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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Wilshire ---Looking for people to help immortalize some of Bakker's more interesting quotes from each book, so I am making this and similar topics for each book. There is the site, called wikiquotes, that is essentially for quoting your author, so Truth Shines' idea was that we could compile a large list of quotes and make a pretty epic page for Bakker.

If you'd like to see any quotes added, post them here and me or someone else will hopefully get around to putting them up on the wiki. Also, if possible, provide the page number, who said it, and the edition (including country).
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Wilshire ---"Ajencis, he continued, once wrote that all men are frauds. Some, the wise, fool only others. Others, the foolish, foor only themselves. And a rare few fool both others and themselves - they are the rulers of Men. But what about the men like me, Kellhus? What about men who fool no one?"
Drusas Achamian, Page 10 (USA Paperback Edition)
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