[TGO SPOILERS] Nook-ewe-leer

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« on: July 06, 2016, 08:14:42 pm »
Such a WALL has been [leveled]!

the number one question amidst discussion so far is:

1. How does Kellhus know what the after-effects of the tekne device explosion will be?

additional questions I have:

2. Did Aurang trigger the tekne device when he overflew the Horde?

3. If the device exploded at Dagliash, on the north western side of the mountains, how come it eradicated the Sranc horde which was mostly on the eastern side of the mountains at that time, but not the Great Ordeal mostly on the western side of the mountains?

4. Was Kellhus deliberately seeking out the device when he uncovered it?

5. Does the device have a digital readout display?

6. How come Kellhus can read what was written on the device? (if he did in fact read what was written on the device)

7. Why was such a device not used at a far more fortuitous location or time?  Is there a reason the party which triggered the device waited until Dagliash?

8. Was the tekne device an atomic weapon?

9. Was the tekne device of Consult origins, or some other party?

10. How did Kellhus know the tekne device would explode?