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Garet Jax:
I saw this on the internet this morning and figured this would be a good place to drum up some scary shit.  Please make up your own or share some that you have seen in the past.

Here are a couple examples of what I have ran across today:

"I can't sleep", she whispered, crawling into bed with me.  I woke up cold, clutching the dress that she was buried in.

"The doctors told the amputee he might experience a phantom limb from time to time.  Nobody prepared him for the moments though, when he felt cold fingers brush across his phantom hand."

"There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping in my bed from last night.  I live alone."

"I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting my first born child.  As I adjusted to a new position, my arm brushed against my wife, sleeping next to me."

I will attempt to come up with my own when time permits.


Francis Buck:
One time I had a dream about going to see a movie; I don't know what the flick was supposed to be but I was incredibly excited for it, and when I got to the theater and saw that it was empty, I became even more thrilled and sat down right in the middle. After a moment the screen flickered, and there appeared an image of some woman in a cornfield at dusk, staring directly at me, and it seemed like there was whispering and muffled laughter all around the vacant theater, until the woman walked forward so that her face nearly filled the screen, and just as I realized that she was in fact my grandmother (who was long dead, and I only knew her youthful appearance from old photographs), she raised a finger to her lips as if to say "hush", but she only smiled before the screen instantly went black -- and then I awoke covered in sweat and my heart pounding, more frightened than I'd been from any nightmare about monsters or murderers.

Francis Buck:
Last week I was hungry, so I ordered a pizza. I killed myself when I saw who delivered it.


--- Quote from: Francis Buck on October 20, 2015, 02:12:15 am ---Last week I was hungry, so I ordered a pizza. I killed myself when I saw who delivered it.

--- End quote ---

hi hungry, i'm dad!

GJ, this reminds me of https://www.reddit.com/r/sixwordstories/top/?sort=top&t=all

let's see....

Tommy slept without a night light for the first time in two years.  He wasn't scared of the dark or anything else now that the cops had found old Father Kelly's body.


St. George never forgot his deadly duel with the Dragon.  The beast had looked him straight in the eye and said "George, you're having a psychotic break with reality because you found out you have AIDS."


I don't mind being haunted by the ghost of my sister.  I'm just curious of why she won't let me go into the basement.


"I'm a virgin" he told his prom date.  She didn't say anything because she was dead and because she was absent and because he was all alone in the last functioning fallout shelter.

They say that when aliens abduct you, they probe your anus.  They don't tell you that aliens never clean the probe.

As an undertaker, Matt Grissom will tell you that it is a myth that funeral home personnel have sex with the corpses in their care.  Really, the dead are almost never in the mood.

The voices in my head keep telling me to kill my parents.  I'm like "HELLO, did that six years ago!"

I tore open the box from Amazon and lifted The Great Ordeal up to the light.  The book slid out of its slip cover, banged on the floor, and opened to the title page "A Dance With Dragons."

Ronald came home early from work, picking up flowers for his wife on the way.  He knew what was going on the moment he saw the thing laying on top of the cast off clothes in the kitchen: the 11 inch holly wand.

"You need two fillings and a route canal, Mr. Holden.  Your insurance doesn't cover route canals but that won't be a problem since you're chained to my cellar floor."


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