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The Knife of Many Hands [Spoilers]

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--- Quote from: Wilshire on September 12, 2016, 07:43:00 pm ---But what did they actually do to him.

--- End quote ---
Is there any general consensus on that? That the spires summoned some lesser-ciphrang-succubus-equivalent to fuck him crazy, then they layered in some Cants of Compulsion just in case that didn't work?

Any hints why or what the ciphrang-demon thing was doing?

It all just seems really strange to me. These flashbacks seem to be similar to what Esmi was experiencing before Kellhus whelmed her, which to me implies that CoCs were being used. No reason that simple CoCs can't just be the SS. Maybe the demon thing was all just a construct of the CoC, an illusion, the effect being that every time he has sex he goes into a blind murderous rage?

Wait, isn't the whole point of what the Spires do to him specifically to have Cants of Compulsion not show upon him?  In other words, he doesn't have any Cants put upon him, because that is exactly what they would be looking for.

No, I think it goes back to his "twin-heartedness" which somehow allows Shinurta to "inhabit" him.  Presumably by overriding, or somehow imitating, the way in which Gilgaöl seizes his soul.  Or using a Ciphrang to work through Eryelk the same way Gilgaöl would.  In other words, Eryelk is somehow, at times of great passion, an open door to the Outside.  Shinurta found a way to walk through that door himself or through a Ciphrang agent.


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