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General Earwa / Non-man with the faces
« on: April 18, 2014, 09:41:00 pm »
Apologies if this is already been addressed, new member here and couldn't find anything using the "Search". I read all the books ( 5 so far ) and miss the Non-man with the faces all over his cloak, the dude who put the boot to Kellhus' hind side in the beginning. That stayed with me, always thinking "my goodness, Kellhus is so powerful and something's out there that easily bested him ... ". He was wandering the 3 Seas telling people he was impossibly ancient and beutiful, I think and then nothing thereafter best I can tell. I take it he was/is Metrikitrich ( spelling! the one who tortured Seswartha on the wall 2,000 years before ). Anyone know more?

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