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Writing / Re: Story a Day (II)
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:13:08 pm »
The evening's breeze carried up from the field and caused Allowyn to shiver. Blood and steel. He had always thought it funny that that which was spilt might smell so similar to that which had spilt it. Well maybe more perverse than funny; either way, the crows certainly cackled over it. He pulled his cloak tight about him and shuddered to think that all his efforts might have been a carrion's joke.

Across the field, staggered along the foothills edge, fires fought back the cold, the dark, and the encroaching whispers of defeat—or at least that was what they were meant to do. From where Allowyn stood opposite, the sun had still not settled behind the trees and the breeze was truly little more than an early autumn's breath. The flames had been stoked more to ease the men's minds than their bodies, a distraction from the days events and those parties that still trundled back and forth from the field carrying ever more casualties and ill news.

Allowyn couldn't help but admire their hope, despite all the frailties of the body, and he had heaped many upon them, their spirit remained indomitable. He sighed, at least until the light of dawn. For he led an army that had broken the bounds of spirit, for which the cold of night was a welcome surcease from the chill of the grave, and whose ranks grew with every battle—victory or defeat.

Unwilling to consider them anymore, he turned his back on the unsought enemy and descended from his vantage point. If they would not flee then at least his ever-present feathered friends would not go hungry.

Literature / Re: Steven Erikson (The 3.5 million word journey?)
« on: March 09, 2015, 07:25:59 pm »
I've started the Malazan series several times from different points and very nearly finished it (the sheer size is exhausting to even consider). It looks as if most of the folks here haven't yet gotten to the point where this comment is relevant and are avoiding ICE's books as well, but I think it worth mentioning the differing focus between their contributions.

The difference becomes apparent around Erikson's sixth book, The Bonehunters, and ICE's second, The Return of the Crimson Guard (one of my personal favourites for the reason I'm about to discuss). It's at this point that Erikson begins to focus solely on those plotlines he has already established and "converged" (something he discusses often in text regarding events and which I find pretty accurately describes his narrative style, ie. those last hundred pages or so being the most thrilling of each book) and ICE takes up the focus on events with the empire. That's why you can read them interspersed throughout or following the Book of the Fallen.

I mention it because I found the idea that any empire might come together and flourish in a world so widely populated by terrifically powerful beings and species in comparison to mortal men to be fascinating.

And as some encouragement, the ending to Toll the Hounds more than makes up for the 9000 pages leading up to it

Writing / Re: Viramsata: Battle of the Authors
« on: March 05, 2015, 08:32:21 pm »
Marden sat postured across from them, indulging their flattery, when a chill ran down her neck, nearly breaking her poise. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, a cold had crept into the room, and with it the sickly scent of decay. Marden watched both her guests closely, her patron's cavernous-eyed companion particularly, but if either of them noticed the change they showed no sign of it.

The aura continued to invade the room. One she had felt long, long ago and was still all too familiar.

But she was no longer a lonely battle maiden, wedded to the sword, staring out at annihilation come. She had made her bargain—her soul for countless thousands, to be repaid one for every hearth outside Idruis' walls.

And she had paid. All but the last. For now she was something greater than she had been, something far more. She was a bloodletting storm, a whirlwind of sharp edges and deadly intent, and she would not have ruin heaped upon her again.

She bandied words with the men and she waited. Ready.

Writing / Re: Viramsata: Battle of the Authors
« on: March 05, 2015, 08:30:26 pm »
The shadows grew long and the sun fled the sky, but Oslow's thoughts were elsewhere, retracing all the fears and concerns he'd had of his dancer—and now Anjeira's companion.

His absent gaze hadn't registered the towering shadow until it had separated itself from the greater darkness. A wraith from legend, from tales told before cities and walls. Oslow knew pleading was useless, and an icy grip about his throat assured him.

A dry and rasping voiced echoed from the darkness. The language was ancient in its inflection, yet meaning penetrated. A deal was struck and a debt is owed. No one escapes the Pale One's grasp, yet you have helped her elude me..

Oslow might have felt a moment of vindication if not for the finality with which each phrase was uttered. An antiquated bone knife slipped between his ribs, punctuating his final thoughts. A deal, with the Pale One..

His body slipped from the blade to lay cold and stiff in the dirt. It's empty gaze coming to rest on a filth-covered girl spying from the shadows.

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