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Author Q&A / What are the roots of the Inchoroi's prophesies?
« on: July 06, 2016, 04:04:29 am »
What are the roots of the Inchoroi's prophesies? Not including the fact of their damnation which doesn't seem like a prophesy so much as knowledge.

Off the top my head the major one is the idea that if you bring the population of a planet (or maybe only the right planet) down to 144,000 ensouled creatures, then the way to other side will be shut off. The Synthese also says something about how all of the prophesies must be observed, even the false ones.

This feels different than their attaining knowledge of the other side and damnation. I can conceive of ways they might accidentally stumble on to that knowledge through exotic technologies (through whatever the inverse flame is). My theories are probably wrong but I can wrap my head around the possibility. In that case they have discovered a simple fact of their universe.

The specific goal of reducing the population to 144,000 to shut out the gods has something personal about it. It doesn't sound like something derived from analysis or produced by a computer. The fact that they reference prophesies points a similar direction.

Can you give us some hint of where these prophesies came from? How did the godless inchoroi get a hold of these prophesies long before they came to Earwa?

RPG Discussion / DMing brainstorm, artifacts and stuff
« on: September 24, 2015, 05:26:27 pm »
Hey guys, I know some of you play pen and paper games. I'm running a campaign for the first time and am trying to come up with fresh ideas. Honestly the hardest part of it I've found is that I can't bounce ideas off my friends. The people I normally kick writing ideas around with are my players. I don't know if there's enough activity in this part of the forum to keep this kind of post alive but does anyone want to try and come up with some ideas?

I'm down to talk about whatever, encounters and plot stuff, but right now I'm trying to come up with some interesting artifacts for my players to find. I really like Bakker's artifacts. They're mechanically interesting, and they fit with the metaphysical rules of magic he's set out, but they maintain all the mystique and wonder you want from artifacts. They all feel unique and clearly leverage sorcery in cool ways. I have a forerunner race in my game that is roughly modeled on the nonmen and I want to put interesting remnants of their civilization in the world. Does anyone have any thoughts for artifacts like that? Like the Diurnal and that kind of thing?

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