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During the First Rise, when Zombie Three Seas was at the height of its popularity, SovinNai - by himself or in collusion with the great Cû'jara-Cinmoi - created the Author Q&A subforum. The fandom, in their wide-eyed and righteous fervour, found that with the original texts alone - The Prince of Nothing trilogy - provided only whispered hints of the revelations to come. And so they found themselves turning to the creator, The Author Himself, to seek his wisdom and insight into the written code he had unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Now, during the Second Rise, we await the next impending volume of this masterwork epic, our return to that world which haunts us. Of a sudden, the Author Q&A has appeared once again, for those who have driven themselves to the edge in their ceaseless and insane speculations, to help salve and heal their fractured souls.

Ask your questions. Seek your revelation. But beware the seduction of answers...

For they are like opium. The sober find solace in mystery.

Some quick notes to make things easier:

- Make a new topic.
- One question per initial post in the topic. (this will make it easier to query results in the future)
- Avoid cluttering posts with responses before a question has been initially answered (though, on Zombie Three-Seas, precedent was that anyone could jump in and field evidence or argument in lieu of Cû'jara-Cinmoi's interaction).
- If you have several questions you'd like answered, make a new topic for each. Multiple questions following the same thematic element can be included in one post.

Note: Posting a question does not guarantee a response.

[EDIT: Madness] OCD, in poor jest, because that's not a laughing matter.

[EDIT: Madness] The above comment referred to my need to add to your post. Lol.

Once a question has an official answer, can we give our own responses?

Of course :).

I take my cue from Zombie Three-Seas and the previous incarnation of the Author Q&A (which is what I edited into Wilshire's response). The threads are open for participation. Wilshire was just trying to discourage and avoid any one thread being flooded with secondary questions.


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