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« on: July 12, 2016, 04:29:11 pm »
There are copies of this book being officially purchased now.

This topic is for the discussion of our spoiler policy. All that follows is up for debate (assuming it's not just Wilshire and I hashing it out, in which case, I yield to Madshire).

Because of the haphazard fashion in which these books are finding their way into the hands of fans, I'll ask that all TGO discussion happen exclusively in The Great Ordeal subforum. The one exception to this will be the Author Q&A, as I'm sure fans will have questions for Bakker and Bakker will want to interact with the fans following a general release.

I'll ask that any thread made discussing TGO, here in Author Q&A or in The Great Ordeal subforum, include "[TGO SPOILERS]" at the start of your thread subject and that thread subjects don't include obvious spoilers themselves (to the best of your abilities).

Following the UK general release in a couple months time, General Earwa will also host TGO discussion threads, we can drop the "[TGO SPOILERS]" tag, and hopefully bring back Quorum.

Cheers all. Input on these thoughts is encourage as we'd like to be inclusive as possible to old and new fans alike.
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