Week 4: Shifting Scales

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« on: June 02, 2013, 01:10:40 am »
Quote from: Madness
I might have taken this metaphor a little seriously when I wrote my paragraph. And I don't actually think it worked for me.

The idea is that at times you will have to transition from personal events to ones involving all of society to objective frames relating to metaphysics... It can get tricky. Call it writing the differences in perspectives, not the perspectives themselves.

Condensation wasn't fantastic either for mine.

Shifting Scales:

Mac had his nine levelled. I watched the situation unfold through my sniper scope, from my perch overlooking the valley. There were a few gathered huts next to a wide river and a grazing field. I adjusted my range for wind and moved my reticule over Mac's target. Only to realize it was Trey. Fuck, what was going on here? Our bunkmate was having a goddamn breakdown. Trey had his arm wrapped around the rebel's throat, dragging the pour girl towards Mac. I saw the glint of Trey's glock resting against the rebel's temple, shivvered remembering cold steel against my own once. I trained my reticule on his forehead. Trey was shouting at Mac and the Rebel seems to be uttering curses. The guttural dialect rang in my ears even though I couldn't hear her. A movement behind them caught the corner of my eye, and reaction took over, breathing out, butt tight to shoulder. I felt the gun buck in my grip as I pulled the trigger. Recognized the rebel General only after he'd exploded into a puff of red mist. And realized I'd heard three shots. I looked back towards Mac, saw the rebel girl standing alone over my two friends. And I was on my own.

I have some major problems with this in hindsight. After I adjusted for wind, I wouldn't aim the reticule on my buddies head. Also, triggers are squeezed, not pulled. But nuff said lol.