Week 2: Exterior/Interior Action

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« on: June 02, 2013, 01:11:16 am »
Quote from: Madness
So... a long time ago I intended to do some skill-building threads that related to a writing course Camlost and I attended in '11. I have some extra moments today, which I used to go through my many notebooks and portfolios and I found my pieces.

My intention now is just to post a couple ideas about each of the weeks/concepts and then I'll post my paragraphs (the course reflected using paragraphs as the ultimate practice module). I'm also going to post a general thread with my one page of super condensed notes from the course, a list it was recommended that all writers build as toolkit for themselves.

Exterior/Interior Action:

These two concepts reflect the ideas of round/flat characters and rather than any one or other being more ultimate for writing purposes, all are seen as tools in the arsenal. Just like round characters, more fully realized, complex, perspectives than their flat counterparts, exterior and interior action can be seen as two sides of the same coin.

According to the profs markings, I wanted the action to be less clear in the Exterior Action. I would say that this idea reflects intentions/actions as well.

But that's why we can discuss these things, as the ambiguity will force skill-building communication between us.

Exterior Action:

The door burst open suddenly and he ran through, out of breath, carving a distinct path towards the generator. The various scientists in the room watched him, some running toward escape, others bending knee to their gods. He took a single look around the room before a grimace startled his face and he entered a code on the small keypad, fingers tapping with menacing finality. He hunched over the generator like an ape as the light shone outwards, piercing his body.

Interior Action:

He ran, hearing the wet wheeze of his breath, the dull ache in his chest. The door slammed against his shoulder as he pushed through, sharp pain intensified by months of torture. He walked quickly, knowing that the scientists watched him but caring nothing. This nightmare would be over, though he knew he'd be framed as an Introspective. So be it. Destroying the Facility and the Company would give human society respite, for a time. It would give his species a chance to undo its twisted inversion of human nature. He thought of Lilly, her smile on the final day he saw her. He entered the code, felt the keys pass easily under his fingers. He looked into her eyes and she smiled, her light engulfing him.