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The Knife of Many Hands [Spoilers]

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Confirmed: Part 1 is feature story of Issue #2. Cover art is going to be the character from the story by Julian De Lio.

Pretty excited that Bakker's getting back into the game :).

Finally, things.

Huzzah - excerpt!

Garet Jax:
Be sure to be logged in to your "Grimdark Account" when you try and download the story.  If you are logged in, you save $18 shipping.

Francis Buck:
I read it, thought it was decent. It didn't grab me like the False Sun did, but I think that's just because TFS featured what felt like "main characters" (or just important ones to the main series of events), whereas this -- so far -- is just "Tales of Earwa". Not that I have a problem with that, and I suspect there will be a substantial pay-off.

The two-heart stuff is interesting, and it seems we are entering the territory of the Gods seizing people being a more common thing than was perhaps previously realized (obviously it has been speculated on a lot already). Ratakila doesn't strike me as the most interesting character, beyond his berserker-mode thing, but I was very quickly enticed by the Grandmaster character.

I'm trying to imagine a non-TSA reader going into this story. I mean there's a shitload of references all over the place, from the main series itself, to Atrocity Tales, so on and so forth, that must certainly be going way over people's heads. Hell, it felt like some of it went over my head -- I'll definitely do a re-read of the first half when the second comes out, and probably before that even. Ultimately, I can say I'm intrigued and anticipating the second half, but it didn't blow me away or anything.


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