[TGO Spoilers] My highdeal breakdown of Earwa

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« on: September 11, 2016, 12:08:00 pm »
My highdeal breakdown of Earwa.

I'm sorry but this is going to be a layman's pop culture breakdown explained in the best way I can get these ideas out of my simple mind.

In a episode of Rick and Morty called The Rick's must be crazy, we find out Rick has created a pocket dimension and the  inhabitants sole purpose is to power his vehicles engine. By the end of that episode there is a pocket dimension  within a pocket dimension within a pocket dimension within a pocket dimension. (Inside each pocket dimension time moved faster and faster)

This is what I think may be happening in the "Bakkerverse". Where the Inchoroi may have been the original creations of the Hundred as a food source. Like every sentient race we've seen in the series like all have this notion of greatness. That pride of FUCK YOU! I WON'T BE FOOD TO NOBODY, BITCH! I guess that's a spicy flavor the hundred really enjoy.
But I think the Inchoroi were sick of being food and so they "Great oredealed" into space and found out that they couldn't escape the gods in space. So they made a pocket dimension, Earwa and entered thru the nail of heaven (pretty much a inny navel).

"Wutrim kut miā€™puru kamuir!"


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« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 07:53:12 pm »
Love that you pulled in Rick and Morty :) . Inchoroi as rogue cows who decided they had enough with being slaughtered is a great theory.
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