How do the Sranc reproduce?

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« on: May 08, 2023, 04:20:56 pm »
We know that there are ten times as many Sranc roaming the Ancient North today as there were during the First Apocalypse. Yet Sranc are always depicted as male, so would appear to be incapable of mating with one-another.

There is also a Sranc who says, in reference to the Old Fathers: "Father… father! We have no fathers save the earth!", which suggests the Sranc somehow gestate within the earth (like Orks!), but I seem to remember somebody mentioning a reference to female Sranc, so perhaps that is wrong.

It is possible that all Sranc spill out from Golgotterath, but if that is the case how are there wild Sranc clans who don't even know who the Inchoroi are?


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« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2023, 04:52:13 pm »
Interesting that you mention this considering Cursed Armada's most recent video:

Moenghus, apparently, was captured by the Utemot, *alive*, after having spent weeks with them and had learned some rudiments of their developing "Ork" language during his captivity. Lol, kind of like Kellhus at Atrithau but Moenghus the Elder conditioned Sranc, not men. It suggests there are absolutely Sranc out there that are "native" without the No-God.

As to your question, TTT Glossary outright says there are pregnant females fighting in the First Apocalypse.
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« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2023, 06:12:15 pm »
Yeah check the Appendix for some of the information gaps there. They appear to be gendered, though androgynous other than sex organs. Pregnant sranc on the fields of battle.

TUC also implies evolution for the millions of sranc that come from the coasts to overwhlem TGO near the end of TUC, which basically demands more/less traditional sexual reproduction... insofar as "IRL genetics" apply  at all in Earwaverse.

There should be plenty of sranc without actual/direct/first-person knowledge of the Inchoroi. However there does seem to be some kind of instinctual knowledge, or memetic mechanism, that at the very least elicits predictable responses... ie despite having no information about the inchoroi, they still react in ways that suggest they do whenever the wild sranc happen to run into their creators.
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« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2023, 05:12:55 pm »
Concerning superficially similar sex organs, I assume something going on like with the spotted hyena: females have a "pseudo-penis" so they appear to be male, but there is still sexual reproduction.