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« on: March 07, 2016, 09:31:42 pm »
OK, so again, is passion what makes the Psukhe possible. Is it the hinge on which the Water flows? I know we get Kellhus's explanation at Kyudea, but trying to figure out truth from lie in that exchange is hard to parse. I ask because if Moe did a soul flop with Cnaüir to make Meppa, it explains the "ocean of water" that he has. 

ETA:also, there is debate over this and I would like it clarified,  thanks!  :)
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“No. I am your end. Before your eyes I will put your seed to the knife. I will quarter your carcass and feed it to the dogs. Your bones I will grind to dust and cast to the winds. I will strike down those who speak your name or the name of your fathers, until ‘Yursalka’ becomes as meaningless as infant babble. I will blot you out, hunt down your every trace! The track of your life has come to me,