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The Great Ordeal / [TGO Spoilers] Overall thoughts on the book?
« on: July 22, 2016, 02:18:01 pm »
Well, I just finished TGO twenty minutes ago. For me it was definitely a mixed bag. I thought that Bakker's writing was definitely at its nadir here - even though it's head and shoulders above most fantasy, and as rich with philosophy as always, he didn't manage to evoke the epic feel as well as he has in previous installments IMO. The exceptions there would be Ishterebinth and Akka's parts, with a few more sprinkled in the other threads. To focus first on the negative, I just thought that there was a lot of general... weirdness in Bakker's decisions about where he wanted to go with the series.

There will be rereads in the future to make sense of some of these points, but overall I would say I found these things incongruous:

(wasn't sure where to cut the spoiler so I decided to spoiler everything)

(click to show/hide)

Those are my thoughts in a nutshell. tl;dr: TGO was disappointing on its own legs but a decent appetizer before TUC. I think that the only thing I won't be able to forgive unless I see it righted in TUC is that my faith in the grand design of the series has been shaken. Before, so many loose ends seemed like promising attempts to foreshadow or at least imply other aspects of the narrative... but some of the events in this book made me wonder if that's really true or if I've fabricated a lot of that greater meaning, and the series is more one-dimensional than I expected.

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