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Hello All!  Could everyone leave a post saying how you heard about the  If the forum is drawing a number of folks from specific places, then we could use that info to grow the participant level even more!


Hi!  I'm glad you are lurking!  If it wouldn't trouble you too much, could you make an account and answer this topic?  I swear I won't use your account to find your real world address and stuff your mail box with leaflets: Vote Bakker Or Be Damned.  :)

EDIT: Also to Lurkers - there is a chat function on the home page 'Quorum' - you have to click on it to see it if you are not logged in, and you have to be logged in to chat.  Fun for chatting with the International Bakker Fan Club!

Lol, for sake of propriety.

Hi, I'm Madness. I founded the Second Apocalypse forum ;).

[EDIT Madness]: Lol - meant posterity.

Ah yes, but that doesn't really answer the question Madness. What path did you take to create such a place.

I myself was looking for conversation post WLW. Stumbled onto the old Three Seas site, then to Westeros for a time. Not sure how exactly but I found the first rendition of Second-apocalypse, probably just continous google searches until I found some place that I could actually discuss things.

Well, I read about Zombie Three Seas in late 2006, discovering it shortly after Bakker had disappeared. As ZTS slowly became overran by Spam Sranc, I began to post more and more on Westeros and became increasingly frustrated with the format and some members there. But, as we know, a relationship ended in early 2012 and instead of do something normal I made a space for this noosphere.

And that's that ;).

I was looking for some information regarding the books, I wanted to learn more about several aspects of Earwa and the story, so I started googling some phrases. And the forum simply popped up. Since I love forums and I'm already active on several (no facebook or anything like that, though), after short lurking I created an account.


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