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1:  The No-God is just The God.  Kellhus's explanations to Proyus that God is 'it' are meant to prepare him for the necessity of the Holy War to fight the very God that Kellhus has convinced them that his soul is the shape of. 

This explains why the Gods are blind to the No-God (it is just all of them together).  It explains why it is confused (The Gods watch from the Outside through the eyes of souls.  Once stuck together and wandering around on the Inside it doesn't have access to that channel, and can only speak through the Sranc).  It destroys birth because when it is in the world it isn't on the outside shooting souls in.

2: The Gods are ciphrangs, and their particular worshippers are what they feed on.  Gilgaol and Yatwer are strong enough to seize other prey.  So if you are a faithful inrithi you are eaten by one of your Gods.  If you sin then you are instead eaten by a ciphrang that isn't cool enough to be a God.  Heaven is Hell, damnation and paradise are both the same, being perpetually tormented so that these entities can devour your passions.

This is why the Judging Eye sees good and evil.  If we are just bread, why would it disapprove of sin?  Wouldn't that be better for God's purpose?  It makes sense if the righteous are also consumed, and in particular are consumed by the Hundred, who do the Judging.  The sinners are 'evil', because they are feeding low status ciphrangs rather than Gilgaol/Yatwer, etc.  The Judging Eye is Yatwer/Gilgaol/other God's eye.

3: Akka insisting that Kellhus intends for them to be at Ishual/encounter his son, etc, is just him being paranoid.  The Aspect-Emperor didn't sneak into his tower and read his notes.  What they are up to right now is unknown to Kellhus.  Kellhus doesn't care about anything other than his Great Ordeal.

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I have to say though, I've seen a detail mentioned before that is becoming more and more salient to me: if there are so many Sranc in the North, so many that between the Dunyain, the scalpers, the Great Ordeal, there's still an incomprehensibly vast amount of them... By all rights the Sranc should have eradicated mankind a long, long time ago. If there's an entire subspecies of them dedicated to leading their roving bands, if the Erratics under the Consult have mustered a great many of them as an army, then even despite the No-God's absence I just can't think of why they've taken so long to reduce the population to 144k. The Consult have had this one in the bag for the last couple of centuries at least, why on Earwa have they been waiting for mankind to muster its forces and cut their way into Mordor?

I don't think the Consult are in command of the Sranc.  That's what they need the No-God for.  It possesses all the Sranc, and nowadays that would be automatic victory.  The Consult, unaided, can't herd enough Sranc together to defeat human armies with School support.

General Earwa / Re: The Dûnyain
« on: February 18, 2015, 11:42:46 pm »
I don't think we've ever seen Kellhus rape someone.  I also think he would have any problem with doing so.  He's certainly murdered.  People individually aren't sacred to him. He seems to be acting in order to cause humanity, collectively, to continue, but the question of the book is, more or less, why?

General Earwa / Re: What would you like to ask Bakker?
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:50:46 pm »
How does the Swayali sisterhood compare, in terms of size, to the other schools?

General Earwa / Re: Mimara's Skin-spy
« on: July 03, 2014, 06:04:31 pm »
I don't think Sarl is much more than he appears...a crazed Scalper.  I think that at the end of WLW he's possessed by the Captain's soul, which has 'bounced'.  I think his killing the skin spy just when it might have spoken up is just bad fortune.

The skin spy does get orders from the Synthese, right?  I don't think it had a human handler beyond those orders.  Just there to protect Mimara and make sure she fulfills whatever prophecy, false or real, they want to bring about.

Worth considering that the Consult may be fans of Akka right now, if they know of him.

General Earwa / When is TUC coming out?
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:44:11 pm »
ARGH!  I'm feeling super impatient.  When is the book going to be available?

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