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The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers] Why Sorweel and Esmenet are Saved
« on: August 25, 2017, 07:42:55 am »
I just realised something. Yatwer thinks Sorweel and Esmenet killed Kellhus.

We know that Yatwer cannot see Kelmomas (as he's the No-God) or the skin-spies (as they're soulless). We also know that, during the First Apocalypse, the Gods attributed the actions of the No-God and its soulless slaves to Men. The Multilated also tell us that the Gods cannot reason, only intuit. (I wonder if this is also why the Gods hate premeditation, and more generally people who think too much? Being incapable of reason, they hate and fear it. Perhaps reason looks the same as sorcery to them? A way of changing the World in ways the Gods cannot fathom.) It seems the Gods work around their unconscious blindnesses (their unknown unknowns) by linking what they can see together in the simplest possible causal chain. I would also argue that the passage of time must seem a little fuzzy to beings that see from the standpoint of Eternity, so gaps of a few hours or even days are ignored in constructing these causal chains. The Gods are basically none-too-bright conspiracy theorists, trying to construct models of what occurs in the World through their own cognitive biases. And that's even more the case the closer we come to the No-God walking. So, rather thick conspiracy theorists with Altzeimers and significant anosognosia.

So what does Yatwer see? She sees Esmenet recruiting the Narindar/WLW to kill Kellhus. She sees Sorweel coming right up to Kellhus with a Chorae. She sees Esmenet (still hating Kellhus, still wanting him dead) dropping a file in an act of motherly love and compassion to someone Yatwer cannot actually see (but she certainly can still feel Esme's motherly emotions). She sees that file and Sorweel's Chorae carried into the same place where Kellhus is (this one is a little speculative, but I think the theory works without this point anyway) by the one she cannot see. Then she sees Kellhus salted.

The most obvious explanation, from Yatwer's very limited PoV, is that Sorweel and Esmenet are responsible for killing Kellhus, for carrying out Yatwer's will. Even better, they did it filled with hatred towards Kellhus, but without any actual thought. That is the mark of the Righteous, after all, for there to be no interval of thought or reason between (Divine) Will and Action. (This is also why the Holca thane is Saved by Gilgaol, because he fights without thought, making the War God's Will manifest in the World without the filters of consciousness.)

So both Sorweel and Esme are Saved by Yatwer's Grace because Yatwer has convinced herself that they killed Kellhus. And indirectly, of course, they did. That's the hilarious thing: Yatwer is actually sort of right. Sorweel and Esmenet did set the chain of causality in motion that led to Kelmomas exorcising Ajokli, leaving Kellhus vulnerable to being salted in the Golden Room. Without Sorweel and Esmenet, Kellhus/Ajokli would almost certainly have succeeded in whatever he was planning.

(BTW, am I supposed to be putting that spoiler tag in the title? What's the policy now?)

The Forum of Interesting Things / xkcd
« on: July 20, 2013, 08:26:48 am » bizarrely Bakkerish today.

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