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General Earwa / Bakker and Women
« on: August 04, 2017, 04:24:27 pm »
I promise this isn't gonna be a discussion of feminism and misogyny and all that stuff. Just a simple question: Has anyone here actually known a woman that read this series and liked it?

The White-Luck Warrior / The Harbinger
« on: February 02, 2015, 05:41:28 am »
I just thought of something that I think I'd like to share. Suspicion: Kellhus is not the Harbinger of the Second Apocalypse. Anasurimbor Samarmas is.

The Celmomian Prophecy (Hmmm what a strange coincidence that it involves Kelmomas' name sake, remember the different spelling is just due to transliteration) says that "An Anasurimbor will return at the End of the World". However, as is pointed out by Esmenet in the Warrior Prophet when Achamian first tells her of Kellhus...if Kellhus truly is an Anasurimbor, then there has always been an Anasurimbor in the world. That's not a return of any kind. Why would a Norsirai High King deliver a prophecy that only makes sense if you consider the Three Seas the center of the world?

But maybe we've been thinking about the meaning of the prophecy the wrong way. Maybe he doesn't mean "any one named Anasurimbor will return at the End of the World". Maybe he means "A specific Anasurimbor will return at the End of the World."

Anasurimbor Celmomas, the King that delivered said prophecy as he lay dying, had a stillborn twin. The Sagas claim that the twin was with him always, and blames some of Celmomas' more...controversial acts on the influence of his dead twin. Sound familiar?

The White Luck Warrior, on top of that, has some seemingly pointed references to dead souls bouncing back into living bodies. The context makes it seem like this refers to Captain Kosoter of the Skin Eaters. But I don't think they were meant for him, since he's pretty dead by the end of the book.

So maybe the prophecy means specifically that Anasurimbor Samarmas will return (from the Outside) at the End of the World, not just any Anasurimbor. Samarmas (if that is indeed the voice inside little Kelmomas's head, which I believe it is) seems to be managing Kelmomas, manipulating his actions. Especially after Kelmomas kills his brother, after which the voice becomes stronger, more omnipresent, and more perceptive. It seems to encourage him to commit very unpleasant acts that bring chaos to the Empire. On top of that, Kelmomas is one of the Few. You don't want a crazy person having that kind of power. If anyone can herald the End of the World, it's those two.

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