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Malleus Maleficarum - Hammer of Witches,



Didn't know what to do with this, but found it interesting. Maybe FB or others would care to know the title.

Francis Buck:
Weird synchroncity, I literally was just last night watching an episode of Crash Course History specifically about witch-related trials and burnings, and this book was touched upon quite a bit!

It definitely seems to have been a major influence on the various 'traditional' ideas of witches and/or witchcraft as seen from the common, European Christian point-of-view. The book was basically a 'best seller' for its time, right after the Bible. It's pretty crazy how much influence and sway a collection of what are basically fairy tales had over this time period (and over a large geographic area, as similar cultural trends were taking place in the Americas at the same time).

I figured it would interest you at some point or another. Our own human history really is filled with bizarre things like this that have huge influences on the trajectory of society.

I want to be a witch! ... er, warlock!

Its present day, you can be whichever type of magical being you prefer!


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