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Callan S.:
Worth repeating it here - and some other poster recognised this (who are you! Cry out! 'Cause I forget, Dunyain!), that no, that supposed camraderie scene does tie right into the themes of the book.

(click to show/hide)Because Soma is a skin spy, and he does not get the joke. He does not join in the laugher after, just grunts at it. Because it involves paradox and being without a soul, he cannot witness the paradox in order to laugh at it.


--- Quote from: Callan S. on November 25, 2013, 05:19:07 am ---and some other poster recognised this (who are you! Cry out! 'Cause I forget, Dunyain!)
--- End quote ---
*Cough* ;D

Somehow, this little talk by Sarl made me laugh: "If this is no coincidence, Captain, then it's the Whore. Anagke. Fate. [...] And the Whore, begging your pardon, Captain, fucks everyone in the end - everyone. Foe, friend, fuzzy little woodland creatures..."

It's the fuzzy little woodland creatures ;).

Inraus Ghost:
I think if we were sitting around those fires, drinking with these characters, their jokes would be far more amusing. But "gazing down" on them as spectators and analyzing the the movements of their souls to discern who's doing what and for what purpose robs us of the relative innocence of being in their moment.


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