I’m talking about) There is no “my way or highway” because with that, people can choose the highway. But with the “new rule”, it’s my way or DIEway.

I could be wrong, but this is what I suspect. I know that forced conversions(you know, the bullshit way of converting people) was a thing on Earth and on Earwa, but it was VERY possible to get away with being deceitful/hypocritical. It was also possible to escape it, though difficult.

With Kellhus? He’d spot that in an instant. The problem is that, even if you were to convert, you’d end up as a slave(that didn’t change), which I always considered a fate worse than death. I guess a better way to put it is “live as a slave or die”. Choosing “freedom” or something else is pretty much saying that you’re choosing to die.


38% Complete. The Thousand Fold Thought. Prepare your anus!

1. Blood and Shit: A love story. Two men, mortal enemies turned lovers. Together, they fight cr–anyone who isn’t them! CNAIUR/CONPHAS: OTP, FTW! Pffft. yea. Anyway, holy fuck Cnaiur went there! DAYUM!

(Conphas and Cnaiur sit on cushions. A hookah is between then. Conphas takes a deep breath of flavorful smoke).
Conphas: Wow. I haven’t fucked like that since I was five.
Cnaiur(Raises eyebrow): You wanna have my abortion?
Conphas(smiles): I would be honored to have your abortion.

I’m going to hell for that. Show of hands who is shocked that the Nansur attacked? Yea, I didn’t think so.

2. Poor Cnaiur. He’s in that situation where if he knew THEN what he knew now. Meh, I think he was in plenty of those situations. It is totally true that he would be the world’s worst assassin. It’s interesting that Cnaiur didn’t think that “culling the willful” would apply to him. As for Kellhus, if he really wanted Cnaiur dead, then there were easier ways to make that happen.

One that didn’t involve the deaths of hundreds of Conriyan Knights and Thunyeri. As for Conphas, I wonder if he was counting on getting raped. If he was, then that is a double DAYUM. Another one: He dragged his wardrobe through the desert. I’ve made parody type jokes about that. “Oh, let’s not go anywhere without your ROYAL LUGGAGE.”  But, for Conphas to do that for real? It certainly does speak volumes.

3. No, Esmenet, you didn’t change “jnan”. The players and their locations simply changed, nothing more. Proyas was “king of the Holy War” and now it’s Kellhus. Cnaiur was the “Queen”(most powerful piece, imo) and now it’s YOU(which is, tbh, a lot more fitting).

IOW, the players might have changed but the game remains the same. Glad she read the Sagas though and yes, Achamian IS strong. He is the TITTIES!

I think that’ll do for now.


50% Complete. Yup. Flying through this one. I even read this while on vacation. lolol. Anyway:

1. So, Saubon’s nephew died. Okay. Too bad. I guess Saubon will be making a comeback now.

2. TIL that surrendering is not punishment enough. And we ALL know whose heads ended up on that wall. The sick, the oldest, the least popular, those in prison, those who died BEFORE the “toll” or whatever the hell that was. I guess they didn’t have time for trickery though, unless they can make soap/whatever sculptures with paint/dye quickly. Yea, they were counted, but I doubt the people doing had the expertise to know the difference between the head of someone freshly killed and someone who had died before the “toll”.

They probably would, however, be able to tell a fake at close range. Derp. Then again, maybe Kellhus didn’t give a shit about any tricks or whose heads ended up on walls. 

The thing is, I know that WORSE has been done on planet Earth for much less. Eh, it’s war and you don’t win wars by playing nice.

3. Eli is being pathetic. Good grief. Quick! Someone replace this Grandmaster. It’s no shock that Esmenet would be disgusted with him. He tried to get to her and she saw right through that one. Her being “caste menial” and a woman has no bearing on her merit and current position.

Yea, yea, yea, she’s there because of Kellhus, but she’s THERE for a reason. The same with Casca of Berserk. She was second in command of the Hawks. She was there for good reason too. Eli can just vanish at this point.

4. Conphas/Cnaiur! OTP! WHHOO!! Conphas desires Cnaiur. Oh yes he does. No, he isn’t in love. I don’t think Conphas is capable of loving anyone, except himself. He sounds like an erotomaniac though. “I know you really love me.” Cnaiur, however, would rather hang around with a bunch of skin-spies/The Consult. It wouldn’t surprise me if Cnaiur desired Conphas too though. Hate/Anger sex, FTW. Maybe sex is intellect too. lel.

5. Kellhus’s speech. Man, that was a snooze fest. I actually like sermons and consider them among my favorite parts of Church. However, I’m either VERY attentive/respectful or I am so irreverent that I’m surprised I don’t find myself being burnt alive. I liked his speech to Achamian, but “who is this menial who speaks as a King?” Eh, whatever. Bla Bla Bla. And people ate it up. Good to know that Achamian is no longer damned. How convenient. I’m sure Proyas will be glad to hear that.

6. Speaking of Proyas, does he not understand why Achamian isn’t responding the way he’s “supposed to?” I know Achamian asks why he’s being so grudge bearning, but it should be obvious why. It will take awhile to fully repair this relationship and unless Xinemus gets a seeing snek, things won’t be the same. Even if he did get a snek, things still won’t be completely the same. Torture tends to do that to people.

7. Am I the only one who notices that the ancient Crown Prince and Proyas seem to be very much alike? Things that make you go hmmm…

8. Of course slavery would agree with someone who lives a nice, cushy life with a Mistress who adores you and treats you well. Except that, you’re still a slave and a guilded cage is still a cage. Slaves are far more entrapped than those in power.

9. Skin spies trying to get to Kellhus. Yea, that’ll end well.

10. I really do wonder if there’ll be a “blow up the city” scenario. Some enemies really are that intent on not being conquered. Maybe Shimeh? They are very close. 


Thousand Fold Thought. 53% Complete.

NOOOO!! Xinemus! NOOO! Don’t die! We’ll get you a snek! A healing snek! You’ll see Shimeh, right? NOOO!!! SAD! I cried at this! Fuck this! Poor Achamian! His only friend. :( Who does Akka have now? NO ONE, that’s who! At least that’s how he feels.Yea, why does he always get the stone?

And the flashback scene. My god that was painful. Him screaming at Proyas, dealing with Kellhus. Someone give Akka a HUG. :( He is such a wreck. *cries*

I think either Tuberculosis and cancer did Xin in. If only he got a seeing snek.
Looks like Akka is starting to see Kellhus for who he is…oh dear.

58% complete.

1. Oh Esmenet. I like the fact that she can(and has) faught off asshole men, but in this case, she went way too far. Demanding that asshole kneel and threatening to flay him alive? Fuck that. Just hitting him and calling him “Insolent Dog” before walking away would have been sufficient.

Don’t give me shit about “being forced by station” because that is bullshit. What she did was equivalent to beating someone for downloading a game. At least she questioned/analyzed why she went that far and only felt good about it because he was an ASSHOLE. She admitted to herself that it was petty.

I guess she’s just fed up with being viewed with contempt for being a woman/caste menial/prostitute.
The monologue about submission? Oh, that shit? I was STEAMING. Here’s my response:

To submit willingly is one thing. If that’s your kink, then go for it. I do agree with the sentiment that “what yields is not always weak”/can be a good strategy, etc. But, I hope that there is some understanding as to why some people are reluctant to submit to another easily.

It’s not always conceit. Fear is a huge factor and so a “never again” attitude for those who have been forced to submit. This is especially true with those who’ve been taken advantage of/abused.

And that garbage about “great remaining great and small remaining small” is also complete bullshit. When it comes to “greatness”, it’s largely a question of who you ask. And as for “remaining small”, many people are FORCED to remain “small”.

Those who “remain great” often have a great deal of support, but downfalls do happen and people from humble beginnings have gotten better lives. Esmenet did. Of course, Kellhus was a huge reason for that, but isn’t SHE supposed to be “great” now? The point is that things don’t have to remain the way they are. You don’t have to stay in your place unless you’re an actor playing a role.

Ugh. Just fuck that whole thing. Honestly, I can’t be the only one who thinks that there can be those who are outside of all this?

2. Oh yea, holy Shimeh. Holy shit. I’d like to see a picture of that city. Must be beautiful. Proyas crying? *huggies*

3. Achamian, oh no. Do you know why I like him? It’s because I see a lot of myself in him, minus the sorcery. Kellhus has targeted you. You’ll be on the same boat as Conphas and Cnaiur. Not exactly the best of company. I fear for you. :(

4. Oh Sompas. Too bad. Looks like Conphas is going to have a little BBQ. And yea, it is TOTALLY something Conphas is more than capable of and without a shred of remorse either and he’d love every second of it. You want to talk extreme punishment?

He is certainly the sort. At least Esmenet will have doubts and feel bad, but not this guy. She has a great deal of humanity no matter her “station”, but Conphas? Not really. Not anywhere near as much as say, Proyas. He is FAR more unnerving. So is Kellhus.

5. So, Kellhus, you’re off to see your father. Can’t wait for this one. And when it comes to Shimeh, I expect to see the BEST BATTLE EVER!!!!1111

The Thousandfold Thought 70% Complete. Oh man, shit just got REAL.

1. Moenghus certainly isn’t off on the things he’s said, but not entirely on either. Some of it was a bit oversimplified. And weakness such as “fear, sloth, compassion…” Er, yea. One of those things does not belong. However, it’s totally true that belief in the Holy War spurned people into great acts of courage and diligence. It’s not that they lacked compassion. They just didn’t have it for the Fanim lands because “heathens”.

It’s no shock that the PASSION magics would be beyond him/Dunyain. They are the opposite of passion. While I do agree that the Dunyain are physically superior and ARE smarter in the logical sense, but in terms of arts? Poetry? Writing? Comedy? Anything that involves the FEE FEES? No. No way. Kellhus is just being arrogant. Or as arrogant as people like him can be.

The fact that Moenghus couldn’t completely use Cisharuim pretty much proves that. I really like how Kellhus and Moenghus call each other out though. I loved the interaction between them. Mathinet being Kellhus’s HALF-BROTHER is one hell of a twist. I thought he was the Synthese/Consult.

2. I love how Cnaiur made it clear to Achamian that he didn’t want anything bad to happen to Proyas. I also love how Achamian made it happen while protecting Esmenet. I didn’t think that HE would be the one who would take down the Imperial Army. I mean, I KNOW he has the ability, but I just didn’t think he would be so directly involved. Pretty sweet. Sometimes people need to be reminded that Achamian is the TITS.

3. Esmenet is so much better when she ISN’T the Prophet-Consort. However, I can understand her despair about being “used”. I mean, how can SHE resist Kellhus? Look what happens to people who have tried. At best, they end up in the same boat and Conphas and Cnaiur. At worst, they…well, are killed. She KNOWS that and it’s likely that she knows that it CAN happen to her.
4. PROYAS! I just love seeing him in battle. I think the “not like this” was a nice touch. Reminded me of the Matrix, but yea, I can understand why he feels the way he does. Good to know he smells a rat too. Maybe Shimeh will be a “burn the Sept” moment? Oh, he better get the hell out of there. Tippytoes and Sister are ADORABLE names for siege engines.

5. Looks like Cnaiur is on his way to Moenghus. This is going to be fun.

6. Show of hands, who is surprised that Conphas had ambitions beyond Nansur? Aspect-Emperor, huh? Figures. Given what Achamian has just done, good luck with that.


75% Complete.

1. PROYAS! Crowning moment of AWESOME! I kept picturing that scene over and over again. Each one more perfect than the next. I just loved that. I was wondering if he actually had one, but it should have been obvious that he would. If bowman, people like Geshrunni, and Cnaiur can get one, then yea, the CROWN PRINCE OF CONRIYA, a very religious man, would have one too. Good thing he did. And the sentiment behind it(a gift from his mother) was a nice touch.

I know damned well why he wept. Relief, exhausted(he was going crazy during the battle, but he was able to resist the temptation of killing/raping the two women), the loss of the gift(can they be retrieved once used?), helping magic users, shock, killing a powerful Cisharium, Shimeh an utter wreck, etc. He has every right to cry. Give this guy a pizza and soda.

Don’t give him women though. Apparently, he fears them for some reason. Show me on the doll where the women touched you. ;)

2. Conphas is down and quite frankly, I found it rather cheap. It’s no shock to see Saubon again, but there simply wasn’t enough between the two to warrant the act fitting. I quit caring about Saubon the moment he chose to stay and be “King”. Cnaiur killing him would have been far more fitting. Kellhus killing him would have been more fitting.

Even more fitting is if he manages to survive to fight another day and then have Proyas kill him. oops, my biases are showing. There could have been so much more done with Conphas, but NOOOO. Cnaiur/Conphas ship sunk. Sad trombone.

3. Eliazaurus is down for the count. Bye. He too had a crowning moment of awesome. Hell, all of mages DID. Gothyelk down. Bye.

4. Achamian is STILL being awesome.

5. Looks like Moenghus is also down for the count. Kellhus thinks he’s more than a Dunyain. Does he think he’s a God? Well, that would work if you want every one to believe the same things. If this saves the world…well, I’d be for it depending on what kind of world we end up. If it’s the same shit, then eh, let the Consult have it. Let them wipe out a bunch of people so they can prolong the inevitable. I doubt they’ll be beginning again should the world end up destroyed.

Then again, when cataclysms happen, rebuilding is all that can be done, but right now it’s too early tell much of anything at all, really. I will miss Moenghus though. I’m pretty sure he will die. I guess he was too much of a threat.

6. The battle rages on, but there will be nothing left of Shimeh. I think the deaths are about done now, except for Fanayal. I think that Crown Prince will be killed. Would be fitting if he was killed by another Crown Prince *ProyascoughProyas*. But, who knows? A lot of things are up in the air at this point, but I honestly think that only Kellhus wins all of this. The Tusk and the Fane will be irrelevant. Seems obvious to me.


The Thousandfold Thought.  Now complete! The rest was basically a glossary that I skimmed over. So now, I can talk about the Prince of Nothing trilogy without fear of spoilers(well, in the first trilogy). Moving on to the Aspect Emperor.

1. Proyas and Achamian were tied as my favorites, but in the end, Achamian won by a MILE. The way he stood up to Kellhus in front of so many people. Holy shit! That wins! That is a winner! THAT is Achamian’s Crowning Moment of Awesome. I wish more people did that. Oh, Cnaiur will. Conphas is dead, which, like I said, is just cheap and quite frankly implausible unless Kellhus somehow got to the Nansur army. Anyway, Achamian is the winner. He is DONE WITH EVERY ONE, including Esmenet. He was super harsh with her, unfortunately, but he was DONE. DONE. DONE.

2. Proyas, Proyas, Proyas. Achamian is right. Too late. I’m sorry. You can pray all you want, you can promise all you want, you can think Achamian will return willingly, but like I said, too late.

3. Cnaiur is such a mess. I wish he lived in a world where no one gave a shit if you were gay, straight, bi, ace, demi, poly, whatever. Wish he could live in that world. He would still be the most VIOLENT OF MEN because he is fucking fierce, but at least he wouldn’t be such a wreck. HE will not be bowing to Kellhus. Not now, not ever.

4. So much for Moenghus, but there’s a good possibility that he was still trying to manipulate Cnaiur in order to continue using him. Fuck that shit. Still, I knew he was going to die and it’s really a shame, tbh.

5. Iyokus is still alive? I’m surprised.

6. Read the first PARAGRAPH of the Judging Eye and found that…well, fuck  it. I’m Team Consult, ESPECIALLY if something happens to Achamian. It’s honestly the same shit, but different smell and shine. There’s my “judging Eye”. I guess I expect too much when it comes to change. (Yea, I have presentitis. I don't think that'll go away).

7. I hope that if Achamian DOES kneel, it’ll be to punch Kellhus in the dick.

The Warrior-Prophet / My Tumblr Reactions to TWP
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(For those who prefer reading these on Tumblr).

I can't tell how far I'm in "The Warrior Prophet" as the Kindle goes by percentages, but the kindle is all I have available for now. It's like 14% complete or something.


1. Aw man, Proyas is checked out. Saubon and Conphas are fighting like anime girls glaring at each other. Proyas? Head in hands and uncertain what to do. Then, here comes Kellhus to SAVE THE DAY and Proyas finally decides. Interesting. Then again, I don't doubt that there is a great deal of pressure on Proyas and sometimes even the best of people "fall down sometimes". Except for Kellhus, it seems.

2. Esmenet and Akka are back together! HOORAY! So touching. Outcasts together. I tend to like these kinds of pairings. I never mentioned that before, have I? No doubt she'll meet Kellhus. She'll probably meet a lot of people, but I think only a couple of people will accept her. The shit both Esmenet and Akka go through. They're such comforts for each other and I like that.

3. Oh shit. Skin Spy. Quick! Someone kill it!

4. LOVED the story Akka told Kellhus. That was one hell of a visual image, but I think Akka revealed way too much to Kellhus. I can understand as Akka is a bit enthralled by him, but telling him about the Mandate? Oh dear. He's not turning Kellhus to the Mandate and I think it'll bite him in the ass. Hoping not, but it wouldn't surprise me. Can't stress this enough: When someone is too good to be true, they usually are. Remember boys and girls, Kellhus wants EVERY ONE under his control.

5. The magic fight between Eli and the mercenary magic man would have been fun to see on TV. Once they reach every one else, dollars to donuts that Proyas will be treating them differently than with Akka. Oh, he will still consider them "blasphemers", but the hostility won't be so apparent. I think Proyas' problem with Akka stems from the fact that he may have been trying to get Akka to "repent" and convert to the Tusk. Akka refused and now he is being blasted by Mount Proyas. Man, God help you if Proyas has a problem with you.

6. Aww...poor slaves and Akka. Not invited to the religious festival. That's the thanks slaves get for their hard work. Would have been a perfect opportunity for rebellion/escapes. Wouldn't that be a hoot if that happened in the middle of the Holy War? Good luck trying to retrieve them during a war.

7.  Interesting bull parable. Yea, sure, it's about courage. A bull that is stronger doesn't make the other one not a bull or weak. I think, however, that it might also be a warning against stupidity/bad judgement.

8. Empress Istriya is being a bit creepy now. No mother in her right mind wants to watch her children have sex. Yikes.

9. I think what happened in Akka's dream will happen again, but it will really BE HIM and with a different person, of course. Whether or not the outcome is the same, well, can't say now for reasons that should be obvious.


Around 35% complete. Going at a fast pace. It’s difficult to put the book down. Then again, it’s been that way since  "The Darkness that Comes Before".

1. MY GOD! The battle at Mengedda. HOLY SHIT. If that ever made it to a screen of any kind, it would be a sight to behold. Just amazing. Just when you think one side is going to win, HERE COMES A TWIST! WOW! And then Proyas appears with his force. Oh man. That was an eyeopener, but then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. Proyas needs all that people he can get and I can’t imagine him just saying “welp, fuck them, let’s keep going.” Not even Conphas would have done that unless he didn’t have any use for them.

Anyway, Proyas  shows once again how full throttle he really is. Like I said before, he is the sort who can get to a three hour destination in one hour. If this series was more like Mad Max, he’d be standing on the gas pedal. God I love him even when he can a bit rage inducing.

Anyway, Saubon was a amazing in combat. Damn. No wonder he didn’t end up in trouble. Then again, he’s doing a good job punishing himself.

2. As for the dreams, I think the people who have them were there in a past life. They’re simply remembering what happened. And since the No-God was there, no wonder Akka freaked out. Loved the scene with him and Esmenet. SOOO CUUTE. I bet that doll is a voodoo doll.

3. Yea, Kellhus did take a risk. Looks like it paid off for both him and Saubon, even though Saubon is a bit of a mess. I guess Sarcellus/Skin Spy will be sticking around. Bummer. Interesting fight with him.

4. Xerius is just comic relief at this point and he’s pretty much doing the opposite of what his mother was trying to teach him. There is a reason why so many people hate him and it figures that he doesn’t get it.

5. Both Cnauir and Kellhus have Conphas pegged. He is certainly a sociopath or a malignant narcissist. Still, it’s always fun to have him around and I love the interaction with his friend/general. I actually enjoy his interactions with every one. I wish Proyas would have Conphas pegged. Maybe he does though. I bet Saubon does.

6. I peaked a bit and it looks like it’s mostly exposition. Then again, adding dialogue/more action/character interaction would make the book like 2857285758 pages long. The part involving forced conversion is/was infuriating. I’ve always been infuriated with that sort of thing. See, most organized religions have learned (in some cases, the hard way) that forced conversion is a VERY bad idea. There are reasons for this, to put it simply.

Worse yet, the Fanim in that city basically had to choose between slavery and death. And when I say slavery, I’m talking about chattel slavery, which imo, is a fate worse than death. But, that’s just me.

I hope that the Holy War encounters cities/countries that destroy themselves rather than live as slaves or conquests of a bunch of religious zealots. That actually HAS happened in history. In some cases, it’s scorched earth policy. The thing is, I doubt the Fanim were/are much better though. They had slavery too(and likely have been guilty of forced conversions), but they’re not the aggressors in this case.

I honestly just wish that it would rain gasoline and fire on the “Holy War”. Or someone can “blow up the sept”. Sad really, I like/love most of the characters involved.

7. I did spot the beginning of interaction between Proyas and Xin. Hooray. I don’t know what it’s about though. I should stop peaking now. Dollars to donuts, Proyas asks where Achamian is. Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

8. Tekne is technology. Has to be. Would be interesting to learn more about that.


45% complete.

1. Kellhus, are you for real? You really sent Serwe to rape Achamian. Not cool, man, not cool. Poor Achamian is being played. Who am I kidding? They ALL are, except for Conphas. He can’t seriously be the only one. COME ON. It is, however, largely true that zealous behavior is EVERY WHERE. Achamian isn’t, but he fears that he is and of course, that’s taken advantage of.

2. As for the sermon, well, Kellhus isn’t entirely off on that, but it’s hardly an absolute thing. As for “people are weak”, well I found that a bit eye-rolling. It’s not so much that people are weak(honestly, there are many kinds of strength anyway), it’s that they’re generally powerless. They don’t have the same advantages as those who grew up in privilege and they generally don’t have the backing of the military.

When there’s something one cannot do on their own, most people will turn to someone/something else and there’s nothing wrong with that.. Just that, in this case, they’re being convinced that they’re “weak”, “alone”, bla bla bla and that they “need” a savior. Honestly, some people do, but others don’t. However, it’s no shock that the vulnerable/powerless are being targeted first. The more difficult one, like Martemus, would be targeted next. Poor Proyas inadvertently played right into Kellhus’s hands by reading scripture with him.

It just goes to show you that most people are ill-equipped to deal with someone like Kellhus, even the “mighty”. 

The message is that relying on the wrong savior is dangerous and so is relying on just one. People who really NEED a savior have to be especially carefully, but sadly, that can be a very difficult thing to do when you are desperate.

3. There’s no way in hell that Proyas and Conphas could have ever been friends. It wouldn’t take too long for Proyas to see Conphas for what he is and he would hate Conphas as much as he does “blasphemers”. It’d be worse, in fact. Only, Conphas would only find it amusing. However, Proyas managed to brilliantly trick Conphas. Yea, Hurricane Proyas is dangerous to underestimate. Too bad it can’t go beyond that seeing as Conphas is way too popular. I think Mortemus is in danger though. If Kellhus doesn’t get him, Conphas will.

4. Akka would have never in a zillion years taught Proyas the gnosis even if he was the few. I mean, it’s not likely. Can you imagine though? What if Proyas discovers that HE is among the Few? Combine his powerful faith, emotion, will, and MAGIC and he would be potent as fuck. There really WOULD be a dragon within in. Like there isn’t already.

5. Oh that library. All that knowledge. If there is one thing that irritates the shit out of me, it’s the “one true path” nonsense. When such a claim is made, I know that it’s not. When other paths are being destroyed and kept away from others, it tells me that there are very real fears that others will take different paths and that people won’t be so easily manipulated or trapped because they have other options.

Don’t like this one religion? Find something more compatible then. People more concerned with control than anything else can’t have that. Honestly, organized religion can easily be considered one big cult. Only they’re not as isolating in general.

Anyway, the magic fight. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that. God, Achamian is powerful. He is truly the bees knees. The imagery with him on the way to the library is beautiful. Joy and Love. Yea. I wonder how long that will last? 

6. I wish Cnauir would try to do what Conphas is trying to do. I guess he doesn’t care enough. As for Conphas, it'c clearly because he can’t stand losing control.

7. Poor Xin. He probably had no idea that he was being played too. How do you think the Scarlet Spires got into that library?

8. I peaked a bit and it looks like Kellhus is trying to get to Esmenet. BOO!!!!!! 

9. Akka had a male lover when he was younger? Interesting and sad what happened to him.


64% complete. Getting there. Right now, it’s the Proyas show, starring a CRISIS OF FAITH! YEE HAW!

1. It became the Proyas show once he had his obvious crisis of faith. All the things he was thinking in the beginning was obviously done to try to justify NOT saving Achamian and then condemning Esmenet. The Tusk generally demands that they both die. But, if this is the case, then why weren’t the whores among the campfires stoned to death? Why wasn’t Esmenet executed too? No one in the camp did that, not even Proyas. I can see Achamian/Scarlet Spires being spared as they are necessary, but the prostitutes? How necessary are they for the Holy War. I guess that depends on who you ask. I personally am not against prostitution, btw.

He’s trying to be ideologically pure(VERY dangerous, no matter the ideology), but can’t do it. His conscience is VERY strong. Like I said, he is the opposite of Conphas and Kellhus. Damnit, he knows he’s wrong. Not so much for believing in the Tusk, but for taking it to such extremes.

And what the hell does “men are not equal” have to do with anything? Every time I see that statement, I roll my eyes.

Then again, when Declaration of Independence says “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal”, I roll my eyes at that too. When people fight for “equality”, they’re not talking about making every one Agent Smith, they’re talking about equal rights. Equal to who? Those with the highest privilege. But, that’s irrelevant.

Let me tell you what is relevant. While I do agree that actions/merit dictate “the worth of one’s pulse”(or something like that), I also agree that people can be very biased. Look what Xinemus did. To him, Achamian was worth pretty much every thing and every one. Not the best way to think, but it’s not uncommon, unfortunately.

Proyas acknowledged that. Many families will put the safety of their own above ANYONE no matter how much more “worth” those not in the family/group might have. No doubt Proyas would understand that too. HOWEVER, he tends to think in terms of the big picture(well, for the Tusk), so on one hand, he’s thinking “why should I”?, but on the other, it’s fucking killing him. That’s why he is recalling all the time he spent with Achamian. It’s huge reason why he is currently looking like a hot mess.

It’s easy to condemn people you don’t know or dislike, but if it’s someone you love/like/whatever, then it becomes a lot more difficult. Hell, some people love serial killers and I don’t mean in terms of being fascinated by such people either.

When he told the Shrial that Achamian was dead, I honestly thought “WTF?” But, then I remembered that he DID threaten the Scarlet Spires. I don’t think Eli was lying about that. And really, what would the TEMPLES want with Achamian? If Proyas himself is very angry at Achamian for being a blasphemer, then what would the Temples to do him? Consult or not, no way would the Temple ask for a sorcerer unless they have ill intent. They have the Scarlet Spires. No way they’d need a Mandate Schoolman no matter how awesome his magic is.

But, there is this a part of me that wonders if maybe he’s tired of “compromising” over people like Achamian. That maybe the “Holy shouldn’t follow the wicked and light shouldn’t follow dark”(or something like that) That maybe he should do the ideologically pure thing and leave Achamian to the Spires. But, if that’s the case, then he better get rid of camp whores too, including Esmenet. They’re supposed to be STONED, remember? I hope that small part of me is DEAD FUCKING WRONG.

Another part of me makes this much simpler: Proyas honestly believes that Achamian is dead and it has shattered him. My gut is saying that the first interp is the most likely. Especially since he is now aware that he is just another piece on the Shrial’s “benjaku” board. If this was chess, Proyas would totally be the Queen. :D

He’s crying because he’s obviously conflicted and plagued with doubt(for once). Kind of reminds of the ending of the movie “Doubt”. And yes, Achamian IS alive and he will be saved one way or the other.

2. Now for some random statements:

The imagery with a younger Proyas was gorgeous. The way it was described: beautifully poetic.

I wish Chauir lived in a country where no one cares if you’re gay, bi, or straight. I don’t think he would be so tortured if he did. Loved his talk of war and I liked the fact that he tried to save a woman and her baby.

Poor woman and baby. :( Collateral damage does happen though.

Kellhus? Oh him. Yea, whatever. I like how he scratched out the “stone the whores” though. Still wants to dominate EVERY ONE. For what? Well, like I said before, I think he wants a “still world” with no desire, no feeling, only the LOGOS. Yea, Zeal is everywhere. Kellhus has his eye on Esmenet. Figures. Yea, all these things are perfect opportunities for Kellhus.

Poor Martemus’s days are numbered unless Kellhus and his apostles take him in.
Achamian had the best quote ever. EVER.

And now, some comedy:


67% complete.

1. Good God that desert march. Just reading that obviously condensed account was an ordeal. The only ones I have sympathy for are the ones who were forced into this Holy War. The others? LOLOL! TOO BAD. Took a risk and it didn’t pay off. I’m actually happy that Achamian and Xinemus were not present. Anyway, the choices made couldn’t have been easy for people like Proyas. I’ll be honest here, of all the “great names”, I think Proyas is really the only one worth following. Kellhus doesn’t count because he is a beep-boop like Conphas.

 How convenient that Kellhus happened to find a well. As for the Imperial Ships, I think that was done on purpose too. VILE. Even to people like religious zealots. Was I the only one who KNEW it was a sandstorm before it was called?

2. Yup. Kellhus asked the right questions about women to Esmenet and he has her. Gee, color me shocked. As for “the other” who would renounce Achamian so Kelhus could have them, I wondered who it would be. Serwe is already with Kellhus. So Proyas? Like completely renounce Achamian? Damn that would suck. Xinemas? Oh hell no. That would suck even more. But, those are the only two I can think of.

3. Poor Mimara. Sold into slavery. :( I guess Esmenet was telling herself that her daughter died.

4. The flashback with child Kellhus….WTF? “Defectives…” Good grief.


71% Complete.

1. XINEMUS! NOOOO! Poor Xinemus. Yea, I’m pretty sure he’s dead. Even if he does survive, he is so ruined. Proyas will be spitting fire and shitting brimstone. But, Achamian saves him and it is AWESOME! WOW! It’s interesting that the Spires never figured out that Seswatha is why they can’t get anything out of the Mandate Schoolmen. I wish that doll got there before Xinemus did.

2. I think the desert tragedy could have been prevented if they told the vast majority of non-combatants to GO HOME or stay in Gedea/Shigek. Then again, they didn’t know that the Kian had destroyed the ships with the Cisharuim. Hell, I didn’t realize it until it was mentioned by the Scarlett Addict. Nice set-up. 200,000 dead. 2/3rds of the Holy War gone. The total is basically the population of Pensecola, Fl. Yeesh. Like I said before, I save my sympathy for those who were forced to join.

3. Oh dear. Big city about to get sieged with nasty plague and nasty fighting. Pretty sure Holy War will win, but it will cost many lives. By the time they get to Shimeh, there’ll be like two people left.

4. So Cnaiur saves Proyas. I didn’t even know he collapsed in the desert. I thought there’d be scenes of them traveling together, but looks like there won’t be as Proyas was trying to secure a surrender. Well, he tried. No surprise that the city would refuse to surrender. “Proud cities don’t yield.” Then again, most of the other cities didn’t yield easily either.


78% Complete

1. XINEMUS! SAD! Well, at least he’s still alive. At least Akka is still with him. Torture is massive trauma, so it’s not a shock that they are both a bit different now.

2. Cnaiur is just too hard on people. Sickness can be a bit debilitating, so of course, they’re going to be a bit weakened. I wouldn’t call it disgusting unless they’re acting like babies over say, a cold. Or a Trulicity shot. Anyway, Cnaiur is quite tsundere with the equally tsundere Proyas. However, I agree with Cnaiur assessment of him. Proyas commands respect, even when he is sick. It is pretty impressive to do what you can to maintain dignity when you’re sick. That being said, I’m none too keen on Saubon trying to take advantage of it.

3. Conphas, that “inner voice” is known as a conscience. Yea, I know it’s distasteful, but it exists for many people. And yes, there are fates worse than death. Enslavement does tend to be one of them. I guess the only thing worse than that is chattel slavery in a galley. He is doing his damnedest to get rid of Kellhus, but he can’t to grasp that there is a REASON why so many people dislike him. Psst…it’s not because you’re a “better”. People tend to dislike sociopaths unless they’re Dexter.

4. Thanks for reminding me that the sacking of a city can be fucking nasty. Yea, I totally needed to be reminded of that. It’s a war, so…figures. Love how Proyas went in while sick and in a litter! LOL! He’s never done things by halves and he sure isn’t going to start now! AHAH! I just love him.

5. Esmenet has drunk the kool-aid. I guess it’s not surprising. How do you resist someone like Kellhus? How do you say no to power? To be something more than just a whore living in abject poverty. She’s strong and smart, but sadly, she had vulnerabilities that could be taken advantage of.

6. Congrats on your son, Serwe! Congrats to Kellhus for securing a butt ton of followers. And Esmenet/Serwe were an item? Aw man..wish that was presented more. Nice to see some Les Yay!

7. Sarcellus doesn’t know what a cuckold actually is! Then again, few people do. It’s simply someone who likes to watch their SOs have sex with someone else. Nothing more.


90% complete! Homestretch coming up!

1. Achamian? Why you no forgive Proyas? Why are you so mean? Then I remember what I’ve said about Proyas in the past and then I understood. Obviously, Proyas didn’t appreciate that and I can understand that. Yes, of course, Proyas the Judge still lives, but what was he judging there? That Achamian didn’t forgive him? Sorry, Proyas, but you’re not entitled to someone’s forgiveness. Honestly, it’s far too little and much too late(hoping not though) considering how nasty you have been to Achamian. He hasn’t forgotten that. Maybe Achamian should have said something like, “I can forgive, but I can’t forget.”

The huggy scene with Xinemus was so touching. :(

Proyas so emotional. I don’t blame him. At least he has Xinemus. As for you Achamian, ONE of those people do not belong in that shrinking circle of people you’re close to. You will learn this the hard way. I can see why Proyas was pained when Esmenet is asked about. He knows that she’s with Kellhus. He saw her in bed with him.

2. Yea, guys you better obey Esmenet like the word of God! She might be taken in by Kellhus, but she is STILL best girl! I actually made the same mistake she did! Whoops. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve basically punished for being a woman your whole life.

3. Kellhus dead? LOL! Yea, sure. Serwe, otoh, oh man. Yea, she’s dead. Sorry, Kellhus, even you can’t save your most faithful follower. Interesting way to crucify them. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought it would be more like Jesus, but I’ll take it.

4. So Celpheawjdapiwjdijwhatever was a skin spy. That explains a lot.

5. Sarcellus is still alive? Christ. Love the burn scene though. “What a way to show religious conviction! LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE!!1” Poor Martemus, but I wasn’t surprised that he died. I thought Conphas would do it though. Is it just me? Or is Conphas going a bit nuts? Does he seriously intend to keep the severed head? Jesus.

6. Cnaiur. :( Nah, he won’t kill himself.

7. I’m not surprised that it would mostly lower caste types who follow Kellhus most. They see him as a means to change/Revolution. Either that or they just want to be Farmer John. Whatever the case, people like them and Esmenet tend to be vulnerable and it’s not surprise that he would prey on such people first.

Also not much of a shock that he would be blamed for the horrible things that happened to the Holy War. They needed a scapegoat and the sad part is, those against him, are actually RIGHT, but for the wrong reasons. Kellhus called them out properly. They think that they would lose if he gains. Eh, zero sum shit.

8. Love how Proyas barged in on Kellhus. Love how he didn’t care that he cried IN FRONT OF CNAIUR of all people. I wouldn’t have dared. I love the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve even though I know it can be a weakness. At this point, Proyas gives no fucks.

9. Moenghus must be potent as fuck if he’s a Dunyain Cishairum. I love those sneks. Must be cool.

10. The more I think about it, the more I find that Bakker is most likely NOT a misogynist, but rather someone who just plain isn’t very good at writing women. He does try to make it clear that there WERE women of power/influence in a brutal world, but he can’t seem to write them well. He does alright with Esmenet though. He had a chance with Serwe and a couple other women, but welp. :/ I just think it has to do with men being his writing “comfort zone” more than anything else.


The Warrior Prophet is now complete! WHOO HOO!! Went from triumph to WTF in about a page. Thanks for that, Mr. Bakker.

1. I don’t think Kellhus truly died. I think he was the sort who could make himself seem dead, but not. This was done in Silence of the Lambs. As for Serwe’s heart, sleight of hand while being cut down and the fact that he probably did have some innate Gnosis sorcery to be able to do that. Or, he somehow learned it on his own.

Still, this is one of those scenes that would have been a sight to behold on TV. Would have liked to see the other, “Great Names” react. Only Gotian was available. It’s not like Eli and Cnaiur would have knelt. We all know Conphas wouldn’t though. Not willingly.

2. About damned time we see Proyas kill someone. We ALL know that he is more than capable of it.

3. Nakkie Proyas is best Proyas. Hyuk Hyuk. ;) Love how he’s so damned shameless about it. I guess he has the goods, so why not flaunt them, right? Anyway, still great to see how him and Achamian still turn to each other. Still great to see how there is love, there is hate, they want to hug each other, they want to kill each other.

4. The issue is Kellhus isn’t so much “transgressing caste”(god forbid people want better lives, but I don’t think that’s what they’re talking about), but of fraud. I’m guessing that’s what they really mean. So, like England years ago, fraud is a hanging offense according to the Tusk. And Kellhus DID hang, at least for awhile. Too bad Serwe hung with him.

6. Poor Achamian. He gave the BEST SPEECH EVER and Conphas just HAD to shit on him. Conphas can go bathe in acid. As for poor Proyas, *huggies* “Akka…” :( But, things worked out for the best. That is, if you’re on Kellhus’s side. Well, whatever the case, the “resurrection” brought victory to the Holy War. And then there were a bit under 50,000. Shimeh is going to be fun, for sure, especially since the Famin Crown prince is said to be a bit, er, difficult.

7. Love how Sarcellus FINALLY died and it’s all because of Gotian. AHAHAHA! That, and a big fucking sword, courtesy of Cnaiur.

8. We’re going to find out what the “Thousand Fold Thought” is soon enough.

9. Give Xinemus some eye snakes. :D

As for faves…Proyas and Akka are tied. Esmenet is best girl. Kellhus? I have no strong feelings for him either way, tbh, but it’s clear that he is at best a well-intention extremist. Just not really for the Holy War. At worst? Yikes.

As for every one else? Eh. At least for now.

Cnaiur is in a class all his own. He is Guts level awesome. Slitting his own throat? DAYUM.

The Darkness That Comes Before / My live reactions from Tumblr
« on: November 22, 2017, 05:43:42 am »
These are basically a series of live reactions I wrote months ago when I started this series. Since these are "live", I make a lot of writing boo boos, but they should still be readable. I will admit that this is all how I see things and I do get clouded by "modern" sensibilities and seeing what I want to see. Enjoy!

The Prince of Nothing (1-10)
The one good thing about my hard drive finally dying is that I finally started reading The Prince of Nothing. Just a few pages in, but I started. Doesn’t pull punches, that’s for sure. (10-110)

Plowing through. Today, I went from page 10 to 110. It was difficult for me to put down.
Here are some of my thoughts.

1. I like Esmenet–a lot. She is a smart lady. Her tattoo is awesome.

2. I like “Akka” too.

3. Kellhus creeps me out, but he is interesting. I can see him being a bit irritating too as he makes it clear that he wants to possess EVERY ONE because he’s “conditioned”. Not like he’s the only one though because “birthright” and in this world, plenty of people want world domination. That poor hunter though. Posses him and then abandon him. Lovely, Kellhus, but it might have been necessary considering what happens next.

4. Please tell me that Inrau Priest boy was not killed. He did something awesome. Would be a shame to die right after that. :( If he did…FIGURES.

5. I like Proyas for some reason and is a favorite. Must be a reason for this, but I’m guessing it’s because he’s quite passionate.

6. LOL! Bird shit on the Emperor. Birds don’t care about your social rank! LOLOL!! And yea, that Palatine guy is a dumbass.

7. Crapsack world, but it is fascinating. Damned scary too, but R. Scott Bakker is quite good at comic relief. “Making mud”. Birdshit! LOLOL!

1. Dear God…the names. Some of them are hard to pronounce/spell. I can imagine actors trying to recite the names only to constantly flub. I understand why he did it as I know what Earwa is based on, but still…YIKES.

2. Welp. Looks like Inrau is indeed dead. FUUUCK. Sad trombone. Yea. Suicide my ass. Poor Akka has to deal with Proyas now(always being obvious) and he is a bit more,er, spirited. Also, a confidant of Mahinet/Mathinet(whatever)? Wonderful. But, there is something about Proyas though. Other than being remarkable.

3. Did I mention that I love Esmenet? What a bold woman. She just left a city she’s lived in all her life. She had good reason though. Too bad she’s treated like shit. A lot of the things against prostitution are based on ignorance and wanting someone to blame. That being said, she’s like an “Iron woobie” to me. The guy who “helped” her though. Lol, “help”. Pretty certain he was present when Inrau was killed.

4. Poor Vulgar Holy War. What’s sad is that the “vulgar” masses, especially the poor/desperate, are the ones most likely to get involved in Holy Wars in hopes of a better life. Or thinking they’ll get some kind of salvation or something. Many of them are uneducated(and most probably weren’t able/allowed to have one), disadvantaged, treated poorly, looked down on, etc. And for these people, a Holy War is an escape. A “savior” would
help them, or so they think. They are vulnerable people who tend to get taken advantage of and it isn’t all their fault. :(

5. So the Emperor was sexually abused by his mother. Yikes. Would explain a lot. As for him, he reminds me of the sort who isn’t stupid, but has bad judgement. Conphas is clearly a lot more brilliant and pragmatic. I do like how Bakker shows how people do things “from the shadows”.  I tend to like those who have power “from behind”. Not saying Conphas is quite like that(he wants to be Emperor, duh), but he likes doing it. What a brilliant character. I do adore him for some reason. I guess having a sense of humor helps.

The Empress Mother is too. She reminds me of Joan Crawford/Faye Dunaway.

6. Cnauir. Oi. What a nutter. Not that it’s all his fault given what happened to him, but WOW. I guess he likes to wear intestines. Jesus. Both him and Conphas do make me wonder if Bakker has ever read Berserk. I doubt it, but Canuir reminds me of a truly insane Guts and Conphas reminds me of Griffith. Love the visuals of Cnuair. Would make for some great illustrations. I feel for the “chattel” though and how they ended up paying the price for one dumb ass who no longer has “guts”.

7. Dumb law: Women forbidden to wear boots. I guess they’re jealous of the awesome kicky/spiked heeled boots women wear. Poor Esmenet was forced to wear socks with sandals! SOCKS WITH SANDALS!!!!!! I’m surprised she wasn’t stoned for that. ;) Those snake tats probably look pretty awesome.

I am close to half way through book one and will likely be done within a few days. Then, on to book 2!

He drove all night to REBUKE YOU! At least, that’s what Proyas would have done if they had cars back then. Jesus Christ. It takes around three hours to DRIVE 200 miles(probably would have taken him thirty minutes). Horseback? Probably about eight or longer. Anyone doing such a thing alone is a bit reckless, but it’s even more reckless as Crown Prince unless there are other heirs. As a KING, it would be beyond reckless, but I wouldn’t put it past him to do the same thing no matter his “rank.” DAYUM. He is a “full throttle” sort for sure. At least with Xin.

Oh, and the person he’s rebuking? Xin. Love at first read. He is AWESOME. No wonder Proyas likes him so much. Benjuku. Sounded like backgammon to me, but backgammon is in a box, not a bowl. Seems interesting though. I’m thinking Chinese checkers or
a different sort of chess.

Back to Proyas. He did WHAT now? He whipped someone for impiety(which is a bit dickheaded) but was then willing to take it in turn as punishment in front of his father and the court. That is a huge DAYUM. Cal, the dumbass who no longer has a head, thought it was a trick. Eh, I dunno.

Conphas might do something like that, but Proyas? I’m sure he’s smart, but he seems a little TOO honest for that. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a trick. Then again, Cal is derp and I do agree that he’s a “thief” or sorts. 100,000 people dead. Even by today’s standards, that’s quite a bit. No wonder Akka is so horrified. Yea, no doubt that Proyas would also be horrified. Hopefully, he’ll be a tactician to the Emperor rather than a judge. Surely, right? I’m guessing not. Will see. (322)

The Darknesss that comes before. At page 322. Lots of yammering.

1. Oh man…I had to stop at the “threesome” between Akka, Xin and Proyas. My god. I’m surprised Akka didn’t break down in tears. What a painful thing to read. But, intense. I tend to love those kind of scenes. Also love Proyas’s sarcastic humor. Reminds me of Adam Schiff in Law and Order. Speaking of reminders, Proyas’s reaction to the Consult reminded me of the clerics in Breath of Fire II. The heroes were trying to say that the “benevolent” God was actually a demon, but no one believed it. Honestly, it’s not surprising. Akka can’t prove anything. But, then Proyas turned Akka’s teachings around on him. And then saying that Xin is “the only reason why you have friends”. Doubles plus yikes.

Honestly, I’m still reeling over the Proyas’s intense fury/passion. God damn, I’m a sucker for these kinds of characters. Because I think that for all his fanaticism(which I LOATHE), he’s generally at least half-way decent at heart and not psychotic. He does, however, seem to have bad judgement at times given the way he acted to Conphas and I think the things he has to do to ensure the well being of his army will likely be used against him later. What’s sad is that he’s probably aware of this. What’s he supposed to do? Eat prayer mats? Lol.

It is totally true that a lot of people do have to make exchanges between morals and goals/survival, make compromises, etc. It’s not just those with a “high purpose” either. Still, such a thing can be painful for some people and it clearly is for someone like Proyas.

Oh, and I totally thought of the Shockmaster when Proyas was stumbling in his boat. And the “Sun Prince”? I think Louis XIV would like to have a word with him.

2. Yea, Cnauir. I can see why he is the way he is. Seems that violence is all he knows. At least he’s quite smart and good with strategy/land. He’s not a stick figure obviously. Still, he’d fit right in a Clockwork Orange with the ultraviolence.

He reminds me a great deal of Berserk’s Guts at his absolute worst.  Anyway,  Cnauir is quite a challenge for Kellhus, but it figures that he was eventually “won over”. That being said, it makes sense that Cnauir is pretty much a death seeker. He WANTS someone to kill him.

He is a tortured soul. Too bad it tends to bleed to every one around him. Once he gets to Mohengus, what then? Anyway, interesting that he threatens to kill Serwe for trying to leave and then wants to abandon her later. She’s not abandoned though. But, the shit she goes through. WOW.

3. Oh Kellhus. Right now, he’s obviously the good cop for Serwe. That poor girl. Right now, SHE is the WOOBIE. Looks like Kellhus is the one providing her blankets and cocoa. I find some of his views a bit offensive though. The world being “ignorant” is not entirely it’s fault. And being “children”? GAH.

Anyway, The Dunyain have always been isolated, so how can their ways spread? Looks like that’s what Kellhus is gunning for. He wants the world to be like his people. Like a world of Agent Smiths. Only, no desires, no passions, all reason, all intellect. ALL BORING. BOOOOOO!

4. There is no doubt that Proyas will encouter Kellhus and that is going to be fun.

5. Oh, the fake Sarcellus. What a scene. Creepy crow. Poor Esmenet. She has no idea. I’m pretty sure she’ll see Akka again though. And while I understand why she has the views she does, I personally believe that she is oversimplifying certain things(eh, every one does it) and that lions and humans are two different beings(derp). Like, when a lion kills, it’s because they’re hungry/defending themselves. When humans kill, it’s for a variety of reasons.

When people “take”, whether or not they steal is a question of who you ask and who is doing the “taking”. Just something that stood out to me. Beyond that, at least she’s treated relatively well now. At least for a short while.

I think that’ll do. I’m around 120 pages to the end. Quite frankly, I care about Proyas, Xin and Akka the most.

Did I mention that this book has a lot of quotables? When I get done with the first book, I’ll list the ones that stick out to me the most.

(I never did do the quotes thing. I should sometime this century). (Proyas, Proyas, Proyas. I was livid with him here).

93 pages to the end of Book 1.

Longest POST EVER. Well, right now it is.

1. Oh God. More pain. I spent over three hours thinking of the horseshit between Proyas and Akka. I even got teary-eyed for Akka. Right now, I’m hoping that Akka will find the courage to look Proyas dead in the eye and say this:

“There is no just god. If there was, Inrau would still be alive and you’d be dead.” And then just walk away. Like forever and leaving Proyas on his knees. Doubt that’ll happen.

Would be a dumb dumb move since there’s a treaty between House Nersei/Conriya and if that is broken, then Proyas could easily have the Holy War target the Mandate School and that would be VERY VERY bad.  I think he’ll end up stuck with Proyas for quite some time.
Akka’s issue is that he knows about the Consult and NO ONE believes him.

This is like Sarah O'Connor in T2. She knows what will happen in the future, but people think she’s nuts and she ends up locked away where she truly does go insane. Worse yet, he is hated by Proyas SOLELY because he is a sorcerer. Jelly much? Well, no. I mean, I know that the religion forbids magic, so I can see being against it, but to hate someone so intensely that you can’t even stay civil is just unreal.

Clearly, Proyas hates the fact that he needs a Schoolman for advice and hates it even more that it was a former beloved teacher, but it’s clear to me that he can’t seem to set aside personal feelings. What will make him a dangerous King is that he would govern too much with his heart. This is a good thing if you’re Ludwig Van Beethoven or some other kind of artist, but as a King? It can lead to a lot of self-defeating policies.

As for “quickly switching passions.” Honestly, my mother does that and so do I(to a lesser extent). I think at this point, Akka just has a very dim view of Proyas and I don’t blame him for that.

I know that there are fakes out there who “feel” for effect or people with shallow emotions, but I don’t think Proyas is that sort. Nor do I think he’s bipolar or personality disordered. He’s just someone who feels things strongly, which is both a great strength AND a great weakness. I also think that he is the sort who can(or can try) appear to be perfectly “okay” when he isn’t. This isn’t uncommon, especially in cultures where showing negative emotion is a bad thing(I don’t think he’s in that kind of culture though).

Yea, it can be deception, but sometimes it’s necessary to pretend to be happy/friendly when you’re not. Some people are just better at it than others and given how quickly he snapped at Cnauir, I don’t think he can fool that many people.

And really, what is he supposed to do in front of guests, especially someone like Cnauir? Stay angry? He HAS to appear friendly to them. He HAS to appear that everything is perfectly fine. He’s also only half-way right about counselors/advisers. Yes, they do give facts so the Prince can make better judgments/decisions, but they also give opinions AND JUDGMENTS of their own,  including dissenting ones. However, I am aware that dissenting opinions should be done in private and/or only in front of trusted people, but ideally in private. I know it, Akka knows it, and yellow dog knows it.

Speaking of judgement, guess what? EVERY ONE does it. Funny how Proyas is like, “don’t you dare judge me” and it sure doesn’t stop him from doing it. Typical of pretty much every one no matter their “caste”. But, god damn it is annoying.

I still love him though, but Akka deserves better. He deserves Kellhus. Honestly, I think Proyas is clearly very intelligent(another reason why I still adore him even though I want to set him on fire right now), but his judgement is poor fairly often and is easily provoked. He’s like a male Caitlyn Stark. Something like that. At least that’s how I see it.
Whatever the case, poor Xinemus is caught in the middle.

2. I am so over the “jnan” shit. And yes, Esmenet is clearly being isolated by Sarcellus. Poor slaves though. She’s no Danaerys, that’s for sure, but what is someone like Esmenet supposed to do? How can you resist being pampered even though there are slaves? Especially when the countries we know are pretty much slave states. Eh, it’s not like she’s treated that much better. :(

3.  I can’t think of anything else right now. All I can think of is the clear tension between Proyas and Akka. But, Kellhus has arrived and things will change from there. That is painfully obvious. Isn’t Kellhus an ACTUAL Prince though? Is his father also a Prince? Akka definitely had a strong reaction to the name as it did belong to kings of old.

I guess every one with the Anasurimbor name is a “Prince/Princess”. Just guess work right now. Still, it’s smart to make the claim. Hopefully, it’s a true one though and if it’s not, then I hope the lie is never exposed. I don’t think Proyas would take too kindly to fraudulent claims.

4. Yea, I can see why people have underestimated Cnuair. It’s easy to think people like him are dumb. And it’s easy to get killed by people like him too. That guy is such a trainwreck. I’m sure he’ll have a great time in the Holy War. (close to the end)

So close…so close…less than 40 pages to the end of book one and then I had to recharge the Nexus. This is where paper books have an advantage.

But, I will say that Cnaiur gave one of the best speeches on war—EVER. EVER. EVER. “War is intellect.” It sure is. And Proyas is a delight when he isn’t a meanie poo-poo head to Akka. And Kellhus nailed his personality. Then again, I called most of that ages ago and the other characteristics were sort of a “well, DUH, Kellhus.  The master of skepticism trained him.”

Loved seeing the Grandmaster of the Scarlet Spires. That was a hell of a meeting. 
LOL@the Emperor and his meanie Griffith clone Conphas.  Kellhus reminds me of Kwai Chang Kane from the old Kung Fu series. heh.  Proyas is passion. Kellhus is void of passion. They will make interesting foils if that ever happened. (DONE DONE DONE)

Phew…finished book one and just started book 2.

1. Dear God…the Consult. Skin Spies. Holy shit. At least Conphas saved Achamian. And why not? Achamian is the tits. And poor Conphas has to march in the Holy War. No doubt he STILL wants the Holy War for HIS own ends. You know he wants to be Emperor. Hell, FLEAS know that he wants to be Emperor himself.

2. Favorites? Proyas, except when he’s mean to Achamian. Achamian is a very close second.

3. I hope that I have the courage to ask R. Scott Bakker if he has ever read Berserk. So much of this reminds me of Berserk. Maybe it’s coincidence. Maybe it’s Maybeline. I don’t know.

5. Loved Proyas in that floral robe. I actually pictured him in something similar in the pavilion scene when Akka is finally able to see him. I frequently picture him in very nice clothes. I hope he makes it to the very end and looks/is fabulous doing so. I hope he ends up reconciling with Akka. I hope. Yea. Even though this is THE SECOND APOCALYPSE with hands coming out of faces. I know this isn’t an idealistic sort of story.

6. Poor Esmenet. She thinks Akka is over her, but he’s not. She has no idea what he just went through. Right now, Esmenet is best girl. Serwe is just “there”, to be honest. The Empress is pretty awesome though, but there’s not enough of her. I want her to find Akka again. Hopefully, he’ll find her before Proyas does. I don’t think he would approve of prostitutes.

7. Seems that Bakker doesn’t mind fanfiction. This is good to hear, but I won’t dare try. Not now. When it comes to “shipping”, the most obvious would be Akka/Esmenet and the other clear het pairings. When it comes to slash. Oh dear god, do I dare? Eh, might as well.
Welp, a Grand Wizard accused Achamian of “buggering” Proyas. Yea, right. We all know Proyas would be doing the “buggering”. The thing is, even if I DID to slash, no way would they be “fluffy”. Then again, NO pairing is healthy/stable/fluffy. Akka/Esmenet comes close though.

Anyway, I’ve thought of Proyas/Akka, Proyas/Xin, Conphas/Proyas, Conphas/Cnauir. In the case of Conphas, it clearly be in the obsessive/possessive sense. Proyas would be the tsundere sort with a touch of obsessiveness.

8. As for Kellhus. Here’s a hint: When someone is too good to be true, they usually are. Nice to see the Emperor catch what Kellhus caught. As I’ve said before, Xerius isn’t stupid. But, he got outplayed in the end. Will be interesting to see Conphas deal with the Holy Rollers, especially Proyas since they’re polar opposites. Just like Proyas is opposite of Kellhus. Conphas and Kellhus will be interesting too. No doubt Conphas is full of resentment. And I seriously doubt he will be won over by anyone.

Honestly, I don’t think Cnauir was truly won over either. Every one else, OTOH, is. At least for now.

Introduce Yourself / HIHI!
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I've been lurking around these boards for quite some time, and I was finally able to register! I actually found out about the series through a Berserk forum when someone compared Kellhus with one of the Berserk characters, but it took awhile for me to get into as it's hard for me to get into new things.

Finally, in late June when my hard drive/entire computer failed and was without one for two weeks. So, I finally started reading the Prince of Nothing then.  I found it slow, at first, but then Kellhus met that sorcerer and then I was all in! :)

This series has become among my favorites if not THE favorite.

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