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The Carathayan [Short Story Spoilers]

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--- Quote from: Wolfdrop on May 20, 2017, 12:15:30 pm ---Awesome, thanks Madness!

I had thought that they weren't mutually exclusive, but part of me was convinced that something was in the wrong order and that "towering" should have been referring to Bogyar.

Looking forward to reading this one.

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Rereading it now (or I was when I wrote the bulk of this post) and there's like an entire paragraph right at the beginning describing him ;).

--- Quote from: geoffrobro on May 26, 2017, 02:43:30 pm ---Okay on my first read thru, I can't place the year. It must be before the unifaction wars because there's no mention of the holy aspect emperor or any "sweet kell" or whatever phrase. Uster is still a mercenary so maybe he hasn't met Saubon.

Uster' s sister seem to be witches or something of the sort who can correctly see the future. Uster himself know how he will die and has no worry unless there is a Bashrag invoked.

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I don't think the unnamed Other Sister is of the Few - though, perhaps. But there's that passage about Esmenet's mom early in TWP about admonishing Esmenet not to practice augury by the stars and we've always wondered if there is something to that. Uster’s Sister seems aware of predestination.

--- Quote from: Wolfdrop on May 26, 2017, 08:23:42 pm ---I had trouble placing the year too.

I figured it was in the midst of the Unification Wars, because one section describes him "warring for the Aspect-Emperor across the Secharib cane fields". The section where he stares down a cobra.

I definitely understand his appearance now too, awkward giant is very fitting!

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I actually read this as a flashback... which weirds me out dating this Atrocity Tale. Uster also seems to recall killing the Palantine et al. who asks him to dine in honour of his notoriety.

--- Quote from: geoffrobro on May 26, 2017, 10:55:04 pm ---I forgot about that part. I picture him like a tall basketball player looking awkward guy.

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Other random thoughts while skimming the story again:

- Uster seems to possess no sense of self (p481, 483).
- The Uster murdering surrogate fathers thing (p484).
- Mirrim, the Daughter of the Angle-Lord of Bayal, was in a position to be taken from Lady Bayal but Lady Bayal hired a Schoolman to stop that? (p487)
- Mirrim has been marked (not Marked) from birth by the Carathayan and the people of Bayal consider her birth and death tribute in order to safeguard them whatever that is? (p487-488)
- The Lady Bayal's mother describes either first daughters or just daughters generally being taken by... the demon/creature/ghost/entity/thing of the forest (p489).
- Uster can’t call his Other Sister by name (p490) and he defeats the Carathayan by naming it at the end of the story?
- "“That,” Uster observed, “would be scary.”" (p491) - Lol, Uster must have been pissed at Dagliash when the Bashrag jump out.
- The oath has been broken … the wheel must be reset (p492) – not sure what this is about.
- Uster’s Sisters sent him to deal with the Carathayan (p494).
- Uster takes the Carathayan’s head (p495).
- "Are we...safe...safe from the curse?” (p495) - not sure what this is about.

Finally got around to it ... very disappointing. What was this supposed to be? Who is the intended audience?

Honestly, I think this was the weakest story Bakker has ever written - that I've read at least. It's just poorly done, even considering that I know more about earwa than almost anyone barring you folks here. It seems like Bakker was attemping to do some kind of mysterious slow reveal of info in a story that was only a couple pages long. On top of that, he relies heavily on associations that just don't exist. The story is just a vague collection of mysteries that, quite frankly, seem half baked.

I can't imagine even trying to read this without the context of 7 books and other shorts. What a let down.

I just got the anthology on my kindle! :)

I was going to reread this when my hardcover copy came in, but apparently they either never sent me one or it got lost in the mail...


--- Quote from: H on July 05, 2017, 10:05:23 am ---I was going to reread this when my hardcover copy came in, but apparently they either never sent me one or it got lost in the mail...

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You should have received it by now, according to the kickstarter. I'd go back to their kickstarted page and reach out to them - they've been extremely responsive.


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