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Sranc POV?


Hello there,

I vaguely remember a scene with a skin-spy (Cnauir’s ‘pet’? Or maybe Soma?) meeting some sranc and the viewpoint belonging to the sranc chieftain... can anyone clarify where I can find this or if I’ve dreamt it?

Thanks in advance

I'm pretty sure there's sranc POV at the start of Judging Eye, where they are tracking the Skin Eaters.

There might be other instances, but not many, and not any I can recall off hand.

(also it looks like you double posted so I removed the other topic)

Yeah in judging eye, Soma meets them I think.

There might also be one right at the start of TJE when the sranc run into an ambush.

I think their thoughts are basically fuck fuck kill kill.


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