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General Earwa / Thought about other supports?
« on: August 14, 2018, 02:23:24 pm »
Hi guys,

I was wondering, on what other support would you like to see The Second Apocalypse adapted (TV show, comics, video game)?

From what I understood, the TV show will never happen (and I can't really be sad about that, not sure you can adapte something that heavy on TV).

Personnaly I would love to see the books adapted in an Animé format (as a netflix original for example, they do a good job at respecting the original content IMO), with short seasons of 12/13 episodes. For me, this format would allow the best possibilities for the philosophical parts (narative internal thoughts are better done in animés than series), and visual part (landscap, magic, gore, etc).

I would also like a video game of those book, specifically some sort of Total War in Earwa. I want my Ordeal to fight countless srancs!

And you, what do you imagine? Be creative!

P.S. Sorry if the topic already exist, I did search the forum but didn't found anything except for TV show.

The Unholy Consult / [TUC spoiler] - About the end of TAE
« on: March 06, 2018, 02:12:05 pm »
The second serie is over, now we have to wait for TNG.
But to be honest I would be fine with TUC being the last book (even if all my question about the metaphysic of Earwa are not even close to be answered)!

So I would like to have your opinion about the end, who liked it, who didn't?
Would you have prefered a good ending? A worst one? And speaking about good/bad (reading, in accord or not with your personal values), what do you think would be the worst, the consult winning, Ajokli winning, another god winning, Kellhus doing something on his own, anything else (feel free to rewrite the end of the book ;D) ?

I have to say, I was really happy when I read the GR part, I was already imagining some Kellhus/Ajokli fusion devoring souls in an hellish Earwa! Kellhus saying fuck to the Logos and embrassing godhood with the help of Ajokli somehow.
But then Kelmomas came and fucked it all. I was kinda disappointed, espacially about Kellhus being dead (maybe?) as it was my fav character. But as the days go, I start to enjoy the end much more and the return of the No-God is a great ending too.

I like the way Bakker offered two possible outcome, and that both of them are "bad". Either Kellhus/Ajokli turn Earwa to hell, or the consult kill millions of people to save themselve (and a few undred thousand lucky bastards). All in all, freaking great serie of books!

And another question for fun, how would you like TNG to end? With the consult winning? Or with the gods devouring souls since the end of times?
I trust Bakker to make it epic anyhow.

The Unholy Consult / [TUC Spoilers] - Cnaïur/Ajokli theory
« on: March 06, 2018, 11:03:57 am »
Hi guys,

First, I'm new here so hello everyone, and I have so many questions about those books! Damn I love that serie! I have something like 20 open pages of this forum and reddit about the Second Apocalypse!

But I wanted to discuss some theory about the last book (I don't think I have read it anywhere yet, but maybe I just didn't looked enough). Oh and I'm French, so maybe something contradict my idea in the book and I missed it (no french translation for the Aspect-Emperor serie, that's why I just finished the last book even if I started it few weeks after the release). I kinda get that some part are hard to read even for native speakers ;D ! Anyway, I'll try to organise my thoughts and write in english as well as I can.

So, here is my idea. In my reading it make sens that Cnaïur isn't possessed by Ajokli at the end as I can read in many places, but instead become Ajokli.
Reading the books in english was hard enough so I didn't have rereading them (yet), but here are few things:
I think I remember both of them being called "prince of hate".
When Mimara watch him with the JE she say it's weird and he is not just damned but some kind of demon already.
At the end, when Cnaïur speak with his tribe and his son, he tell something like "you know what I am, and if you fuck with my son I'll kick yo ass even if I'm dead" (very bad paraphrasing).
The gods are timeless so him become a god at the end of the book wouldn't contradict kellhus possessed before Cnaïur die. Plus I think the glossary tell something about Ajokli not being like the other gods.
Many other little things would make sens, like him being a big shard to begin with, and the many swazonds helping his soul grow (all the dead would be souls clamed by his own in the outside).
Finally, wouldn't be the best vengeance against Kellhus to trick him and control him, and at last seize him when he is in the GR (even if that part didn't work as expect, thanks Kelmomas)?

So what do you think? I would love him reaching the godhood status by pure hate against Kellhus!

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