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Question on naming if making a browser game


Callan S.:
Something that bugs me in online games are the totally genre breaking names people give their characters. Stuff like 'Killerdude' or 'Ilikepie' or even more inane names.

If making a text based browser game for the scalper era of the PON series, I was considering methods of managing this. One might be to have the user name as a nickname in the middle of it's full name, and either the full name is randomly generated, or the full name is built by the player using three letter fragments from a drop down menu, building a name from several of those. So surnames are traditionally first in the three seas, then the nickname in the middle in scare quotes, then the characters first name. Because stupid nicknames are more plausible.

With the three letter fragments I'd be looking for help having ones which sound right.

(on a side note, as an option, characters can face perma death - I'm thinking they all share the same 'nickname', but have new character names)

Ha, just take some of Bakker's names, break them into phonetics and randomize those.  Akkamola Meppabur. Esmeax Xeroitha.  Easy.

Allow players to buy sweet nicknames like 'Ironsoul' by spending XP.


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