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Serwe: The horns...but I haven't heard the horns...

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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: Callan S. ---Rereading, there's a bit on page 45 of my copy where Kellhus goes to wake up Serwe, but she complains about the horns - she hasn't heard the horns yet. Then shortly after in the text, horns sound.

To me this implies something about Serwe - that she is perhaps tied into some sequence of events that she actively complains when she is not woken up at the right time, which is to be woken by the horns sounding. Like he sleeping mind sees this forward path and anticipates quiet slumber until the alarm clock of destiny runs - and so complains when the alarm is early.

--- End quote ---

Serwe references the horns again at the beginning of the interro rape sequence.

Callan S.:

--- Quote from: locke on April 22, 2013, 12:02:28 am ---Serwe references the horns again at the beginning of the interro rape sequence.

--- End quote ---
Does she? Damn, I wish I'd noticed that! What's it mean?

Post WLW I would say 'the horns' could refer to some kind of wake up ritual. Like a bugle call that wakes up the army each morning. But the fact that Golgotterath is always described with some reference to its Horns makes that explanation seem wanting.

Something is really weird about Serwe. In the last board I suggested that Serwe's purity (or the purity of souls like Serwe) are the fulcrum on which Earwa's metaphysics hinge. Since the God is the Source, it stands to reason he is Perfection. Her worship and devotion to Kellhus must have cemented his divine status in the sleeping ur-soul that is God. If the God "awoke" or was an active agent in the affairs of Earwa - assuming he isn't after all - then the Goodness that Serwe represents would not have been so easily fooled. But since Kellhus is able to wow and dazzle the one being most similar to God in moral constitution, everyone else follows suit will little resistance.


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