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The Slog WLW - Chapter 11 [Spoilers]


Chapter 11:

--- Quote ---"The Four-Horned Brother..." the long-haired man was saying. "Do you know why he is shunned by the others? Why my Cult and my Cult alone is condemned in the Tusk?"
"Ajokli is the Fool," he heard himself reply.
The long-haired man smiled. "He only seems such because he sees what the others do not see... What you do not see."
--- End quote ---

So, he knew all along that Esmenet would seek an assassin for Maith, so he kills the one who she would seek and takes his place, right?  What is it that Ajokli sees though, that others don't?

--- Quote ---"Issiral..." she repeated, struggling to recall the meaning of the Shigeki word. "Fate?" she asked, frowning and smiling. "Who named you this?"
"My mother."
"Your mother was cruel, to curse you with such a name."
"We take such gifts as she gives."
--- End quote ---

He seems to imply he serves Ajokli, and yet speaks as if he were gifted by Yatwer.  This is the White-Luck Warrior, right?  My memory is hazy at this point of the book.

--- Quote ---Anasûrimbor Kellhus, Malowebi and his fellow Mbimayu had assumed, was simply another Inri Sejenus, another gifted charlatan bent on delivering even more of his kinsmen to damnation.
--- End quote ---

I find it interesting how Zeüm regards the Tusk and it's prophets.  Of course we know they are right to and this makes me wonder, since they are outside the Consult's influence, how do they fit in to the grand scheme?

--- Quote ---A kind of war was being waged against them, they realized. At every point of connection between Zeüm and the Three Seas—mercantile, diplomatic, geographical—the Aspect-Emperor was preparing in some way.
--- End quote ---

What if the whole point of the Empire's collapse, of allowing Fanayal to live all this time, the Interdiction and stranding of Esmenet, is really to goad Zeüm?  Why?  Is it that somehow, once Kellhus "succeeds" that the Three Seas in chaos, partly under Zeümi rule will aid him?  I can't help but feel this is the case, but I can't figure how.

--- Quote ---Uncle Holy, for all his danger, was but one more tool...
He was the God here. The Four-Horned Brother.
--- End quote ---

I think this is the first time that Kel actually mentions being in service to Ajokli.  Is that true, or is he mistaken?

--- Quote ---"So you lied?"
A small smile. "I guided. I guided them to a lesser falsehood."
"Then what is the truth?"
He had laughed, shining as if anointed in oil.
"You would call me a liar if I told you," he had said.
--- End quote ---

Further proof, not that I needed it, in this conversation between Kellhus and Esmenet that she is recalling at the time, that Kellhus still walks the Thousandfold Thought and that it is still a lie.

Who is speaking in that last conversation?

I want to say that's Esmenet reminiscing about a conversation with Kellhus.


--- Quote from: Madness on April 18, 2016, 03:10:39 pm ---I want to say that's Esmenet reminiscing about a conversation with Kellhus.

--- End quote ---

Yes, my bad.  In my half-awake state, I meant to put that in, but totally forgot.


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