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Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition


It's under CCL, so here's a copy.

But if you want to buy a copy to support the RPG, go to DriveThruRPG.

I love the idea of a Transhuman RPG but Eclipse Phase has stuff like the following that I just cannot wrap my mind around:

--- Quote ---Transhumanity’s grasp of neuroscience extends to scanning and copying a mind, but the most intricate workings of memory are still imperfectly understood. Making precise edits to individual portions of a neural network (to alter recollections, skills, and the like) is still a black art. The difficulty with neural pruning is that taking a weed whacker to the tree of memory isn’t an exact science.
--- End quote ---

Keep in mind the RPG allows the mind to live in virtual space...so somehow there has to be a way to upload a mind, preserve its memories, but also not fully understand how memory works...

Seems like an entertaining setting for an RPG, if you could find a group all interested in that sort of thing.


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