'You're welcome to unfollow me" - Gearbox. SA rumbles on horizon

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« on: May 01, 2013, 02:47:02 am »

This is still pretty ground level, but if you want a sort of semantic apocalypse manipulation scenario, it's like this - they hand out little codes much like a skinner box, wont tell you the reasons because why on earth do they owe someone like you anything. And the reasons are for treating folk as blips to go through the machine.

And the guys got the classic sense (and this is reading him charitably) that he's in some sort of big game, where you can play as ruthlessly as you do in chess and if the other guy don't like it, well then don't play. So he can go with curt little 'If you don't like it, you're welcome to not follow me'. Again, it's a charitable reading that he thinks he's in some large game and that you can sever ties with other people and that'll just be fine. In a board game you can indeed be ruthless with other people (because once you get out of the game, you reestablish the non boardgame ties with other folk who played)

That's how the CEO's will generally rationalise the whole neuro data about conciousness and such - that the CEO is in on the big game (this delusion will be particularly compelling because he happens to be 'winning' the big game). The game will 'be the thing', shunting the personal ramifications of the neuro research away in favour of winning.

But hell, I just signed up for their shift club.