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[TGO SPOILERS] Crowdsourcing Errors/Corrections


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Ongoing Collection for Posterity.

It's pretty shameful that none of the errors were amended—really shameful.  I'm rereading again and going to try and note all the missing circumflexes and umlauts, or where they are present and shouldn't be.

We can make a difference for the future :).

Yeah, the ones I've found so far that - I think - differ from those reported in the last thread, which also weren't changed. So disheartening.

For instance, the inconsistent use of Horde/Ghoul in this one, so far in my reading, reflect the issue with Gift in TJE, where it's used with a capital in all instances of gift rather than differentiating from referring to musings of the Yatwerian Gift context and other mundane uses of the word gift... like someone in copy-edit made a unilateral decision to capitalize all such uses Horde/lowercase all instances of Ghoul.


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