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io9's Greatest Movies of the Past 10 Years



Francis Buck:
Good list, though it definitley leans to the geeky side of the spectrum (makes sesne given the contributors), and the only ones there I'd consider putting in my own top ten of the last ten years are Mad Max and TDK, though it's hard to say. Some of the others are GREAT movies -- Ex Machina is the shit, and Arrival is my favorite alien invasion movie EVER and one of my flat out favorite movies of all time, but I'd still put Denis Villenue's SICARIO above it as a whole package, for example.

Logan probably is the best superhero flick since TDK though. Ballsy, different, surprising, heartwrenching, and did I mention ballsy. It did more to stand itself apart from the superhero crowd than anything since TDK, I think.


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