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Has anyone here done any D&D style roleplaying set in Bakker's universe? I'm thinking of starting a campaign with some non-readers set a few years prior to TDTCB. Not sure what system to use... Please share thoughts and stories :)

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So far I'm thinking of a mandate initiate who has lost his primary mentor trying to lead a motley crew on a quest to find the heron spear...

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Some initial character ideas:

Lunair Avarian - Neutral Good - 19 years old
Mandate Initiate - Nroni - Search for heron spear - Mentor killed - Gnostic magic-user
Your life was dull and hard, helping your father fish, until the Mandate school of sorcerors saw that you had the Mark.
Plucked from your former life and family, you were taken to Atyersus, to train as a Mandate sorceror. After learning the basics of sorcery and managing to cast simple wards and cants, you were taken to the depths of the fortress, to take part in the Grasping ceremony, touching the mummified heart of the Mandate's founder, Seswatha. Thereafter, you relive his terrifying memories of the Apocalypse in your dreams each night. You know the Consult seek to bring about a Second Apocalypse, and swear to do all in your power to stop them. You are given a mission to interrogate a Scylvendi
gladiator for any information on the possible whereabouts of the Heron Spear, which sruck down the No-God and ended the First Apocalypse, but was lost when the barbarian Scylvendi sacked Cenei. Your teacher Rimas falls from the ship and
drowns during the voyage to the Nansur Empire, leaving you to attempt to complete the mission alone before your target is killed in the arena.
Gin'jara Gix - Chaotic - 6000 years old
Nonman Ishroi - Warrior-knight - Chorae - no memories - nimil armour and sword
Zinka Talzi - Chaotic Neutral - 14 years old
Zeumi Witch - Izwazi magic-user - companion of Gin'jara
Noura urs Sindar - True Neutral - 25 years old
Scylvendi female -  Barbarian - Broadsword - prisoner/gladiator
You are unusal for a Scylvendi, as Scylvendi women are not usually part of their raiding parties. However your strength, ferocity, and martial prowess have allowed you to gain the status of a warrior. However on your first raid disaster strikes as your horse stumbles while fleeing a cohort of Nansur cavalry and you are taken prisoner. The only thing that stops you from being executed is the curiousity of your captors at seeing a female scylvendi warrior, and their knowledge of the price you'll fetch when sold to a gladiator master. You've killed five men so far in your
gladitorial career.
Zenif ab Fane -  - 30 years old
Kianene tracker - Rogue - Bow, dagger
Despite being Kianene you are able to pass for a Nansur when needed and have travelled in the Nansurium
Pirtei Joras - - 42 years old
Conriyan knight - Knight-Paladin - Chorae - Inrithi - disgraced/exiled - gladiator

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(As you can see I've started adding history/description text for my non-reader players)

Toying with making someone a secret skin-spy too...

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Looks like you're putting some elbow grease into this, my friend - looks cool! I've not done anything like this, myself - playing D&D for 40 years I've "borrowed" a few concepts from PON, incorporated into my world, but really just re-purposed some names and have an "apocalypse" in the history, nothing else. In my apocalypse ( which I'm considering changing to "calamity" to avoid wholesale plagiarism - I guess it doesn't matter since only me and a few friends know of this, no commerce ), Tiamat has seized control of all dragons and embarks on a human extermination campaign. One of the few Chaotic Evil sorcerers helping them under the misunderstanding it's a campaign to dominate/rule the world, not exterminate it, finally figures out the true design and locates/awakens the Terrasque who then devours almost all of the dragons, slays Tiamat and then "leaves" for no apparent reason and is lost to history for 2800 years ... introduce, "the party" in which the campaign centers on a story which reveals mysteries of the past and the current catastrophe in the making ( which is not a resurrection of Tiamat, btw ).

Aligning it so closely to the PON story as you're doing seems daunting to me, but count me in to play if you're looking for players - seems cool! The trick will be to know when to deviate from the actual PON storyline, could get challenging enforcing consistency.


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