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The Dime Spared



Short story/dialogue that illustrates some of the principles of the Blind Brain Theory in literary form. Some discussion about what the darkness that comes before means in terms of our world.

"our world" - Lol, do you mean Earth or Earwa?

Regardless, I liked this short. I like dialogues, I loved reading philosophy before I went to school, and this nails both of those feelings.

EDIT: And maybe, I'll go through Crash Space and The Dime Spared again today and post stuff here for once. I love so many of Bakker's one-liners that just send my imagination reeling.


--- Quote from: Madness on March 22, 2016, 05:22:21 pm ---"our world" - Lol, do you mean Earth or Earwa?
--- End quote ---

Hard to tell after the last few months on the slog

Speaking of Crash Space, I could go for a collection of stuff like this... or if these POVs eventually meet up. Isn't this the world Semantica is supposed to take place in?

Don't you though ;)? I do too, Bolivar.

As far as I've had Semantica relayed to me, CS and TDS would definitely fit into a world of prevalent augmentation but are not part of what I've been told of Semantica specifically.

Bakker did mention when he released CS that he'd written five short stories over the summer so perhaps The Dime Spared is another in this rumoured set...

How many works does it take to make an Anthology? I wish he'd publish these in some form, monetize his efforts, to ensure a future with more of his words.


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