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Callan S.:
In a way this fits the writing section more than anything.

Anyway, programming is a lonely affair - you can write alot of code, but have very little to show off. So you start up a thread to must the barest level of attention (the viewed count rising above 1!!1!)

I started this code awhile ago and thinking ahead, both wrote it out neatly and commented it, so when I came back I didn't have to decypher my past workings (seriously, you leave code for a few months, when you come back it's just alien to you). Having aquired a free, reliable host recently I'm working on it again. Recently added the code to give names of other players and the count of any sranc present (it's funny to name a database entry 'manorsranc') as well as the code to inflict an attack/damage. Right now it's not a combat system, just the ability to be able to deal damage to another character on the same tile as you. I'm probably going to take inspiration from Urban Dead. In that you have a flat percentage (can be boosted with skills) and deal a fixed amount of damage on a hit. Having played it a fair bit, I think it works out okay, but I'm open to toying with ideas anyone else has.

The whole thing is asyncronous play - you have action points and the other players/sranc remain in the world even when they are not playing. You use action points to move around and attack and can only attack so many times because of it.

Finally the screen shot involves no nifty CSS formatting of any kind. You have to use your imagination that I'll employ a free CSS sheet I found somewhere, latter on. I've used the amazing made up name of 'Two Too' as a secondary character that is present with the played character. If someone wants to rename the test character, feel free to post the new name.


Guess that's why XP dev teams work in pairs, man.
My son started a club at his uni for game development, you could have a look around for something like that in your area.

That said I'm doing a web app solo atm for my internship.  Thus I'm pretty active here atm when I should be working ;)

Callan, was there supposed to be a link in that post?

Urban Dead. Havent heard of that in a long time. A long time.

This is pretty awesome.


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