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Any pen&paper roleplayers here?

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Just curious.

As Scott himself is one and his Earwa was a Game-Setting before it ever became a setting for novels, i think we are right at home here  ;D

So yes, i am one. And i would kill for an official p&p RPG of Scott's world.

So how about you gals and guys? And if you are a p&p rpg player, tell us what kind of systems and worlds you like.

I used to be an avid player of D&D 2nd edition YEARS ago.  Then got into D&D 3.5, and most recently Pathfinder and Savage Worlds.  However, my favorite of all time was Rolemaster's Shadow World.  Role master was, imo, one of the more 'realistic' systems, and coupled with all the cool science-fantasy of Shadow World, ticked all my rpg 'like' boxes.  Don't really play much anymore, but I agree with you:  would definitely love to see RSB rpg.

Haven't played in ages but I collect RPG setting books.

Right now I'm looking at the Numenera book, which is pretty awesome. I also liked the books for Mage: The Ascension, Mage: The Awakening, Eberron, and just about everything Planescape related.

In fact, I continually add to the Planescape Inspiration List, which is more a collection of art, poetry, music, film, short fiction, gaming stuff, and so on at this point...

Okay, so i'm not the only uber-geek here  ;D

I myself am a total Fantasy-nut. Sci Fi is not my thing, i guess. The only exceptions are Star Wars and Star Trek (maybe Stargate if you count that as Sci Fi).

Right now, i'm playing the new Star Wars game and really like it (done by FFG). I like the new fancy dice-mechanism  8)

In general i am much more into games that utilize dice-pools (versus linear distribution games like all the DnD stuff, d20 games and d100 games). Although Runequest6 might get a chance at my table soon.

Favorite Settings are Dragonlance (nostalgia reasons  ;D ) and Birthright from TSR era, 7th Sea, Exalted and Artesia.

As said, i'd "kill" for a Earwa game and also for a rpg treatment of Steven Erikson's Malazan world. Maybe one of these days i have to do an adaption by myself.

Right now i am working on an own setting with a good friend of mine. It will be more bronze/iron age style instead of the usual fake european medival age.

Oh and, stating the obvious, i really think you two should both take up this awesome hobby again! Do it...you know you want to  8) ;D ;)

Some day I'll find myself at a DnD table, but it is not this day.


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