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Achamian as the most powerful sorcerer left alive in the Three Seas.

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Lonnie Slidell:
It occurred to me while listening to Scott on this podcast:
that Drusas Achamian is (assuming he survived the Second Apocalypse) the most powerful sorcerer left alive on humanity's side in the Three Seas and will be the de facto leader of humanity in the war against the Unholy Consult and the forces of the No-God.  So far leadership has not been his forte.  How do you assess his chances?  Do any of us expect him to rise to the challenge?

This is the assumption I made in another thread. He is definitely the most powerful sorcerer left alive, unless some Quya are still around.

The Dreams will aid him in leading humanity and finding the key to defeating TNG. And, I don't think it's the Heron Spear either. I think the dream at the end of TTT proves that. Others might not agree, but I think that the Heron Spear had nothing to do with the death of TNG. Here's why. Why would the progenitors create the Carapace and have it be vulnerable to technology they have? No, I think Mimara or maybe Meppa will be key to killing TNG.

But, yes, I think Akka will do just fine rallying humanity. He has a lot on his side. He is the last of the Mandate, who warned humanity for years while being ridiculed. Now, they will seek the sage advice of a Mandate sorcerer. And, I expect his dreams to be integral in the survival of humanity.

Well, since I'm wrong just about everything - it won't be what I think, which is the only chance they ( humanity ) have is to come together to fight TNG ( Svylvendi, any/all remaining Sorcerers, Zeum, religious leaders, et al ). Knowing Bakker, he'll have Akka hunted, blamed for the failure of TGO ( maybe given his public rejection of Kelhus ) and humanity will fall into civil war before any kind of resistance/plan is cooked up. And when/if there is another "Ordeal" to take TNG on, there will still be power plays, betrayals, deception among the players involved with some fucked up god hunting the leader, etc.


--- Quote from: MSJ on October 02, 2017, 01:31:53 am ---Here's why. Why would the progenitors create the Carapace and have it be vulnerable to technology they have?

--- End quote ---
Possibly because the risk to the Carapace was lower when Ark worked properly (might never leave orbit during exterminations). They might have developed the weapons of light prior to conceiving the No-God and thought it best to send their best weaponry along as well. After all, soggomant is thought impenetrable by man, but a weapon of light may do so. Had Kellhus defeated the Consult, they might have been able to cut apart Ark like a roast turkey at Thanksgiving. Why give the only weapons that could hurt their space ship as well?

I think he has good chances of rallying some survivors to weather the incoming mass genocide and eventually repopulate the world after it has been shut.


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