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I doubt Neuropath has enjoyed any resurgence in print runs :(.

I'll gladly do due diligence as to informing publishers of which editions are missing portions but as pail mentioned I'd like to collect information on as many error editions possible.

The Orion (UK) paperback and ebook both have the italicized portions. Don't know about the hardcover or the MMP.

The Penguin prints also seem to have them? I can't tell if there is an ebook version directly from Penguin, the ebooks seem to come from Tor and Orion only.

So this seems to me like a Tor problem specifically.

Still one whole publisher who didn't print portions of the book. FB and you both mentioned the US Kindle edition, which would have been Overlook, right?

No, it says Tor. You can read the beginning of it by previewing the book on amazon.com

Did Overlook even publish Neuropath? The link for the US version on Bakker's blog takes me to the Tor books.

No, you're right. I was assuming that Overlook had done NP and Disciple.



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