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--- Quote from: Wilshire on June 07, 2017, 02:10:46 pm ---Just google 144,000 and you'll get a lot of hits. Theres plenty of religious etymology around that number - and I imagine that's how Bakker came to it.

As for the inchoroi, no idea. Its in one of the chapter epigraphs - Ganas(?) the Blind, or whatever his name was - and it seems to be an indication that they had that number from whence they originally left their home planet. Or at least that's what I got from the little paragraph.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, there are plenty of Biblical allusions in the books.  Meant to "evoke the scriptural" in Bakker's words.

On Ganus, indeed, we are left to wonder how Ganus found out about it.  The presumption though is he suffered some kind of revelation in blindness, yet another ever-present theme.


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