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As we might not get an excerpt due to TUC being essentially one long spoiler, here's a quote-of-the-day from Pat:


--- Quote ---
He was old, aye, so ancient as to be broken into multitudes by the Ages. Glorious Iskiak, Spear-Bearer to mighty Sil, the great King After-the-Fall. The legendary Sarpanur, celebrated King-Healer, the great Killer-of-Hells. The infamous Sin-Pharion, reviled Plague-Bearer, the Soul-Most-Hated ...

Aurang, the accursed Horde-General.

He remembered their hallowed vessel faltering upon the shoals of the Promised World, and the Fall, the Inertial Inversion Field piercing the crust to the pith, gouging the landscape, heaving it out upon a cataclysmic hoop, raising mountains to retard their descent ... just not enough.

He remembered the Weal that followed, how Sil had rallied the Holy Swarm from the brink, taught them how to prosecute war with the remnants of their once-dread Arsenal. Sil had been the one to show them how they might still save their eternal souls!

He remembered enough.

--- End quote ---

Some observations:

- Yea, an Inchoroi POV!

- "Inertial Inversion Field"?  *Love* seeing Bakker go sci-fi!  This answers why the "cataclysmic impact of the Ark somehow preceded the Ark, that the great golden vessel dropped no quicker than an apple into the flash and upheaval of an earlier, far more tumultuous strike."

- "Iskiak" sounds a bit like Yitzhak/Isaac.  Yeah, I went there.

- "Holy Swarm" is a really interesting self-description.  Can't wait to see Kellhus debate the Inchoroi!

I would imagine that Iskiak is his actual Inchoroi name, or at least his Inchoroi "title."

Sarpanur, Sin-Pharion, and Aurang are monikers from other languages.

My best guess though is that Iskiak is just another moniker though, not his "true name."  Then again, maybe they don't even have those really.


--- Quote ---Glorious Iskiak, Spear-Bearer to mighty Sil, the great King After-the-Fall.
--- End quote ---

To me that reads like its his favorite name. In this mind, the most honorable title/name he's had in all the ages. Also quite possibly his original, or at the very least, a name given by other Inchoroi.

The other's, I agee, sound like names given by or derived for other species.

Holy Swarm.  We're going full Starcraft, bby.

If Iskiak is Issac, that furthers the theory that the Inchoroi are the future "us".


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