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--- Quote from: Kellais on August 14, 2013, 04:57:08 pm ---
Oh and Madness, care to elaborate on that title remark? Is that a thing on this forum?  ;)

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The offer on the last forum was that you could choose a custom title if you had 50+ posts ( think). I'd say about 1/2 the people that got there picked something, the rest didn't bother.
Its just an added descriptor displayed under your name when you post. I thought it was cool idea.

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That's cool!  Cheers, Madness.  Is there an approved list of titles?  Do I get to choose my own?  This is the kind of stuff I AGONIZE over!  lol

Its all you. No list or anything like that, so come up with something you'd like to show up every time you post. No pressure. :P

Custom Title is no longer displayed as a sorting option in the Members tab, but some of them are:

Madness - The Warrior Pose
Wilshire - Enshoyia
Callan S - Warrior-Profit
Curethan  - Pendulous Fallacy
Baztek - Aleph Jester

There are probably others but I didn't want to manually look though all the names. As you can see, there is nothing in common with all of them. Madness' is from an old game, mine is Kellhus's sword (translates to "certainty", which I think is arrogant enough to be funny), Warrior-Profit a clear pun, Pendulous Fallacy is another pun that I'm sure Bakker would appreciate given his obsessions with this particular part of anatomy, and I'm not at all sure what Aleph Jester is.


--- Quote from: Kellais on August 14, 2013, 04:57:08 pm ---Oh and Madness, care to elaborate on that title remark? Is that a thing on this forum?  ;)

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As I wrote above, if it were up to me/when I actually spend time to figure it out, I will set a limited number of posts to edit your title. As Wilshire mentioned, I used to manually edit people's locked titles on the old forum.

However, as it stands, I'm pretty sure you can just edit your title in your profile right now until I find moments.


This is where the story of the Aleph Jester begins, Wilshire.


--- Quote from: Kellais on August 14, 2013, 04:57:08 pm ---Cool! Thanks guys for participating. Awesome ideas, all!

So you guys seem to think that it is the in-world functions that we should consider...but you do seem to think that the JE and also the visions of Psatma are, in that sense, real?! So it's not something as simple as Mimara being crazy or that the consult is playing games with Psatma. Hmm...interesting. I was really considering Scott just messing with us ... you know, kind of out-of-world messing with us as the author. From an in world perspective he lets us see stuff that makes sense in the context of the world he paints, but behind the scenes he is kind of teasing us with his theories about the consciousness and brain functions and all that.

On the other hand, i guess Somnambulist's theories kind of account for that...at least a bit.

But i think the basic idea is cool...so she can, with the power of her mind/imagination force reality...that's severe shit  ;D
Question is, though, is it real for everyone after she imposes it on the world? Or is this more in line of the philosophical line of thinking of "everything is just a dream" or "everyone only perceives his/her own "reality" and it is 100% subjective" aka "no two "realities" are the same" . Ouch...my head hurts  ;D

Oh and Madness, care to elaborate on that title remark? Is that a thing on this forum?  ;)

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I think a lot of Earwan reality comes down to one entity's subjectivity dominating other entities' subjectivities.  The God is the one with the secret of battle: indomitable conviction of what should be real.

Doing my own TJE reread--

Remember that kid at the end of TTT that Aurang is chatting with?  Maybe he's in TJE too!  Mimara in Cil-Aujas, chapter 16, reminiscing about a damaged mural of Shimeh in the Andiamine Heights

"In shallow sockets here and there even this layer had given out, especially near the centre, where her stepfather had once hung out of proportion in the sky.  There, after dabbing away the white powder with her fingertips, she saw a young man's mosaic face, black hair high in the wind, child-wide eyes fixed upon some obscured foe."


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