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Still interested.

I've been busy on some other stuff. I'll give the RQ rules a look.

Gave the RQ6 ruleset a cursory look-through. When time allows, I will do a more in-depth review, but a few initial thoughts for now.

Generally, it seems to evoke a compatible flavor to Earwa.  The rules already have caste structures in place and it seems relatively easy to mod those to Bakkerverse specific roles.  I like the societal structures (barbarian, civilized, etc.) along with the lists of professions available to each strata.  Probably need some tweaking there, but the framework exists, so that's good.  Earwan tribes will need to be built in (obviously), maybe as another strata above the afore-mentioned societal structures, but that's just detail.

The background options are a great idea.  I didn't read through all of them, but I imagine most can be used 'as is' while others will need to be modified or maybe substituted.  Again, just detail.

The Luck mechanic seems cool, and echoes what a couple of us have brought up (i.e., about the survivability of PCs), and appears to be readily malleable to accommodate White-Luck, divine favor or maybe even probability trance-like bonuses toward encounters.

I like the several approaches to magic/runes.  Maybe modding the terminology from 'runes' to something more world-specific, but in effect using the same sort of mechanic to build cants/wards for the various disciplines (gnosis, anagogis, psukhe, etc.).  Seems we could build the power/effect levels through those, but I may have read that wrong, so please correct me if I have.  Anyway, seems promising, along with the cults/organizations, as a way to distinguish the different Schools.

All in all, at first blush, this definitely seems to be something I can get behind in terms of providing a framework for an Earwan ruleset.  As I mentioned, I'll need to read deeper, but I thinks it's ticking a lot of boxes (for me, at least) already.  Great recommend, Kellais!

This makes me quite happy to hear. I was not sure if someone else would see this the samw way i do but you summed up pretty nicely how i felt about RQ6. I will have to do a more in depth read through as well but i held off until i got at least a second opinion. So if you could see working with this rulesset, I'd be on board as well.
What i like about RQ6 is that it provides a not too dense and heavy set of rules but has enough meat to model quite a lot of stuff nonetheless.
As i already said, i could totally see us go with a more narrately oriented rulesset like FATE or Cortex+, putting the story before the reality, so to speak. But if we want to go with a more simulationist approach, i think we could do worse than with RQ6.

I guess we should soon decide which side we want to walk so that we can start with concrete rulesinterpretations for Earwa (btw i like your tribes add-on idea, Somna).

So, can all readers of this thread that are interested to take part in this please speak up an decide which approach they'd prefer!

Francis Buck:
I've never truly played a P&P RPG in my life (I grew up with video games and the Pokemon TCG, the latter of which I played with my dad, lol). He acutally got really into it with me, despite knowing nothing of Pokemon whatsoever beyond the card game. I suppose he just enjoyed the actual gameplay, so to speak...good childhood memory actually now that I think of it, heh.

But, I did have two D&D Monster Manuals, because I was a proto-geek and, you know, fucking loved fantasy monsters, and then used it for "writing inspiration" as a middle-schooler (which, at that time, just meant I would make up absurd fantasy worlds with plots stolen from shit like Jackie Chan Adventures). But yeah, I read the hell out of those monster descriptions, the societies, the powers, everything. Then I finally tried to actuallly play D&D with my dad, using one of the starter kits, and we literally did one "session" (barely an hour), and then had to stop for whatever reason, and we just never tried again. I'm absolutely certain that if I genuinely tried a P&P, and learned it, I'd fucking love it. And there's no setting I'd rather do it in than TSA (I've seriously fantasized about TSA video game RPGs).

So yeah, no clue what I could possibly contribute - I mean just reading this thread I only kinda grasp maybe half of what you guys are talking about - but at the same time I'd love to at least dip my toes in it if I could, though I wouldn't know where to begin really. I love worldbuilding (be it small or large scale; from an isolated tribal village with a unique culture to an entire cosmos), and writing/storytelling is my passion, so if someone could point me in the right creative direction, I'd love to be involved.

Break out those manuals and read up? (I've never played either, FB - my two attempts never got past creating characters with a bunch of other newbs and an impatient DM; we were also much more into videogames/boardgames... or just straight cards).


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