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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: lockesnow ---I doubt it, but the Blind tend to see more clearly in Earwa.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: sciborg2 ---Interesting that he mentions the 144,000, which the Inchies believed in before they came to Earwa. I say interesting because Scott mentioned, in specific reference to this, that not all beliefs regarding damnation/salvation are true.
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What Came Before:

--- Quote from: lockesnow ---Ganus the blind = Titirga?
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Francis Buck:
I somehow never noticed these threads before. Thanks for compiling these lockesnow, it's nice to be able read them easily.

I think the one I find most intriguing, aside from Ganus the Blind, is this one:

The world has its own ways, sockets so deep that not even the Gods can dislodge them.  No urn is so cracked as Fate.

Not positive, but I'm pretty sure this precedes one of the WLW's perspectives. I tend to lean towards the idea that Kellhus is very much a creature of "fate", not the Goddess, but in the sense he is filling a role that was always going to be filled no matter what. He's in the perfect place at the perfect time, so to speak. So whatever he's doing, and whatever his goal is, I think it's inevitable that he'll fulfill it -- it's one of those sockets that even the Gods can't interfere with (I personally suspect that this is because it involves Kellhus becoming the God himself).

As for the 144,000 stuff, I think this will end up being one of those things that's kind of already "known" in Earwa, and the audience was just being kept ignorant to it. It wouldn't shock me if suddenly Achamian is like "Ah yes, you see Mimara, the Consult believe that if the World can be reduced to 144,000 souls then blah, blah, blah". But, I think it actually is true, or at least the idea of reducing Earwa's population so much that it shuts the Outside off is true. For whatever reason, humans are sustaining that barrier (this ties into how Earwa is "special" in some way).

So, there's a passage I've always been confused about regarding the 144k. It's from chapter 6 of WLW (page 187 according to my kindle app).

--- Quote ---

A sadness welled through the old Wizard as he walked and peered, a mourning that possessed the airy clutch of premonition. There was poetry in loss and ruin, a wisdom that even children and idiots understood. For a time he suffered the eerie sense that he walked one of the great capitals of the Three Seas, that these were the ruins of Momemn, Carythusal, or Invishi, and they were the Last Men, thirteen instead of the one hundred and forty-four thousand of legend, and that no matter how far they travelled, how many horizons they outran, all they would find was soot and broken stone.

--- End quote ---

Is Akka referring to some knowledge that the Consult want to reduce everyone to 144k, or is he referring to some other "legend"? I guess it could be either, but seems clear that it's generally known amongst the mandate at least.

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