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The Sharmat:
If the Cult of Yatwer was largely based there, then Iothiah may have already functioned as a sort of "women's center" on a cultural level. In which case placing the only school of witches there would just be keeping with tradition.

Is it strange that the cult is there despite Fanim rule?

Idk why i didn't notice before, but Psatma banishes the false oracle because Nanaferi occupies the office of Oracle for Yatwer.

In this part, its mentioned about the attempted assassination from the Anagkians--perhaps the whole thing was cooked up by Kellhus or Maithanet to give them the excuse to kill the cults leaders.

The Sharmat:
It's not really strange. The other people's of the Three Seas were bewildered by how tolerant the Fanim were of Inrithi in their lands before the Holy War began. Pilgrims walked to Shimeh through their empire on the regular and were never molested, and the Holy War itself encounters a number of Inrithi within Kianene territory that had been living there unconverted ever since the Nansur first lost the territory.

Cynical Cat:
(click to show/hide)The Swayal also study and maintain the folk magical practices of witches so the wards could be one of those.  A go to ward that is quick and effective against material threats that she used because it was easy and comfortable to do.
Also I can see all sorts of fake Chorae scams (Tears of God=splinters of the True Cross).  Sleight of hand switches or sucker moves to bait the mark into bringing money to where he can be robbed ("I represent a family that would rather their declining fortunes isn't made public.  They are willing to sell one of their chorae, if the right price can be reached")

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