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The Darkness That Comes Before / First Appearance of the No God
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:21:24 am »
So I've almost finished re-reading Darkness, and I've been fairly surprised that The No God hasn't appeared in any of Akka's visions. I always recalled the No God and his various questions being recurring throughout every book. Have I somehow just skipped over a couple of pages? Or does the Mog man himself only make his debut in Warrior Prophet?

A rather frivolous question, though I want to make sure I haven't missed any hints. Got a feeling we'll be getting Moggie back in some form this coming book...

Introduce Yourself / Greetings All
« on: June 09, 2016, 11:43:19 pm »
Yes, I'm part of the unwashed Srancesque horde come due to the Advanced Reader Copy. But I do hope to engage in proper discussion eventually, though given the depth and breadth of what I've seen round here I think it'll take time before I can join in!

In truth, I'd feel rather guilty winning this competition, given that I'm only partway through my first re-read of the series and there's much more ravenous fans them me around. Ok, not that guilty, still wanna win this thing. Never had an ARC, it's all prestigious and shit. Now to think up questions...

First picked up the Darkness that Comes Before 3 years ago and tore through the series. I think I'd seen it heartily recommended (and hotly debated) over at, which I sometimes lurk around. No doubt there were many, many things I missed entirely on my first read through given all the layers and my lack of philosophical knowledge, but I've enjoyed the series greatly. Oddly enough I didn't realize this place existed, never did the research I suppose. I'll be getting reading through these threads soon, though recommendations on where to start would be nice!

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