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The Carathayan [Short Story Spoilers]

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For discussion of the newly released Atrocity Tale, in the Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology by Grimdark Magazine, earlier e-book.

For the moment this conversation will be limited to those who backed the preexisting kickstarter campaign. Be warned of spoilers.

Well, that was a bit short...

Interesting, I guess I would say.  Certainly more KoMH than TFS or T4R.

This is going to sound like a weird question but is his appearance described in this?

In TGO he's described as "towering" and "thin and stammering" in the same sentence which confused me.

I'm going to read it shortly. I made it about a third into it last night.

Wolfdrop, those two aren't incompatible. I'm tall and thin - I try to not stammer but, you know. But a person can be towering and thin and stammering. World's got all kinds of people ;).

He's described as an awkward giant at one point, Wolfdrop :P. Probably others I didn't notice.

Well, as I said in Quorum yesterday, I'm going to have fun contextualizing this within world. Bakker's also mentioned that he thinks Scraul would make a good character vehicle so I'll interpret hints outside the story as a more encompassing narrative context.

It's too bad he didn't include an epigraph and date.


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