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He is the man. Come on, it isn't just a little bit interesting? OK, then, why are there helicopter hieroglyphs in Egypt? Huh, answer that buddy. Also, why are all gods described as coming from the sky with thunder and such? Its fucking astronauts man! Why is there an ancient fixation on Orion's belt? I'll tell you why. That's where our alien ancestors come from, who genetically altered our DNA to give us intelligence. The proof is all their Wilshire, just watch the damn show!  8)

In all seriousness, whether its aliens or not, I really don't think so. But, I do think there is a case for there being some advanced society that existed that travelled the world and was lost to history somehow. Having pyramids on every continent for example, that are all eerily similar in style. How did so many different cultures come up with same exact design? There is a lot of interesting ideas put forth that doesn't have to explained by ancient aliens. I mean look at the history that you was taught as a kid. Every decade, evidence is found that pushes the timeline back farther and farther, on how humans advanced as a species. Its all very interesting to me. Now granted,  some episodes and the theories they put forth are absolutely bat shit insane, I agree. I just believe that the history we were taught about how humans advanced is not the way it truly happened.

Certainlyou the histories we have retained through the ages are flawed, but a lot of that inserts present day iconography with ancient times, that more than likely obscures original purpose.

 Why pyramids?  Because domes and open spaced rooms are mathematically and architecturally extremely difficult, both the other conceive and to construct. Its, rather simply, just the easiest thing to build big.

There are plenty of unexplained things, and as we get better at discovering the past, it will likely always reveal more.
There is a lot we don't know about human history and ancient people's were far more advanced than we often think.

The problem with aliens from other stars, is ftl travel, and math/physics being inconceivablely difficult to make work. Not saying they don't exist, I believe in aliens, since us being the only intelligent life is the far more absurd notion. Also, not saying there aren't as of yet undiscovered science that might make things possible, but I find it so difficult to belive we were visited by some aliens. The amount of energy it would take to brake, visit, and spin back up, seems hardly worth the flyby.

I agree. Great points all around. Damn it sucks that your a rational human being Wilshire. Who knows where this conversation would've went?

Maybe some day another like minded individual will visit our noosphere and you can commiserate with them :P. I'll not stop you.


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