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I want to do a reread of the entire series. Find the hidden nuggets. See, if clues of Ajokli are there, and so on.

I don't want this to be something we fly through. Whoever is interested, we will discuss how much we read and discuss per week. I'd like it to be little enough that it not make it impossible to read other works. Say......1-3 chapters a week.

I'm sure Madshire would like all discussion to be in the almanac. I think thats the right way any how. So, how many would be interested, and committed to seeing it through? Let me know and we'll discuss a start date. I think alot of people could participate. In talking taking this slow, so the amount of reading isnt a problem. We have no deadlines for any upcoming book, so we can go at a slow sustained pace and everyone participate. Who knows what we might uncover? Hmmm?

[EDIT Madness: Fixed the title.]

I'd be interested in taking part in this. :)

I'm interested. I'd suggest an extremely slow pace, perhaps one chapter per week. Also, how about one week of reading followed by one week of discussion?

Love the title, "The Slog Of All Slogs"!


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Agreed. Just dissect the shit out of this.


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